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Comment 01 Jan 2013

Depsite two of B1G's teams, an undefeated Ohio State and a worthy Penn State schools sitting the bowl seasons out, and I know that Georgia and SC already pulled wins.... but I ask this: have people noticed that all of these bowl games (with the absolute exception of Purdue??) were VERY good games played by the B1G?  I did not notice a single blow out win between these "mediocre" ten teams that played the highly ranked SEC teams.  I mean, after the LSU/ALABAMA blow out, the playoff season was put in place to keep the games interesting, and haven't the B1G teams done this?  I mean, unranked Wisconsin giving Stanford a run?  Why did a nationally contending Georgia team struggle so hard against Nebraska (who was blown away by unranked Wis)?  I mean, I watched the SEC champtionship game, and I watched the B1G game... if the SEC is undoubtedly the BEST conference, then they should have blown away these teams, easy.  Now, don't get me wrong, I have a respect for those teams, but I think balance between conferences is faster approaching than most SEC fans (and reporters) like to think.

Comment 11 Dec 2012

I completely agree with you.  Any experience for this young D will be a help and the fact that Washington had good contribution (I am sure has something to do with Noah Spence having a lot of the hype) this past year is a bigger plus in my book.  I would really, really, really love to see tOSU get some star, and I mean BIG STAR linebackers in the line up, or, in the very least, have one of our guys step up big time and make a difference. 

And might I just add to all of the tOSU seniors moving on, thank you guys for an unforgettable season in the books.

Comment 11 Dec 2012

I have to completely agree with you on several points.  First and foremost, and I know this from personal experience (I lived in both Florida and Alabama), Florida Gator fans seem to be at most, willing to cheer Meyer on and I know the contributions he made to his players, even the ones that remained under Muschamp, were all happy for him.  It is nice to see sportsmanship these days.

I also have to agree with the complacency issue.  If there's anything that college FB has taught us over the past few years is hype is hype, at the end of the day, get the W and never overlook anyone.  University of Louisianna-Monroe vs. Alabama, App State vs. Michigan, even over to the in-conference games like what bumped tOSU from #4 and the Rose Bowl with meeting LSU @ the NC game... Among that, always be prepared.  I love that the B1G added the championship game, I think ND will find this issue to be relevant when preparing for the NC game this year... going 2 months, 60 days, without any gametime, that's really rough.

Seeing Meyer prepare all of his teams, I don't think this is much of an issue for him, I really do think he looks at every week as a challenge, and I think this was even more programmed into his mind after coaching through the SEC.

Comment 11 Dec 2012

LOL, #Urbstache, that was a bad day.  Now, correct me if I am wrong, did not Miami have 2 back to back undefeated seasons with Ken Dorsey @ Quarterback before losing to Ohio state in their 24th game (2002 Championship)?  Can't remember the coach, but I do remember the team, on both sides.