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  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Dane Sanzenbacher, Troy Smith
  • NFL TEAM: the team with the most Buckeyes
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: teams that Buckeyes are playing on
  • MLB TEAM: Detroit Tigers

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Comment 04 May 2016

Former Toledoan here and close to the same age as Dru. I remembered him and would have loved to see him at Ohio State. I'll root for every kid out of Toledo... Dane Sanzenbacher, Jack Mewhort, Jamye Thompson, Marc Loving, etc. to DeShone Kizer or kids like Willis Barringer who decide to go to TTUN.

Dru would have been the best of the bunch, hands down.

Comment 19 Jan 2016

Probably a good trivia question and answer (can confirm if it's true or not but I highly suspect it is)

Which former football position coach Ohio State spent the least amount of time with the University?

Hint - it was under Urban Meyer

Answer: Hired on Jan 30 2012 and left on February 17th 2012

Who remembered his name and that this actually happened without looking at the provided links (or mousing over them)?

I would guess that is the shortest time an assistant coach served at Ohio State.

Comment 05 Jan 2016

I am in year 3 of cutting the cord. It's getting easier and easier as time progresses. Now with SlingTV, you can pay $20/month for ESPN. I do use family member account for BTN but once BTN is available outside of a cable subscription, I'll do that as well.

I have an AppleTV and Chromecast. I haven't invested in an Amazon Fire but I would recommend an Amazon Fire over Chromecast if you haven't gotten any of these. The AppleTV works great for me since I have a Mac and do a lot of home sharing for kids movies. Amazon Fire, if you have Amazon Prime which is amazing, you get a lot free Amazon streaming. Also Amazon Fire has a Sling TV app. The two things I dont have on my AppleTV is the Amazon service and SlingTV.

Comment 28 Sep 2015

My favorite food in Columbus is hands down Northstar Cafe found on High Street in the Short North and Clintonville, and Easton next to Cheesecake Factory. Amazing food.

Other favorites include Cap City Diner on Olentangy River, Hounddogs on High in Clintonville, Hot Chicken Takeover in the North Market (North Market has some great options for eating.. if you like BBQ, Holy Smokes is pretty good. Also have good Vietnamese food). Just avoid Jenni's and the listeria. There are Old Bag of Nails locations throughout the city and they have some good fish and chips. Also City BBQ all over the city and thats good inexpensive BBQ.

Comment 14 Sep 2015

I'm afraid this is what black Ohio State uniforms will look like. woof.

Comment 07 Jun 2015

I love the flyer Michigan. It's shows how desperate you assholes are and provides easy ammo to tear you apart. I hope the staff continues attacking Michigan with this and then gives Michigan a taste of their own medicine and compares Jay Harbaugh with a potato since both of those things are just as qualified to be a position coach at a Big Ten school.

Comment 26 May 2015

No. Countess was a good kid from what I can tell. You're thinking of Dennis "Dancing Queen" Norfleet.

Comment 25 May 2015

Isn't Jamal Dean the former recruit that Dave Biddle incorrectly reported as dead.

Comment 21 May 2015

They should start banning these forum topic creators. The site is becoming diluted with crap like this all the time - really a shame.