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Comment 08 Feb 2015

I look for one of these photos about every scUM game going all the way back to '98 when Michael Wiley broke a 53-yarder to open the scoring.  Love seeing a Buckeye RB dashing to the end zone with a trail of maize and blue "defenders" in his wake.  Wiley, Pittman, Troy, EZE... I know there are others.  Of course, my initial love for that camera angle/shot came when Eddie blew through the Irish defense in '95...

Comment 04 Feb 2015

Re: OSU commits potentially flipping to another school...

Kirk Barton has been saying on his Twitter feed for the past few days...  "Come to Ohio State or lose to Ohio State."  That just about sums it up for me.  If they decommit and go somewhere else, then they'll be on the wrong end of the scoreboard at some point.  Their loss, not ours.  Go Bucks.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

I know how your son feels.  MY first game in The Shoe (I was 10) was a 6-0 loss to Wisconsin in '82 - the first time Wisconsin had won in Columbus.  EVER.  My parents reassured me before the game that Ohio State "always" beats Wisconsin.  Still ticks me off all these years later.

Comment 23 Jan 2015

I was going to post a similar comment to yours and then saw yours.  I believe there are many Buckeye fans that will forever associate "Centuries" with OSU's championship run, whether or not they want to admit it, and whether or not they like it.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

While I am with you in missing the Buckeyes and college football in general, the months are so much sweeter knowing the crown sits on our Buckeyes' heads for the next twelve months.  I plan on basking until late August...

Comment 14 Jan 2015

Nicely done.  But isn't that what we do after every Ramzy column?  "Nicely done."  "Outstanding."  "You nailed it, Ramzy."  Lather, rinse, repeat.

As Monday's game was winding down and it appeared we had things in hand, I was sharing with my 16, 14, and 12 year-old kids just what happened the last time the Buckeyes were national champions.  They were 4, 2, and four months old, and I explained that the older two would really have no recollection of it all.  I do remember, though, the next morning.  As we pulled them from bed to get them ready for the day, the older two both asked who won, and I shared with them the news that Ohio State won and that they were the national champions.  They just beamed.  They had no clue the gravity of that statement, but they just knew it was a good thing, even if they didn't completely get it.  We were all piled around our TV watching it together this time, my wife and I already having promised our kids they could go in to school a couple hours late the next day.  (Judge me if you must.  All three are more than handling their business in the classroom, so that brings certain perks, the way my wife and I see it.)  I am really glad I was surrounded by my family this time.  I won't be forgetting it any time soon.

Comment 05 Jan 2015

(1)  From the Oregon perspective of the Buckeyes:

"Their offensive line is decent."

WOW.  Sounds like whistling past the graveyard to me.

(2)  From the WMDs, I cannot recommend highly enough reading the MGoBlog Sugar Bowl thread.  A sampling:

"I would take Denard over JT Barrett and Cardale Jones every single time I had the choice..."

To read the joy and despair rise and fall with the major moments of the game was entertaining beyond anything I expected.  Cannot wait for Monday!  Go Bucks!

Comment 02 Jan 2015

This is in no way a criticism, I want to make that clear, but who else was screaming, "Get down!  GET DOWN!" after he brought the INT out of the end zone?  C'mon - I know I wasn't the only one!  lol

Comment 12 Nov 2014

The purse strings need to be loosened to keep this guy in Columbus for a long time.  Absolutely the most critical coach we have behind Urban.  And yes, I am including Herman.  If you don't have a strong o-line, you can't run anyone's offense effectively.  Columbus' version of "Pay the Man."

Comment 22 Sep 2014

For pizza, have to throw in Giannamore's in Wintersville, across from Indian Creek High School.  Valley style pizza, cheese last, square pieces, all that... haven't introduced it to anybody yet that didn't love it.

Hot Dog Shoppe in East Liverpool has really good dogs.  The chili is good, and they have a hot sauce station with about twenty different sauces from which to choose if you want your hot dog to have a little extra kick.

Comment 25 May 2014

Both of my grandfathers served during WWII (one in the Army and the other a Marine: the Marine served on Iwo Jima), and they died almost a year apart, my second grandfather passing in June 2009.  He was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in March of that year.  He was in the hospital about a month and a half before his passing, and my family went to visit him.  I wish I'd have had a recorder of some kind, because he opened up to me in a way in which he never had before.  I can't remember 75% of the stuff he revealed to me.  One thing he said, though, that I will ALWAYS remember, is that when I asked him about being a hero, he said, "No, I'm no hero, none of us were: we were just doing our jobs."  That attitude, and the ones expressed above ("I'm no hero the real heroes are the ones who didn't come home", and "I wasn't a hero but I served with many who were") is EXACTLY what makes them heroes.  Doing the job that needed to be done, but totally understating their own role in getting that job done.  I will enjoy the day, but my mind will float periodically to those who died making the ultimate sacrifice.  And thank you for the article.  I really appreciate hearing about these types of back stories, especially with a Buckeye angle.

Comment 11 May 2014

Nice point-by-point deconstruction of Rosenberg's thoughts.  And I love the passion, especially at the end.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

My brother was at OSU when the Blue Jackets first started playing.  I remember going to visit him and everyone was excited about the new NHL team.  I even bought a couple t-shirts.  I've casually followed the Jackets through their history, but I'm 40 minutes from Pittsburgh so my coverage is all Pens all the time.  I've followed a number of Blue Jackets-related Twitter accounts this year, though, and I'm genuinely excited for the Jackets.  I will be watching the series starting tomorrow and rooting for the Jackets!  Go CBJ!  #BattleOn

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Comment 04 Apr 2014

If OU has a prior-head coaching requirement, I'd like to see Jeff Boals go to Huntington and lead Marshall (if he decides to leave, of course).  He was an assistant there once, and Marshall is a sleeping giant (for who their conference is and school size) in basketball.  Everyone seems to think they've become a football school with Moss, Pennington, and those guys, but a couple years back, when it looked like their basketball program might be turning the corner, the crowds started coming out in droves.  Boals could do worse than to head down US 23.

Comment 21 Mar 2014

I'll be honest here - I am not at all surprised that Ohio State lost yesterday.  They looked so disjointed and disinterested the past few weeks that if you didn't see yesterday coming, then I don't know what to say to you.  But there is no call ever to confront someone in an irrational manner, especially the losing team itself, after your team wins a ball game.  I want to share with you guys something that happened to me after an Ohio State loss.

I attended the 1996 Citrus Bowl in Orlando following the '95 season, the bowl in which our beloved Buckeyes played the Volunteers from Tennessee.  Eddie had just won the Heisman, and the Buckeyes had an explosive offense that season, but they just couldn't get anything going that day (due in part, we all later found out, to the fact that Cheatin' Phil Fulmer and UT wore illegal cleats on a day where the rain was constant and steady).  As a result, Ohio State lost, 20-14.  Eddie rushed for "only" 99 yards in that game, and walking out of the stadium that day, dressed in all of my Ohio State gear, I heard from no shortage of people walking down the concourse that the Vols fans knew that "Peyton wouldn't let them down next year when he won the Heisman like Eddie did the Buckeyes this year."  I heard this more than once, but I wouldn't take the bait.  (Side note: from everything I can see, Peyton Manning is a great guy, but because of those loudmouthed braggarts, I hoped Peyton wouldn't win the Heisman, ever, which he didn't.  It obviously hasn't affected his professional career, so Peyton ultimately wins, I won, and the UT fans didn't get to see him hoist the trophy.  All good, lol.)  But as we exited the stadium, I got separated from my party and ended up having to walk around the entire stadium just to find where we were parked.  Let me remind you, it had rained all day, and I was dressed very obviously in Ohio State gear.  It was taking me so long to find where we parked that the stadium lot was practically empty.  As I was walking and trying to find where the car was, a big conversion van drove about two feet from me (I kid you not) and hit a puddle of water so hard that it drenched me.  Let me remind you again, the parking lot was EMPTY.  This van could've taken a wider berth around me or even dropped speed to avoid drenching me, but it hit the puddle full on, and I was SOAKED.  It was a van full of UT fans, and that moment right there sealed the deal for me.  (1)  I wish nothing but a pox on UT and their school for the poor treatment sent my way that day, and I have enjoyed the struggles their football team has endured the past few years, although you will never catch me rubbing a Vols fan's face in it.  (2)  I would never, EVER, resort to douchebag status in the face of a losing team's fans, players, or supporters, because I remember quite vividly how I was treated after that game.  Should the UT fans not have been excited that day?  Of course not.  They had just beaten the team that was a hiccup to scUM away from playing in the Rose Bowl and a potential national championship with the current Heisman trophy winner on it.  Had the situation been reversed, I'd have been pumped, too.  But there was ZERO excuse for what happened to me that day.  By the same token, should the kid in the GIF not be excited because of what happened yesterday?  Of course not.  His school just knocked off the biggest school in the state with the biggest budget, the highest profile, and the widest reputation.  I don't begrudge him excitement at all.  But you will never be able to convince me that he was justified in dashing to the railing and screaming like a petulant child in the face of the losing team as they exited the floor.  There is no excuse.

Comment 04 Mar 2014

Loved Donkey Kong.  Also loved Outrun.  I thought it was so cool that you could choose your own "radio station" before driving.  Does anyone remember Heavy Barrel?  You had to work through various levels, killing enemies and picking up components of a super weapon as you went, and after you collected them all the game would pause, the voiceover would yell, "Heavy Barrel!", and you basically laid down a scorched earth policy for the next 30 seconds.  Loved that game!