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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Last play of 2003 Fiesta Bowl. Woody, dotting the i. 1994- Colorado's hail Mary vs scum. 2007- App St. blocked field goal vs ttun. "Holy Buckeye", "Let's party, Columbus". 2006- The game, Pittman's fist down gives the Buckeyes a fresh set of downs and meatchicken can't stop the clock. Tressel's declaration to beat sun. " Making the great state of Ohio proud". More to come.
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Comment 15 Jan 2014

This image definitely needs to be seen by America. This needs to be wavering behind the College Gameday crew.

Comment 15 Jan 2014

I just realized as to why, Bielema hates The Buckeyes so much. Bret's college career started as a player for  Iowa, from 1989-1992. He was a GA and then a LB coach for Iowa from 1994-2001. He was the defensive coordinator at Kansas State from 2002-2003. He then became Wisconsin's DC 2004-2005, then head coach from 2006-2012. Bret Bielema, from 1989-present, boasts (hahaha) a 3-15 record against The Buckeyes. 

Comment 23 Dec 2013

You're right, Cam didn't block that kick. I though so from that angle, too. Whenever you see the replay from the endzone view, you can see that Cam didn't block it. I loved yesterdays game between Pittsburgh and Greenbay. To me, it seemed like it was a Former Buckeye Players Bowl. I heard so many former Buckeye names called, last night and consistently. From my count, I  counted six. 

Comment 09 Dec 2013

I understand completely and have for awhile now, why so many defensive backs have been recruited, have committed or signed, the last two recruiting classes. Wow! Would Christian Bryant have made a significant amount of difference, to where the outcome would have been different? I guarantee that he would have taken a better pursuit angle than Corey Brown did, and would have made the tackle, during that MSU 70+ yard touchdown reception. I guarantee you, his football awareness would have made Conner Cook question some throws. I would like to think Mr. Josh Perry, for injuring and taking out another difference maker in Bradley Roby, just like he did with Christian Bryant, during the Wisconsin game. Could Vonn Bell, jump Corey Brown, on the depth chart in the next 25 days? These next three and a half weeks of practice, in the defensive backfield, should be a depth chart battle, at a safety spot and a corner spot. Obviously, Roby and Barnett are safe. Plus...........TBDBITL gets to finally gets to face and  beat down that copycat, Clemson band. Bienvenidos a Miami!  

Comment 08 Dec 2013

What was with the time out to, "think about it", on fourth and one"? The "thinking", caused a timeout during a very critical point in the game and gave their defense a breather and time to think about it as well. THEN....Don't run Hyde! Instead, run a quarterback design run to the short side of the field. They new it was a 50/50 chance of whom was getting the ball. Should have brought Wilson or Hall in to make them start thinking and guessing. Pass interference penalties and lack of execution, especially in the fourth quarter, cost that game. 

Comment 02 Dec 2013

You completely hit the nail on the head with your third paragraph. I was watching college football final's "verdict" segment, of the show and I started to found myself becoming very angry. How is it, that the argument is, should a one loss SEC or an undefeated The Ohio State get the nod to play FSU, in the NCG? What makes the ACC seem so much "better", than The BIG, to where the argument wouldn't be, should an undefeated FSU or a one loss SEC team, play THE Buckeyes? FSU has to play a 24 or whatever ranked, Duke. The Buckeyes have to play a number ten, MSU. Two top ten teams, in Mizzou and Auburn, have to play each other, but the argument was a one loss SEC or an undefeated The Ohio State team, against FSU. Cupcake (in Nov.) playing, FSU gets the automatic green light?  People seem to have forgotten that The Buckeyes, in fact, were the number two ranked team in the nation, to begin the season. Yeah, The Buckeyes have struggled with teams, but no more than any other team. Auburn loss to LSU, LSU loss to Bama and LSU barely beat a zero, SEC conference win, Arkansas. Alabama struggled with Miss St, Miss St. loss to OK St., OK  St. loss to a 4-8 WVU team, that just loss to a 3-9 Iowa St. I just don't get the arrogance and logic of the biased, SEC homers, like Pollack and Palmer.  Now that I think about it. Why does the SEC even have to be involved in the damn conversation for the NCG, anyway? No love, no logic! Lets go Bucks! Take care of business with these next two games and shut everyone up. OH-!

Comment 07 Oct 2012

He is great to watch. Not bad for a late commit (decommiting from Vandy) for the class of 2010 and came in as a wide receiver/ athlete.  He needs to work on his tackling because if he would have wrapped up Martinez on a three yard TD run, instead of trying that force bump,  Martinez would have never scored and it would have forced a big, third down play. 

Comment 18 Sep 2012

I have three weddings in October. The 13th, 20th and 27th. I also have a family reunion Oct 6.... thank goodness that's a night game against Nebraska because it's six hours of total driving (to and from).   My October is completely FREAKED!    

I think that we are allowed to have nothing else to do, for one day a week for three months out of the year.  


1. Gold Pants. 

2. Sheldon Cooper. 

3. NO, (although I do admire Dexter's work). 

Comment 06 Jul 2012

I knew that Bennett would come in and be a force. Watching the 2011 US Army Bowl, he is the reason why the East squad recorded so many sacks. Bennett blew up the Wes's O-line the entire game until he broke his arm. 

Comment 12 Jun 2012

He plays in the GWOC ( Greater Western Ohio Conference). Multiple Buckeyes and former Buckeyes as well as High School All Americans have played in this conference. It is the power conference of Dayton, Ohio and one of the best in the state. The competition is there.