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Comment 26 Apr 2016

*DISCLAIMER* - This is not meant to be a political #hottake whatsoever

I find it completely ridiculous that Ken Starr - as president of the university - has done nothing about this, "has no knowledge" of any wrong doings and can't take the time to investigate these allegations; when this is the same Ken Starr that mustered the full force of the American Gov't to go after Clinton for getting a consensual Beej in the oval office. 

I mean dude....really?

Comment 21 Apr 2016

My results on a sample test:


42 of 50 questions answered correctly

Your time: 00:11:04

You scored 42 out of 50 points, (84%).
The average score on the full Wonderlic test is 40%.

Average score 
Your score

I still don't know how this relates to football aside from quick decision skills.

Comment 14 Apr 2016

Or, you know, just don't give a S*** about your stickers at all. it's the internet - we all have the largest package, we're all tough guys, and we all have thin skin. Way more enjoyable now that I don't even look at stickers.

Unless when I'm right, and you're wrong then your screwed. Kidding. Maybe.

Comment 11 Apr 2016

If a member is directly quoting the Bible, Torah, or Quran, then that's something that will be nuked.

So the Bhagavad Gita is good to go? YES!

to soon?

Comment 23 Mar 2016

Not giving away all our secrets, but there's so many variables that go into why you see certain ads and it mostly comes down to the KPI's of a certain companies campaign strategy. Are they going to audience segments? Previous Visitors? Are they looking for impressions (views), Clicks etc..

Most likely an audience profile was created that similar matches the type of users that have previously visited UM's athletic apparel website and for whatever reason your anonymous online profile matches who they want to show ads too and blam ad server places an ad on your screen. You probably browse similar to a male sports fan between 18-46 from a major college/sports town (this can all be 1st party data collected directly from transactional information either from the store itself or credit card affiliates) and happened to look at clothes over the past couple of days (just a guess I really have no idea).

I can keep getting deeper if you guys want, but one of the big things we constantly fight are fraudulent advertising (fake impressions/profiles etc). Our whole goal is to have you only see ads that would be relevant to you as best we can so that it doesn't become an annoyance or waste our clients money. I would never want to buy a pink tutu so if I ever saw an ad for that it's just wasted spend on a campaign.

Comment 23 Mar 2016

Google's built what's called a "walled garden" in the industry - they have their own ad servers, ad ops, audience trading desk (double click), inventory etc.. They can get their anonymous user data from anything google related and not have to go anywhere else to connect ads to users (hence an ad you viewed on youtube could show up on your mobile device if you're signed in).

The three big are Facebook, Google and LinkedIN.