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I work in an office. I love OSU sports. I also love pizza.


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Comment 35 minutes ago

I'm hoping to make it to the Dubgate this year.... Went for the first time two years ago when I won tickets from (I'm contractually obligated to mention their website once a quarter).

It was a lot of fun but I was by myself and didn't really know anyone there. Plus I got there late because I was in a golf outing that morning.

Hopefully I can go and convince my dad to tag along.

Comment 19 hours ago

Good luck sir...

I see what she has to deal with and don't envy it at all. She is basically a single mother though (deadbeat dad) so I'm sure it's easier with two parents who both pull their weight.

Me and the Mrs. are planning on waiting about another year or so before trying.

Comment 19 hours ago

How close are they?

My wife's sister had her first 2 kids like 16 months apart.... I'm not sure I could do that. Have to deal with a newborn while there's a 1 year old running around.

Comment 19 hours ago

Mrs. Twoface always says stuff like "let's make another one!" and I'm always so conflicted because on one hand, there's sex... but on the other hand, there's another baby.

Comment 19 hours ago

I love you all so much...

(Thread convergence)  

Comment 20 hours ago

One million years of hard-wired instinct to care for your child and that alone keeps people from putting infants for sale on eBay.

THAT'S the only reason???

I thought it was illegal or something. Hold on guys.... Gotta try to sell something real quick. 

Comment 20 hours ago


I actually had to tape the game and watch it the next day because I was in my friends wedding that night. Woke up with a hangover and thought it would be a nice relief to watch the Buckeyes pick apart an inferior opponent.

Comment 20 hours ago

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes no sleep because your baby is a big jerk and doesn't like sleep.

I mean, who the hell doesn't like to sleep???

Comment 23 hours ago

My little one is already a pretty heavy drinker at 4 months... So we are going to have a kegger for her 1st.