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  • SPORTS MOMENT: MNC 2002. Celebrating in the stands.
  • NFL TEAM: ugh, Bengals
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  • NBA TEAM: yuck.
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Comment 27 Jul 2016

I like all the oddball sports - badminton, table tennis, pistol, archery, field events, whitewater, water polo, handball, track cycling (my favorite), and trampoline.

Dumbest: speed walking.

Comment 12 Jul 2016

Considering the Block O picture is Trevon Grimes and the original discussion was around Shaun Wade - no, it probably doesn't convince them.

EDIT: Yup, my bad. I took "picture below" to be the wrong one. ctrl + alt + del

Comment 05 Jul 2016

Page 700 had a Doozy:

it's ok, we be ready for 2014. Bell was scared to play in the SEC.

and the second to last post:

I was just about to post this exact message. Not to be that guy but we need to leave this thread to the trolls. We have more important things to talk about besides this player. If VB wants to go play for Urban Cryer then let him. Maybe he is going to like playing in a second rate conf and get ran over by the sec if he ever plays a team from our conference. I am through with Vonn. Good luck kid. But you could have been better playing in Orange