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Comment 07 Jan 2013

This was a criminal matter that had nothing to do with college football. Sandusky was tried and convicted in a PA court and there will be new trials for 3 other people involved in the cover up. They will get their day in a Pennsylvania court and if convicted they could receive jail sentences also. The talk has been that they were protecting the football program and that’s why the NCAA got involved when in reality they were protecting Sandusky and themselves. There were no NCAA rules broken by Penn State. The story was that the football program ruled the university and that the school needed to be knocked down for allowing this. Football had nothing to do with this. How would it have hurt the football program if they had turned Sandusky in? If anything they would be praised for turning in their friend. They were protecting Sandusky and they were caught and the court will decide their guilt. The NCAA had no right to get involved in this criminal matter and the Governor has every right to file a federal lawsuit. Your Ohio State team would be playing for the national championship if you had enough balls to fight the NCAA bowl sanction for 2012. They had no right to impose it after Ohio State already vacated all the wins in the 2010 season. The big 10 has been portrayed as a weak conference by most sports analysts and once again because of their bowl record we will have to endure this criticism. But a win by OSU in the title game would have gone a long way to shut the critics up.