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Comment 29 Nov 2013

You should take into account the fact that many of the participants are overwhelmingly drunk. Many students will jump to show just how much they hate the school up North, but many others will jump just to have an opportunity to get incredibly drunk on a weeknight.

I'm not concerned about the former group. Even if you have only one or two drinks to numb the burning cold, you should be able to take care of yourself. But the latter group? It's only a matter of time before somebody is too drunk to realize how long they've been in the freezing cold and has to have a few toes amputated due to frostbite.

Should the university sanction the event? I don't know. I lean towards "no", myself. But we also shouldn't pretend that it's a perfectly safe, fun day for the whole family. These are drunken college kids in a freezing cold lake, and sober college kids can be incapable of making mature, rational decisions.

Comment 13 Sep 2013

From what I can gather, the people in charge of the stadium atmosphere are sort of oblivious at times. I've heard that they once asked the band if their pre-game show could be shortened by deleting Script Ohio.

There are plenty of reasons to drop "Seven Nation Army" in favor of "Ohio", and many good ones were listed above. But the biggest reason has to be that the White Stripes are from that state to the north and west of us. How embarrassing is that?

Comment 25 Sep 2012

I tend to agree with you. I am a student, and my OOC game seats were in the south stands close to Block-O. I think it's awesome how Urban Meyer has actively tried to involve the students in something. There isn't much that is shared between only the students and the team; even our alma mater is sung by everyone in the stadium, alumnus status or not. 

So I really appreciate his effort, but I'm just not all that excited by Quick Cals. Then again, I'm a grad student, and I am quite a bit older than the average Block-O member, so I can't say I speak for all of them. In fact, what they think is awesome and hilarious (like what we have been shouting after kickoffs), I find kind of immature. So who knows? Maybe it's going to stick around.

Comment 14 Feb 2012

The unanimous opinion (at least among the fellow students that I know) seems to be that Gee is a good president. He isn't without flaws, of course, but he is doing quite a good job.

Comment 22 Jan 2012

There was some speculation among Oregon fans that the reason Darron Thomas declared is that the redshirted QB Marcus Mariota had a good chance of challenging him for the starting job. The looming NCAA report, however, seems quite likely too.

In any case, I have to feel bad for Oregon fans. Chip's three consecutive BCS bowls are nothing to laugh about.

Comment 03 Jan 2012

It isn't a matter of discipline, it's damage control following a scandal referred to by the media as Tattoo-gate. To me, seeing a new tattoo on an Ohio State player would be like seeing children on the Penn State sideline: I know that they were probably procured innocently, but it doesn't evoke fond memories.

Comment 03 Jan 2012

To me, seeing a new tattoo on an Ohio State player would be like seeing children on the Penn State sideline: I know that they were probably procured innocently, but it doesn't evoke fond memories.

Comment 03 Jan 2012

No more twitter, not a big deal and probably for the better. 

That's a good spirit to have. I wouldn't be surprised if the team is also banned from getting new tattoos.

Comment 10 Dec 2011

Something about hiring big-name coordinators from other schools irks me. I feel like it is akin to hiring mercenaries to do our fighting for us: sure, we may win, but is it really our victory? Woody and Tressel made their names at Ohio State, and so the championships we won under them seem quite authentic. Urban Meyer is bringing a legacy with him, and so my main concern is Ohio State and Urban Meyer will share custody of any victory under his tenure.

This hire alleviates some of those concerns. Herman appears to be a smart guy, and he has the chance to make a name for himself at Ohio State. I think this is much healthier for Buckeye tradition than a big-name hire.

Comment 11 Nov 2011

Many of our traditions are "rip offs". We all know how Script Ohio was first done by Michigan. The drum major bending backwards and touching his plume to the field is  pretty commonly done by other B1G schools. Hell, even "I Wanna Go Back to Ohio State" is a derivative of the Cal drinking song.