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Comment 01 Apr 2014

I pretend the 'M' in your name stands for 'Macho' anyway, Mr. Savage.

Comment 30 Nov 2013

So you're saying a teammate of yours who you've sweat and bled with is completely surrounded and getting shoved around by the other team and you're just gonna sit on the sideline and watch them do it?

I don't ever want to be on your team.

Who are all these names I've never seen on here before and where did you come from?

Comment 30 Nov 2013

If the other team played that way all year that they did in this game it would have been two undefeated's. Remember this is also was an away game and they were trying to salvage their season. We still have the championship game to worry about. Lots of reasons why it was close, who knows.

Comment 21 Aug 2013

I am extremely curious about what exactly Kirk Ferentz knows that not only allows him to keep his job, but also get paid so much to lose.

Comment 18 Oct 2012

If we somehow survive PSU, Wisky, and especially Michigan with wins, it will be because of him and will go a long ways towards his candidacy.


So what you are saying is... our poor defensive play is all an act to springboard Miller to win the Heisman... ;)  


I like it.

Comment 15 Oct 2012

Unfortunately my Cable provider isn't on the list of big ten to go. They replayed the OSU game at 3 am Sunday, and then saw fit to replay UM vs Ill 3 times during "normal" Sunday hours. WTF.

Comment 28 Sep 2012

I'm excited to see the "Hyde-ra".


It has been talked about all week, and it remains the biggest storyline for the Ohio State Buckeyes. Jordan Hall and Carlos Hyde are finally healthy at the same time, meaning the backfield could be a so-called three-headed monster.



Comment 28 Sep 2012

My goal for the day is to use 'defenestrate' as many times as I can in conversation.

Comment 26 Sep 2012

I have a theory that the lighter weight is forcing some players to focus more on technique to make a good tackle, where as before they could just "bull" through. But I don't have any experience tackling people, so my point may be moot.

Comment 12 Sep 2012

RE defensive performance: I think the simplest formula while still maintaining some semblance of meaning would be points allowed (with the defense on field: ie, not pick 6's or returns for TDs) / defense's time on field.

Comment 11 Sep 2012

The staff can only go on what Williams is telling them. So if he downplays the soreness/pain because he wants to play so bad, the staff is going to think they can run him more. Just an optional scenario to think about.