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Comment 01 Oct 2016

I must, as a wrestling coach and fan of the sport in general, must humbly submit that NJ has given us Jordan Burroughs, the face of USA Wrestling (who, of course, is now having to share that title with one Kyle Snyder).  As for the rest of your feelings, rock on, good sir.

Go Bucks!

Comment 31 Aug 2016

It's funny how that '85 game against Iowa seems to keep coming up in various spots in my life.  My brother and I recorded that game on the timer setting on our VCR because my parents had made plans to be out of town that weekend visiting some college friends, and we were in tow.  We weren't sure we'd be able to watch it at my parents' friends' house (we were able, albeit sporadically, as it turns out), so we wanted to have it in its entirety to watch it at our leisure upon returning home.  Since it was such an epic upset (truthfully, I wasn't sure OSU had what it took without Keith Byars to beat #1 Iowa with Chuck Long and Ronnie Harmon), we ended up NOT recording over the game (a true sign of '80s dedication!) and watched it repeatedly over the years whenever we had a Jones for Ohio State football.  I remember the soaking wet AstroTurf from all the rain, and I remember writing in my English-teacher-required journal in English class two days later that "THE BUCKEYES UPSET #1 IOWA!  THEY HELD RONNIE HARMON TO 122 YARDS!"  That's a quote, by the way - I still have the journal.

I'm ready for the season.  Thanks, Ramzy, for bringing back the eighth-grader in me and the child-like anticipation of another season of college football.

Comment 26 Aug 2016

This season is where my utter disdain for Pat Forde came from.  After the Bucks were beaten by LSU in the NCG, he wrote a scathing (and unfair) column on why the Buckeyes should not be allowed near any national championship game for the foreseeable future.  His argument was two consecutive losses on the big stage.  I think we would all admit that the 2006 team massively underperformed in that title game.  MY beef was his willingness to penalize them for the 2007 squad's performance.  Until reading this recap, I had completely forgotten about all the losses that transpired for Ohio State to move back up to #2.  I remembered only Missouri and West Virginia losing on the last weekend (WVU losing to a forgettable Pitt team that they should have destroyed), forgetting completely that Oklahoma, Oregon, LSU, and Kansas all dropped the ball as well.  My point is, the NCG fell into their laps.  They probably shouldn't have been there.  Forde's column was WAY over the line.  I don't usually reach out to personalities when they publish things, even when they may have published something that I agree with.  I just don't think they care all that much, but I was moved to email Pat Forde and give him a piece of my mind, for all the good it did.  I avoid his stuff like the plague now.

Comment 12 May 2016

This confirms my sickness, but the first thing I think of nowadays whenever I hear a Gloria Estefan song is that d@#! meal she made for Livan 19 years ago. I have a problem, I know.

Comment 12 May 2016

So glad to hear that this isn't a 90-minute montage of all the "Thes." I've never lived in Cleveland, but for whatever reason (who am I kidding, thanks a lot Dad), I live and die with these teams. I'm very much looking forward to watching this with my 15-year old son Saturday night.

I remember all of these. I still to this day look at Gloria Estefan with disgust. I remember before Game Seven in '97, she invited Livan Hernandez over and made him an authentic Cuban meal to help calm him down and make him feel more comfortable. I remember Bobby Bonilla being told by an MLB alumnus in the stands to look for a changeup from Jaret Wright at a certain count, and Bonilla sent it into the stands. Unhealthy that I remember all this stuff? Sure. But I can't help it. I remember collapsing on the floor and laying there for about a half-hour when Edgar Renteria sent a base hit up the middle off of Charles Nagy. And that's all just the '97 Series. One of these days, a Cleveland team is going to win it all, and I'm going to party for a week. 

Comment 10 Apr 2016

Nothing to say that hasn't already been said, but just ugh. What a gut punch. Wondered if he had any kids, and learned he has three. So his wife sees her husband murdered in front of her, and three kids lose a daddy. What a devastating turn of events. I have a whole lot of hate and anger toward this shooter that I need to work on here. Prayers for Will's family.

Comment 20 Mar 2016

It is a very rare thing to see two heavyweights as athletic as those two are.  More often than not, you get two guys pushing 285 who, while not slugs, don't move nearly as well as these two guys do.  Gwiz had some very good reactions to Snyder's very good shots, shots that would've resulted in takedowns against just about any other wrestler he would've faced.  What a great match, so glad I got to see it.

Comment 15 Dec 2015

Some observations after watching that video:

1.  The Buckeyes would've been flagged for excessive celebration for that benign display in today's game.  A bygone era.  Even the color guy was talking about what Byars was going to do when he got to the end zone.

2.  Keith Byars was my dude.  I absolutely loved that guy.  He was absolutely hosed out of the '84 Heisman.  Yes, Doug, that was a great pass to Phelan against Miami, but one play doesn't win you a Heisman.  Keith was a rock all year.

3.  "All Night Long" as the outro to the commercial break.  Gotta love the '80s.

edit to add - thanks for posting!

Comment 15 Dec 2015

My biggest memory from the 1984 Fiesta Bowl was as the game was starting.  NBC was broadcasting the game and they put each team's game-by-game 1983 schedule and results on the screen.  I was eleven at the time and was watching the game at a friend's house with a third friend in attendance.  This third friend didn't really watch a whole lot of Ohio State football.  When they showed the season results - I'll never forget - he said, "Man, look what they DO to people!"  That was a major point of pride for this young Buckeye fan.

Comment 07 Dec 2015

While I certainly won't actively wish ill will on the B1G during bowl season (the lone exception being TTUN), I don't become a chanter (you know, "SEC! SEC!").  I'm a Buckeye fan, not a B1G fan.

As far as Notre Dame, that was the one post season match up I did not want, and it has nothing to do with the Bucks' on-field prospects.  I fell very confident on that end.  There is a pretty good-sized Fighting Irish base where I am, and I am not looking forward to three weeks of the junk talk.  I have no tolerance.

Comment 02 Dec 2015

You guys are about to get an earful.

I did not attend Ohio State.  My dad was a dental school student at tOSU when I was born, and I was born at University Hospital.  It was always (and still is) a point of pride for me to say that I entered this world in Columbus, Ohio, on the campus of THE Ohio State University.  I always planned to go to Ohio State, but life happens.  I followed my fiance to Huntington, West Virginia, and we attended Marshall University.  Once there, I developed a deep appreciation for their football program, especially upon learning about the plane crash, which I unbelievably knew nothing about until after I enrolled there.  While I was there, Marshall won the first of its two I-AA national championships (1992).  Watching them dominate I-AA while I was there (with the lone exception being Youngstown State with some dude named Tressel as their coach), make the jump to I-A and dominate the MAC, and hang with (and in some cases defeat) some long established programs in non-conference games and bowl games due to guys like Moss, Pennington, and Leftwich made me a real Marshall Thundering Herd football fan.  However, Ohio State football is still my beloved.  This video just cements that.  Seeing Keith Byars and Cris Carter in that piece reminds me of being the little boy that lived for Saturdays so I could watch the Buckeyes on TV.  This video is an incredible reminder of how truly awesome Ohio State Football really is.  I love all the Heisman winners, the national championships, the B1G Championships, the Horseshoe, the fact that the Buckeyes won the first ever CFP...  When Urban talks about representing the great state of Ohio, I am thankful that he gets it and means it.  I always tell people that know that I follow both the Buckeyes and The Herd that Ohio State is my #1, and Marshall is my #1-A.  The Herd takes a backseat to no one, including the Buckeyes, but they have to ride shotgun.  Don't know why I felt the need to post all that, guess the video was that powerful.  O-H!

Comment 02 Dec 2015

114 comments in, I'm sure no one will care what I have to say by now, but my dilemma back in the summer was head vs. heart. My heart wanted Cardale - the Cinderella third-stringer, the cannon arm we nicknamed "12 Gauge," the big kid with the bigger smile, the Cleveland native (I have an affinity for the 216), but my head wanted J.T. This was the surgeon, the cool customer, the QB that ran the offense at max efficiency when he was in as a starter. When Cardale was announced as the starter, I trusted the staff knew what they were doing, but in my gut, it just felt off, like they were trying to extend magic that was intended for only three games. Again, there's a reason those guys are coaching The Ohio State University and I'm not, but that's what I felt. Too many riches, I guess.

Comment 01 Dec 2015

That is exactly why I don't make those kinds of bets. Not that I'm not confident in my Buckeyes, but that in the event I would be the loser of the bet, I hate scUM with the fire of 1000 suns and I couldn't tolerate having anything scUM-related on my social media accounts or body (hats/shirts/etc.).