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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Hearing the entire crowd stop screaming that damn "Raising the Hogs" cheer as soon as Solomon Thomas picked off that ball at the end of the Sugar Bowl and then running onto the field and scooping up as much red confetti to put into my hat as possible.
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Comment 20 Nov 2012
I remember four and a half years ago when I first met Donk and she was freaking out about tryouts and practice and was legitimately better than I was, and I had already made band the year prior. YEAH DONK! KICK SOME ASS AND BEAT BLUE!
Comment 30 Nov 2011

Gotta say I love the buzz about the bands generated by this article. Gonna go a few points here:

  • Sitting in our seats, we thought they sounded like recordings too...
  • We got a lot of flak from the crowd right behind us. Every penalty, someone would scream "CHEEEEAAAAATERS" in a high, nasally voice about four dozen times
  • I absolutely hate playing Victors. It's been four years and it never gets any better. Sounds more stuck-up every time we go over it.
  • We always play Sloopy at the end of the third quarter. Doesn't matter who/what else is going on, we do what we do.
  • Did anyone else notice the north scoreboard consistently spelling players' names wrong on purpose? Braxston Miller, Dan Horron, etc.
  • As the fans decided they were going to rush the field, they jumped on top of us.  And our nice new instruments that we have to pay a lot of money for if damaged. From the wall above us. The policemen that had been on duty watching us all game left to make sure nobody climbed the goal posts. We had three elderly alumni pushing people back up into the stands and hundreds of people screaming at us. Classy bunch.
Comment 23 Nov 2011

Nothing against the article, but I feel like the title seems a little insensitive given the situation at FAMU.

Comment 08 Nov 2011

As a member of the band, I can tell you that the team came out right on time. It was right at the end of the show, and the crowd started screaming. Worked even better than when we had to mow over scUM's kickers back in 2008.