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Comment 15 Nov 2015

This record is counted during the modern conference landscape. Oklahomas streak was accomplished in the now defunct big 7 so that's probably why it no longer counts.

Comment 23 Oct 2015

Wenceslas Square has A LOT of history with it as well, right? I believe the Velvet/Scarlet Revolution in the 60's to try and overthrow communism and then they actually succeeded in the 90's. It's just the place where everyone gathered?

Oh yeah, the beer; Each pub/bar is only served by 1 brewery so your choices are literally: 1) Large or Small and 2) Light or Dark. It's awesome.

Comment 23 Oct 2015

I would suggest tri Stoleti on Misenksa in Mala Strana (lesser town); it's down a road to the right just after you cross the Charles Bridge. Probably the best duck I've ever had.

Also recommend Restaurace Bellevue which is on the east bank about a quarter mile south of charles bridge. This place is amazing, more on the hire end price wise (200 american total for 3 courses + wine pairing) and does some amazing stuff.

Really take advantage of the fact they aren't on the Euro. I think now it's 22 or 23 CzechCrowns per dollar. They don't do fractional currency either so you might get a bit freaked when you look at a menu the first time and it's 415 crowns for a burger until you realize it's like 5 bucks.

Also, Prague is known for it's Garnets and you can find some fantastic jewelry shops; my favorite is Studio Sperk:

just stay away from places on or near old town and charles bridge, too touristy.

How are you traveling in between? I suggest taking the train and getting first class tickets (cheap) and you get to sit in a private room a la Harry Potter as you travel through the mountains.

In vienna, I know it's a bit touristy, but seriously the Sacher torte from Hotel Sacher (right across the street from the opera house) are a mazing. I'd hit up Stephansplatz, take the Tim-Tims (trams) around the ring (road that runs in a circle around original town) do the habsburg palace; see the spanish riding school and watch a demonstration (Lipizzaners) take a day trip to Schomburg Palace (only like a 10-15 minute subway ride away) and walk the gardens (great view of the city) and do the Wiener Riesenrad (HUGE ferris wheel with boxcars that hold up to like 30 people instead of seats) with fantastic views of the city.

Oh and the Churches, see as many as you can, they are amazing.

Anyone want to add anything else? Those are the highlights from the two weeks I've spent there.

Comment 01 Sep 2015

I don't weigh myself anymore. I just realized if I have better energy and my clothes fit better than I'm loosing/gaining correctly.

MapMyRun is awesome. Make sure to sign up for challenges that sound interesting, it's a fun way to challenge yourself. I pair it with Spotify currently. Their running feature is fantastic to get you in a zone - basically it uses GPS to track your speed and then plays music with that tempo to keep you on pace.

For reference, I graduated College at 243 and lost 75lbs and have kept if off for 11 years. The trouble for me is actually gaining weight now.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

So what, you become  a staff member and all of a sudden you think you can go all caps and yell at us? Wow, absolute power indeed

Comment 27 Aug 2015

From the article on Brown's injury on the front page; a release from tOSU that all but spells it out:

"Ohio State University sophomore receiver Noah Brown suffered a left leg injury during practice today at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. Brown, from Flanders, N.J., will have surgery tomorrow at the Ohio State University Medical Center. He will miss the 2015 season but is expected to make a complete recovery."