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Comment 29 Jan 2014

Too many great "athletes", not enough great basketball players....especially shooters/scorers. Craft and Scott are unable to shoot with any consistency at all. Sam Thompson/Lenzelle Smith same problem. Bigs....no hands, can't shoot, below average defenders. See a trend here, yeah we all do. It is painful to watch these kids play offense. MOST are trying hard, but it seems a poorly constructed group.

Comment 29 Jan 2014

Well, unfortunately this is what we are. They try hard at times, they are not very good shooters either from the field or the foul line. Great defense at times, then give up threes or an uncontested lay up. A weak early schedule fooled everyone or at least most of us. Interior play is lacking. Pretty much sums up this team and what we are seeing most nights against big ten competition. Hoping for the best, but not really expecting much different than what we have been seeing of late. Hope I'm wrong.