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Comment 18 Dec 2014

Lou Brown (Major League). "All the reporters are saying that you guys don't deserve to be on the same field as 'Bama. Me, I'm for wasting reporters time so why don't we give them a shitburger"

Comment 18 Dec 2014

Congrats! My son is 15 months old right now and as much as I miss my free time from when I was childless, I wouldn't change it for the world.

Comment 15 Dec 2014

kids can't mature in your book?

Comment 15 Dec 2014

Latwan was the same Glenville graduating class as Christian Bryant, right? I know he ended up in Miami but did he also go through WVU as well? Kid had a ton of potential and looks like he matured - would be great to see the NCAA give the kid a shot and the Buckeyes give the kid a shot.

Comment 13 Dec 2014

If they get Harbaugh, he'll flip enough kids and finish with a top 15 class. If they get someone like Schiano, they'll finish outside the top 50.

Comment 12 Dec 2014

If Paul Chryst leaves Pitt, I think that is a job Herman/Warnnier/Fickell would get. If I recall back when Meyer was named coach, Fickell was a finalist for the Pitt job.

Unrelated to everything, I was just thinking about Fickell and he probably has the most Gold Pants charms than anyone else in Ohio State history. Joined as a coach in 2002 so he has '02, '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '09, '10, '12, '13, '14 and in '94 as a player. 12 Gold Pants charms.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

Why should the families have to rely on the University or fans of the respective programs in crowd funding? I wonder how much profit the playoffs will make these bowls and ESPN. They should be the ones covering the family travel and putting them in a Hilton or JW Marriott. These kids are risking their bodies for the bowls to make the money - then let the bowls cover it. And maybe this will lead to less Pizza Pizza crap bowl games that features two 7-6 games.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

Sounds like they weren't in a sitation where they could have harmed anyone (driving while high). Their body, their life, they didn't do anything bad. The punishment should be just a slap on the wrist. 

Comment 10 Dec 2014

I would love to do a 59-0 beat down of them like we just put on Wisconsin but I think The Game in 2006 was the most heartbreaking moment for many of their fans and wouldn't it be amazing to keep doing that. If they suck going into The Game, yeah beating them is fun and their fans are disappointed but if they're good going into The Game, beating them is heartbreaking. 

I vote to see them get better. Although I would love to see them hire Harbaugh and Harbaugh just suck it up big time because that would also be heartbreaking for them.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

I'm with you. Darron Lee is exciting to watch. Remember me a lot of Brian Rolle. A little undersized but fast and is like a missile. 

Comment 10 Dec 2014

Again, while the coach did a great job, played within the rules, and won consistently, he also recruited players.  He exploited loopholes to actually get players from other schools. 

It would be hard data to get but I wonder how much of Central's football team is made up of kids who attended a parochial school between K-8. Speaking on my behalf, I attended a parochial school from K-8 and then went to Central.  And it's been quite some time since I graduated but most of my classmates as I remember had a similar background. Off the top of my head, I can think of 3 kids I graduated with who came from a public school prior to entering Central and they weren't athletes. 

Comment 10 Dec 2014

If JT Barrett did in fact assault this woman, he should be punished accordingly however I will not pass judgement - I wasn't there and neither were any of you. As far as I know, the only people there were JT Barrett and the girlfriend. There were no signs of violence and unless there is video evidence coming forward, only those two know what happened.

I just know in the past Storm Klein was in a similar scenario and his ex-girlfriend lied and his name was tarnished and he lost a good chunk of his senior season. I'm not saying that's the case here but I know there will be trolls judging Barrett and saying nasty things about him.

Also if there were signs of physical violence and the girlfriend refused to press charges, the Police would still pursue charges.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

If JT Barrett wanted her to leave his apartment, obviously their relationship seems like it was coming to an end. Storm Klein was screwed over by his ex-girlfriend in a similar way. I'm not going to say JT Barrett didn't hit her and I'm not going to say JT did hit her because I wasn't there so I don't know.

I know something like this has happened before to a former Buckeye and it turns out he was innocent. Therefore I will not pass judgement unless incriminating video comes out - especially since there were no signs of physical assault when the police arrived.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

Mindy is NBC4. Sketches with Mindy was a satire bit done by local Sports radio 97.1 Common Man and Company after Mindy Drayer made an ass of herself after witnessing the Carlos Hyde incident and tried to make the incident seem worse than it was.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

Being from Toledo, I knew some Michigan grads/students who were dumb as rocks. I also knew some who were very intelligent. I've also know some very intelligent Ohio State grads and also know some Ohio State grads who are not so smart. Hell I've met people from a Community college who I consider more intelligent and are more successful than a lot of Ohio State and Michigan grads. They just either didn't have the proper direction or the resources as they were kids among other circumstances to attend what people would consider a more respectable academic institution. 

The University one attends doesn't automatically make someone smarter or dumber.