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Comment 14 Jan 2015

This is Luke Fickell's second National Championship. He was a Special Teams coach in 2002.

Comment 14 Jan 2015

No thank you. Ohio State lost 5 of those games and I hope bama never wins another game and wanders in the wilderness for 40 years bewailing their Sugar Bowl loss.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Mariota has that certain something. I think the NFL experts downgrading him are making a mistake. Heck yes I would take him on the Browns.

Comment 06 Jan 2015

If any of Ohio State's qbs transfer I hope they go to a real university to further their education and craft.

Comment 05 Jan 2015

We shouldn't delude ourselves. Michigan hired one of the very best coaches in all of football. Winning the B1G just got considerably more difficult for the foreseeable future but the plus side is that The Game will now return to its proper place as the focal point on the last Saturday in November. Meyer v Harbaugh is going to be magnificent.

Comment 05 Jan 2015

If that is the case I hope they learn better clock management before next Monday.

Comment 05 Jan 2015

It's all a matter of priorities. I thought the old system of bowls with an occasional split national champion was fine. I still prefer a traditional Rose Bowl with a playoff game afterwards to determine the mnc.

Comment 04 Jan 2015 Enough sec obsession. They are not worth it.

Comment 04 Jan 2015

This exactly. USC is the white whale and the Pac is the B1G's rival conference. Let the dirty sec stew in misery for a generation at least, we're better off without them.

Comment 03 Jan 2015

Not that different from last year as the sec beat stalwarts Houston, Rice, Duke and Georgia Tech among other powerhouses but lost the two games that mattered. Put a fork in them the sec is back with everyone else in CFB and the B1G now has three of the best coaches in college football.

Comment 03 Jan 2015

Ohio State claims seven but could just as easily claim 12 I believe. ESPN trimming it to five is just trolling. 

Comment 03 Jan 2015

This system is ok but I always thought the best solution was to just pick the top two teams after the traditional bowl games were played and have them play a few weeks after New Year's Day. This year a committee, poll or whatever would be looking at the results of OSU v UO, Alabama v Baylor, FSU v Miss St. and MSU v TCU to find the top 2. That would have been pretty fun and returned the idea of the importance of place to where these games take place.

Comment 02 Jan 2015

Before us fans start adding games to the playoff let's have a look at the toll these extra games and practices are taking on the student athletes playing the games. An 8 team playoff could be ok if the CCGs are eliminated. As it stands now this Buckeye team has played 14 games already.

Comment 02 Jan 2015

I hope Ohio State doesn't have to play them again for 20 years. Let them stew in that loss a good long time with no hope for redemption in sight.

Comment 02 Jan 2015

Always an upvote for The Band. First 8-track tape I bought. ;)

Comment 15 Dec 2014

Good luck to him. 

This throws a new wrinkle in the college playoff scenario. Now that the games are playoffs instead of glorified exhibitions will schools be more reluctant to allow their coaches to pursue other jobs while they are supposed to be preparing for a big game?