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Comment 08 Apr 2014

Nice backhanded insult at the end, well played and a +1 to you. To be fair, when you lump everything in with Brady Hoke it does sound rather dismissive.

I was not trying to be confrontational, I apologize that it read that way although I'm not sure the quizzical "?!??!!!?" punctuation instead of a singular question mark would have read any better. Aviation history was a large part of my education and i'm protective of my Wright Brothers' achievements. If I was trying to be confrontational I would  give myself the ban-hammer. 

So let me ask you this as an open discussion. If the Wrights didn't invent flight (heavier than air, powered, sustained, controlled), like you stated, who did?

Comment 08 Apr 2014

Saying the Wright Brothers invented flight or were the first to fly, is like saying Brady Hoke is a good football just doesn't add up. They invented three-axis control. 


Really? they invented 3 axis control? that's it?

They invented their wind tunnel to design the correct curvature of the wing to provide sustained adequate lift. They invented their own engine that was strong enough and light enough, They were the first to figure out that a propeller was a wing turned sideways and not a screw (like boat propellers) and figured out the decreasing angle of attack ratio on the propellers. They invented wing warping as a means of control (which DARPA and NASA have now realized is a much more efficient and stable means of control versus an aileron).

They created the first flying school and personally trained Henry "Hap" Arnold who was in charge of the Army Air Forces in WWII (yeah, planes kind of had a huge role in ending the war, right?) and huge proponent to creating the air force.

Should I keep going?

So, in summation, Brady Hoke still sucks as a coach, and the Wright Brothers did more than invent 3 axis control. I voted for Jesse all the way, but there is a reason Wright-Patterson AFB is where it is and why the world is now infinitely smaller.


Comment 04 Apr 2014

PSU is flying high on a depleted rooster 


if the rooster is depleted how does it have the strength to fly high with PSU on it's back?

Comment 24 Mar 2014

Scarlet, I worked at Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park (huge mouthful, but that's the Wright's national park in Dayton) as a ranger during the 2003 celebrations. I remember Neil coming through along with John Glenn and Buzz Aldrin. Tom Crouch (Official Wright's biographer as well) was there many times. I probably knew her pretty well then. That was an amazing year to be associated with the park.

Comment 20 Mar 2014

OSU has been the more successful program for the last 50 years

That's awfully close to sounding like m*chigan when discussing all time records IBall, just a friendly heads up.

Comment 18 Mar 2014

HOW is general LeMay losing? He radically changed bombing tactics in the pacific, initiated, unintentionally, the Berlin Air Lift and reorganized the Strategic Air Command from a bumbling mess, when he joined in 1948, to the nuclear powerhouse that it became.

Comment 18 Mar 2014

Ahh yes, the outer Banks. All for naught but for that one fateful wind tunnel the Wrights built in their Dayton, OH Bicycle shop.

Your hurricanes may take my property but you will never take my Wright Brothers! Nevaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Comment 17 Mar 2014

*puts on Aviation History major cap* *gets on soapbox*

Ahem. While their first, straight, 112odd foot flight did take place at kill devil hill in NC many argue, myself included, that that plane - Write Flyer 1 - was not the worlds first true airplane. 

The Wright brothers returned to Dayton and their Huffman Prairie Flying Field in 1904 and over the next two years  refined their flying machine making longer and longer flights until, in 1905, they developed a plane that could successfully fly in a circle and a figure 8 and stay aloft indefinitely if not for fuel. A TRUE airplane.

1903 in NC was a proof of concept flight, where they had the winds to get aloft. The Wright Flyer III in 1905 was the worlds first true airplane and that was developed in Dayton, OH where Wright-Patt AFB is now located.

*Takes off cap* *Gets off soapbox. 

*OP's sarcasm font clearly noted