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Comment 16 Jul 2014

The US as a whole is fat and getting fatter except for one state (Colorado). Experts will argue the reasons for the obesity epidemic  in great detail but the obvious factors exist in every state: unwalkable suburbs, very few people do physical labour, very few people cook healthy meals at home and the American diet is full of sugar, simple carbs and unhealthy fats. Add to this the popular trend of the self named "foodie" (honestly people stuffing your face is not a hobby, it's called gluttony) and it is no wonder that every town in the country is starting to look like oompa loompa land.

Comment 14 Jul 2014

These were awesome.

Comment 14 Jul 2014

With the stupid moniker of "Swagger" the proverbial pooch has already been screwed. This idea was born stupid and will only get dumber with age.

Comment 14 Jul 2014

Looks like an elaborate standing ashtray from a bank lobby in the early 1970s. There should be a foot pedal that opens the top to swallow the butts.

Comment 11 Jul 2014

One of the best athletes in the world coming home to Ohio >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>a junior in high  school deciding where to go to college. 

Comment 11 Jul 2014

Give him 6 months and he'll come back home to Ohio as well. 

Comment 10 Jul 2014

Is FSU in the sec? Or do they just look like an sec team? The big bcs conferences looked fairly even all in all last year though I think the Pac is rising fast with a very good stable of coaches. The B1G won't be where it s belongs until Hoke is gone.

Comment 09 Jul 2014

Germany jogged against the US. A result is all they needed and they put in a shift. Yesterday we saw what this German team can do when it all comes together for them though it certainly helped that Brazil became disheartened and lazy after the second goal was scored.

Comment 08 Jul 2014

How about we get back to the tradition of winning Big Ten titles? Now that would be "icy".

Comment 27 Jun 2014

Extraordinary means to determine a so-called winner when it is unnecessary is ridiculous. A draw is just fine unless you are in a knock out tournament situation. This obsession American football has with regular season games not ending in a tie is relatively new and I really don't see the point in it.