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I graduated from tOSU in 1991, so yes, I was there during the dark years


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Comment 03 Oct 2015

While it seems easy to point the finger at Cardale, there are clearly others that should be questioning their performance.  Marshall needs to hang onto the ball and the entire teams focus at times seems very poor leading to stupid penalties and poor decisions.  One huge positive to take from today (besides the fact that we won) was the performance of Zeke and the line between the tackles.  IU seemed determined to stop the running game and despite the extra players in the box, Zeke got it done.  

Comment 17 Aug 2015

I believe there is a difference between going to Gettysburg or Antietam and seeing the flag displayed in a historical capacity.  Those fighting for the South, deserve to honored under the flag for which they served.  It is entirely different (in my eyes) for the flag to fly over a current government building.  The flag should represent the values of all residents and there is a significant segment of the population of those states that do not see the same thing when they look at the flag.  

Comment 17 Aug 2015

We don't need to go back quite that far to find a period where the "Stars and Bars" were viewed as a symbol of oppression.  The age of segregation and "Jim Crow" was not that long ago.  In fact, many of these teams we loathe in the SEC fielded all white teams deep into the 60's.  

In most cases where the KKK or similar groups marched, you didn't need to look too hard to find the Rebel Flag.  I tend to side with the oppressed, when considering whether something is considered offensive.  There are still many African Americans alive today that were told to go to the back of the bus, or that they were the wrong color to sit at the lunch counter.  

If you choose to fly the flag over your house, display on your car, or wear on a t-shirt, that is your right.  I just don't think that a government building is the proper place.  

Comment 13 Aug 2015

I went last year.  Face value for the tickets was just short of $500 and $700.  I got all my tickets through OSU connections.  I think the cost of the ticket scared a lot of people away because I have never had an easier time getting tickets.  We actually ended up with 2 more tickets than we needed and were scrambling to invite two more friends at the last minute.  

I don't know if the ticket price was a result of Jerry World, or the new expectation for the event, but I get a feeling that they have priced a lot of the fan base out of the market.  If the face value is consistent this year I get a sense that you should have no problems getting them as there is less competition.  

Comment 05 Jul 2015

I made my first trip to Happy Valley in 1994.  Needless to say, that cat roar haunted me until I returned the next year and exorcized those demons.  Much like I used the image of Ricky Dudley down the slot to ease my pain, D.J., you need to use Bosa's RB tossing to help free you from the dark memories.

Comment 27 Jun 2015

I have been fortunate to shake 4 of their hands.  I was once coming off 18 at Scarlet at the same time that Janowicz was walking off 18 Grey.  Our cars were right next to each other so I took the opportunity to say hi.  He could not have been nicer.  We spent probably 20 minutes in conversation.  I wanted to talk football and Woody, he wanted to know about how I was progressing toward my degree.

i think the thing that we can really be proud of is the way in which these six men have carried themselves in the years that followed.  They pretty much ooze class.

Comment 14 May 2015

Surprisingly, there is no alcohol in the boxes.  I was shocked at that one as these items are not cheap.  You do have to love the private john though.

Comment 19 Apr 2015

Here's a novel idea.  How bout just giving the jersey's to the guys that actually wore them in the games?  They can sell them once they graduate.  Either way, there has to be a better way then what occurred on Saturday.  

Comment 13 Apr 2015

Before the kids started to arrive, I was lucky to play allot of golf.  I think the membership to OSU was $125 or $150 in my day, so my class schedule usually in spring was front loaded with early classes.

Both parents are Scots so I was lucky to travel across the pond 4 times in the 90's.  St. Andrews and Carnoustie are the easy two.  We spent most of the time on the East Coast, so I can't claim Turnberry or Royal Troon.  East of Edinborough are two gems.  Gullane # 1 is one of the toughest courses I have played and North Berwick is very scenic.  If you can get north to Inverness (my favorite city in Scotland), play Nairn.  Spend the night in Inverness and then travel just a little farther north to my favorite course in the world Royal Dornoch.  If I could pick one course to play the rest of my life, it would be that one.

i got to play a couple of courses in the London area.  Woburn (at the time) was site of the British Masters and Kings Park was where they filmed some scenes for "A Bridge too Far"

i've played most of the public courses in Columbus.  Belonged to Jeffferson before I moved south and got to play New Albany a few times.  Muirfield was one (and the Golf Club) that I was never able to get on.  I got to play Longaberger several times before the basket business went to hell.  My favorite course in the Columbus area is Granville.

Have done Vegas numerous times and one of my coolest rounds was playing the Desert Inn just weeks before they plowed it under.  It was amazing how well maintained the course was right until the end.

Comment 28 Mar 2015

I live just across the river in NKY.  Although technically a suburb of Cincinnati, I might as well live in Bama.  The last few years were tough.  Even the Arkansas game didn't seem to help.  Both my sons play middle school football at s small school that has had a lot of success.  With the exception of a few other transplant fathers, there was not much respect for OSU.  Although most are UK grads/fans, there is a smattering of other SEC fans in the group.  It is all in good fun, and no one is a dick, but I can't wait to wear my "85 yards" shirt to the first parent meeting.  I have been saving that one for just that occasion, but have been rocking plenty of championship gear.  Everyone is really getting ramped up for the Final Four and have gotten some comments with our early exit.  My response has been simple.  I got the NC that was important to me and you are trying to get the one that is important to you.  Everybody wins.   

I think the main reason for the tension between the two fan bases is that the closest thing I have ever met to OSU football fans is UK basketball fans.   Both fan bases are extremely passionate and can absolutely take over a venue because they travel so well. 

Comment 22 Mar 2015

Go luck to the seniors as the move to the next phase.  Haven't seen this mentioned yet, but is anyone else worried about Thad's ability to keep coaching?  I knew he had back issues, but had no idea how debilitating  his current condition was.  It sounds like he suffers every day.

Comment 01 Mar 2015

Lot's of memories from that area.  Working at Fly Pie, buying books and discounted Champion sweatshirts at Long's.  Bernies's was one of my favorites and where I truly learned to appreciate good beer,  

change isn't always bad, but  I do feel bad for the smaller business that will be priced out of these upscale projects.  Even though Campus Partners say they want to include these groups, most will not be able to afford the higher rent,

Comment 23 Feb 2015

Amir plays like someone who truly does not care and would rather be anywhere but the basketball court.

Comment 21 Feb 2015

The 02 game got really loud at the end, but there seemed to be things keeping that crowd  from hitting that next level.  Michigan kept converting one third down after another.  Add in the fact that many were also on pins and needles waiting for the 90's to make an appearance.