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Comment 04 Oct 2010

Love all the Coaches Blogging.  Just Win baby, Win!!!

Go Bucks

Comment 04 Oct 2010

Oh my, aren't we picky,  myself certainly included.  We (Buckeye Fans and Media) can't be satisfied with a win.  The Buckeye's have to take chances.  Ohio State has to, "Let it Rip"! 

We WON the Game!!  But NO, it wasn't the way we wanted it.  We wanted Sain to have a 200 yard day and Pryor to throw for 300+ yards with 4 touchdowns and no interceptions.  We wanted Sanzenbacher and Posey to have 10 completions each with 5 more going to Fragel.  How about a couple of sacks by Heyward.  For good measure throw in a safety, blocked punt and kickoff returned for touchdown and a shutout.

Remember the 9-3 seasons under Bruce.  Remember the Cooper Era or more correctly the Lloyd Carr domination over Cooper Era.  The Ohio State University has the longest streak of being ranked in the Polls that any other Football team!!!  Don't you think Jim Tressel knows what the hell he is doing with respect to play calling and more importantly winning?

Taking Chances or, "Lletting it Rip" may be focused on Terrelle Pryor's abiltiy and the ability of our Front line.  I have not seen big gaping holes in any of our games.  The running game is not there.  Wasn't there against Marshall, Ohio or Eastern Michigan.  Those are all teams we shouild have been able to run on.  Terrelle is an amazing athelete.  Most of the time, he makes things happen on his own athletic ability.  Sure the Buckeyes are loaded with Offensive Weapons.  Would you agree the coaches are salavating at that potential and would, "Let it Rip" if they were confident in the outcome.  At some point in the season, maybe the Front line will progress to the point we can open our arsenal.  Until then, it is going to be up to our Quarterback to, "Let it Rip"

Keep winning!!  You gotta Believe!

Go Bucks!

Blog Post 04 Oct 2010