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Die hard buckeye fan. I'm from the cleveland area, Air Force has taken me to Charleston SC.


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  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Evan Turner... If nothing else, that shot against Tsun
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Comment 03 Nov 2013

I love that its a toss up along with our perfect record.

Part of my wants to believe that this is Urban showing off Kenny G to the scouts.


on an aside someone needs to start a Twitter trend with, #DraftKennyG


Comment 18 Oct 2013

When i moved to South Carolina ten-ish years ago. The undercurrent of racism in the culture was and is disturbing at times.

I sometimes shake my head thinking "Come on people its 2013.... let it go and grow up."

Comment 01 Sep 2013

Confession: I have always been the biggest Jordan Hall later. I always thought he was given a scholarship solely for playing with TP.

How I love to eat crow win it leads to wins.

Comment 18 Aug 2013

That is interesting. A coworker and good friend of mine coaches the Air Force basketball team.

They/He found a gem that had just recently gotten back from deployment named Bernard James. He was more athlete than player, but man could he jump out of the gym and was a wonderful defender, being 6'10" also helps.

He enrolled at Florida State and now plays for the Mavericks. I don't ever remember hearing that he had to sit out a year.  What irks me is that the NCAA is so inconsistent with what the decree is wrong and what merits a red shirt.