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  • SPORTS MOMENT: MNC 2002. Celebratiing in the stands surrounded by no longer cocky smug 'caines fans.
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Comment 3 hours ago

haha. Not as glamorous as it seems when you flew the nobodies with Money  that think you need to kiss their feet, but there were some perks. The celebs were pretty cool and relaxed, you got to order food from the same caterers that did the passengers (you all couldn't order the same thing though), got to keep any left in the cabin after the passengers left (1 hour flight and I get an unopened bottle of grey goose? yes please) and the tips were nice.

I will say the empty flights to re-position the plane were the best. I would sit in the jump seat for take off and landing (in the picture of the selfie between the pilots) and then I would recline the seats the whole way and conk out like I owned the place while the pilots flew.

Now that I read that, yeah I was lucky.

They're a pretty fast plane too. Cruise is in the 640's. New York to LA in about 4.5 hours tops.