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Comment 12 Jan 2016

That schedule should preclude any sec team from the playoff. It is just shameful.

Comment 27 Dec 2015

Yep, (crappy) Big Ten coaching will cost both Indiana and Nebraska very winnable bowl games.

Comment 26 Dec 2015

Horrible play calling in OT by Indiana. Wilson deserved to lose that game. Indiana's defense did the job in overtime but Wilson choked big time. (The ref below the left upright looked as though he never looked up to see the ball go just inside the upright. Bizzarre. )

Comment 08 Dec 2015

I am blaming the undercooked veggies right now. I stopped eating there because there veggies are usually bland and undercooked and give me indigestion, dagnabbit!

Comment 08 Dec 2015

I've been verbally abused for suggesting that it was flavorless and complaining that their peppers gave me indigestion.

Comment 07 Dec 2015

Heck I'm there already! (About thinking the Bucks would beat the top 4 each by two TDs.) But c'est la vie.

Comment 06 Dec 2015

Thank you, that is the first time I have seen that it is a Big Ten conference rule. Reading the guidelines it stated that in years the Rose wasn't a playoff site and a contracted conference champion was lost to the cfp that the Rose Bowl committee could pick a team from that contracted conference. 

Comment 06 Dec 2015

So then what I still don't understand is why should the Rose Bowl committee care if the Fiesta bowl sells out? Since when did the major bowl committees abdicate their rights to the cfpc? 

Comment 06 Dec 2015

Probably because it was the Rose Bowl and deep down as an Ohio State fan it still means a lot to win that game.

Comment 06 Dec 2015

Where did the committee say that Iowa was ranked higher than Ohio State because they won 12 games? I think I missed that.

Comment 06 Dec 2015

Well that is pretty much what drives message boards,opinions. As was the opinion that Iowa was given preference simply because they won 12 as opposed to 11 games. Actually that was factually incorrect as Jeff Long never mentioned that as a consideration.

Comment 06 Dec 2015

It is far fetched unless you've never watched football. The committee was tasked with ranking the best teams in order. Putting Iowa over Ohio State was flat out wrong. it isn't as simple as 12 wins vs. 11.