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Comment 11 Jan 2013

The under the radar guys are the ones to watch. Roby and Simon were both 3 star recruits. Welcome, Mr. Worley.

Comment 19 Nov 2012

Call me crazy, but I think adding Maryland would be great. I'm not a huge fan of adding Rutgers, but who could be a better add? Crab cakes and football, that's what Maryland does.

I think their program would only get better by being able to expand their footprint. We have worse bottom dwellers than either of those teams. Illinois, Purdue, Indiana, Minnesota, so what's the big deal?

Comment 14 Jun 2012

I wear Ohio State gear to church. More times than not. 

Comment 14 Mar 2012

You might of just brought me on board with Community. I'm a huge Joel McHale fan. I love his sarcasm and watch The Soup every week but never got into Community. I just wonder why after a long hiatus, and a big fan following, they would come back on the first night (first real night) of the NCAA Tournament.

Comment 01 Mar 2012

Glad that you got to see the Stroh Center, Jeremy. I was born and raised in BG and my mother works at BGSU (I can literally have tickets any time I want them) but I haven't made it home to see a game yet.

I don't know what I would do at a BGSU basketball game with athletic players. Aside from Antonio Daniels and Keith McCloud I was used to seeing Dan Dakish bring in good ol high pick and roll players from here in the Darke/Mercer county area.

Comment 18 Feb 2012
Wow. Two things come to mind - guy in the Ole Miss shirt, thanks for identifying yourself. I literally have no clue who you are. Second, Will Muschamp will be getting a call from 1984 begging him to stop. Bomber jacket? Really? I don't know what's worse, going and buying one at Leather Unlimited or wearing it for a formal picture.
Comment 16 Feb 2012

HAHA Love the part about Braxton. He seriously had to think that when they're running Dave on 3rd and 24.

Comment 16 Feb 2012

LQR needs to chill. It would be nice to see him play more, but who's spot does he take to get more minutes? If there's anybody who has a gripe it's Sam Thompson a.k.a. The Human Highlight Reel who does nothing but shine every time he's on the floor.

Come on LQR, get your grades right, do the things you need to do in order to be a college basketball player and quit your bitching. The coaches didn't say "I don't know how much of this bull s*** I can take" when you couldn't get eligable in time for fall practices.

Comment 14 Feb 2012

I know Urban wants that "fly off the film screen" athlete, but I think there are a few on the team. Philly Brown (who is extremely fragile, hopefully Coach Mariotti can fix this) is a very accomplished track star, Jordan Hall has some serious allusiveness, and Devin Smith and Verlon Reed are both great athletes. 

Everyone is always talking about the next Percy Harvin but he is such a rare athlete it's like waiting for the next Dwayne Wade or Dwight Howard. There's only one that comes along in a few years, and hopefully you're lucky enough to get him on your team.

Comment 09 Feb 2012

I've backed Delaney for quite a while. So many people were wondering why we weren't going for the 13th and 14th members of our conference. We added Nebraska, a price fish for any conference, and other conferences add the likes of Utah, Colorado, Texas A&M, and Mizzou.

Top to bottom, we are the strongest conference in football and basketball with coaches who are willing to travel all over the country to play games. I think the expansion of the SEC and PAC 12 have further diluted their already top heavy alignments. The B1G will be back on top in both sports in a very short time.

Oh yeah, and Notre Dame, enjoy playing in the Big LEast and being even more irrelevent.

Comment 08 Feb 2012

Wow, looking at the video of Harvin running everywhere gives me chills thinking about Urban putting up 60 or 70 points on Bert next year.  You know he's not going to let up on anybody, especially that Nickleback loving douchebag.

Comment 16 Dec 2011

Agreed. I love Luke Fickell just as much as John Gruden probably loves him. Great guy, awesome Buckeye, great for the program and great for the kids. I would love for him to be on the staff but I would also not be opposed to him leaving so we can have a clean slate.