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Comment 16 Nov 2014

I agree with some of the other posters that, regardless of how this week's poll shakes out, we're in good shape to make the final four. I don't think any of the other fringe playoff teams has a materially better resume than us, and the tie will go to the team with the history that will generate $$$. We just need to make sure we keep winning. Rivalry games can be weird even when one team is obviously better -- we almost lost to a crappy Michigan team last year, albeit on the road -- and Wisconsin can definitely beat us. So frankly, I'm more concerned about winning out than missing the playoff as a one-loss team. (And, if we somehow got passed over as a one-loss team, imagine the chip on their shoulder the squad would have next year!)

Comment 19 Aug 2014

So if JT plays all year, and Braxton gets a redshirt, where would that leave us in 2015?  Seems potentially really awkward.

Comment 11 Jan 2014

Thanks for the response. I'll keep an eye out for your future posts.

As for Chavis, has anyone explained why he would want to leave LSU?

Comment 11 Jan 2014

Jeremy, I noticed you didn't mention the 2014 DL guys we've been in on (Thomas & McDowell). Do you think Vrabel's leaving is fatal to our chances with those guys, or could a good new hire keep us alive?

Comment 10 Jan 2014

This is a really helpful article. I sort of wish though for each possibility there was a section titled something like, "why he's a possibility" or something. For instance, I don't know anything about Vance Joseph beyond what I've read on this site. From what I can tell, he's been in the NFL for the last ten years. In those circumstances, it would seem to me like a return to college would be a longshot. Likewise, it's not clear to me why John Chavis would leave LSU. There might be good answers to these questions! I'd just love to see someone address that angle for each prospect.