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Comment 29 Sep 2016

It's not allowed on the University campus as a matter of university policy, not as a set aside of any law in Alabama.  As for schools, it looks like it's allowed if there isn't any other security around, but not if there is.  Don't quote me on that at your trial, though.

Comment 29 Sep 2016

ssuming he's over the age of 18 and legally allowed to own a gun, he can openly carry it, subject to certain restrictions.  (Certain buildings, wildlife management areas, near demonstrations, so on, so forth.) He can't carry it in a car if it's loaded and can be accessed by the driver, and he can't carry it concealed.  However, assuming it's legal for him to own the gun, it's not a felony to do so.  (Many states make it a felony, Alabama isn't one of them)

Based soley on the charge, it sounds like he can own a gun, and is of age to carry a gun, but carried it in some way that is impermissible.  

Comment 25 Sep 2016

Change a few proper nouns in his rant, and he'd fit right in with some of the folks here when Ohio State doesn't win by enough points. (Not lose, mind you, just not win by enough.)

Comment 18 Sep 2016

Honestly, any attempt to get a handle on that number would just be a good guess, given how poor record keeping was in China at the time, and the destruction of Japanese records in August of 1945.  Admittedly, too, the surrender wasn't unconditional. but the condition the Japanese wanted to impose wasn't worth killing millions of people over.