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Comment 03 Dec 2013

"Eked out wins?" ---that's the ironic part (to the infinite degree) that the national media is conveniently neglecting because Auburn is two absolutely miraculous plays from being a 3-loss team. 

Comment 26 Nov 2013

Does anyone know why Bruce pursued the Arizona job before the 1987 season? Money? Family? I'm old enough to remember the end of the Bruce era and I don't ever remember Arizona being a hot (excuse the pun) destination for coaches. 

Comment 10 Nov 2013

Never would have thought I'd see a Les Miserables reference in the title of a blog post, but that's cool.  I actually like the song...Patti Lupone version, not Anne Hathaway.

Comment 04 Nov 2013

I hear what you are saying, but Va Tech might not be that great of an opponent.  Back to back losses to Duke and BC make me wonder if Beamer will be the head coach next year.  If that plays out, we may be seeing a re-build the next couple years. 

Comment 29 Oct 2013

Arkansas did offer Les Miles some outrageous money during their search (that ended with Bert).  I think it was like $7 million a year.  I'm sure all that accomplished was leverage for Les to renegotiate his contract. 

Comment 29 Jul 2013

Welcome Malik!

If you had Malik as part of this class please contact me in March as I'll need you to fill out my NCAA bracket!

Comment 28 Jul 2013

Lorain Admiral King representing! Very nice Raymont. 


OSU had a pretty good backfield with him, Robert Smith, and Butler Bynote all on the team. 

Comment 23 Jul 2013

You are arguing for 'accountability' with these hack journalists (I use that term loosely)...there is none.  If any of these jack-holes ever revisited their accusations after all the facts were out then they'd be wrong most (I mean all) of the time and have to apologize.  But that would require these people to be ethical.

(Not trying to lump all journalists as unethical)


Comment 13 Jun 2013

Personally, I'm a little conflicted on the induction of John Cooper.  His teams had a tremendous amount of talent and they ripped through the Big Ten...but, his teams' performances against TTUN were...ummm...not good.  And, I don't think his bowl record was that great either.  I guess the frustrating thing with the games against TTUN was that OSU (IMO) more times than not were better and should have won.  

oh well.  Congrats to all inductees. 

Comment 08 May 2013

Jeremy (or the 11W readers):

Regarding Lattimore, is OSU undecided as to which side of the ball he will play? And, does he have a preference?

I wonder if that will affect his recruiting decision.

Thanks (in advance).

Comment 06 May 2013

thank you for replying to my post.  RE: "unfairly".  You did way more analysis than me and my use of the word was just based off of emotion.  I should have said 'in my opinion as an eight year old child.'

Comment 06 May 2013

Bruce= Ohio State's version of Frank Solich

Solich = Nebraska's version of Earle Bruce

Both averaged 9 - 3 seasons but followed legends where that record wasn't good enough for the fan base or administrations making the decision to keep them employed.  At least we ended up with Tressel where Nebraska hired Bill Callahan.

I know - the Solich/Bruce comparison is off the subject of the forum but I always found some similarities between the two.  When I started following OSU football, Bruce was the head coach so I always had some good memories there.  Considering the torment that followed with Cooper and Michigan, perhaps my happy memories with Bruce at the helm became magnified. And, I guess I associated Bruce getting unjustly fired, like Solich.