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Comment 26 Jun 2015

The two things that Urban has said he looks for the most in a QB are leadership and decision making. JT does have both of these in spades. He is always calm and collected and leads by example. Meyer has also gone on record multiple times saying that it's hard to not like JT because, "he never makes a mistake. He is nearly always perfect."

Comment 24 Jun 2015

A lot of people work 60 hour weeks for less and aren't provided housing and food.

Comment 12 Jun 2015

I get disgusted with our fans often. From their online comments complaining about Matta or talking huge to other fanbases, blue hairs complaining in the stadium, how they get put to shame by fans at PSU, Oregon, or VT, and especially the "super" fans. We as a fanbase often live up to what other fanbases say about us.

College football passed Tress by in 2006. I agree that he would have never won another title and thank that he'd be getting slapped around by Dantonio now if he was still our coach. I think his recruiting would have nosedived by 2012.

My TV is 100 times better than most games in the Shoe these days. It can't be said enough how underwhelming the atmosphere has gotten in the last ten years.

I also read MGo for the articles and agree wholeheartedly with Hove that the comment section is no-go territory.

I think Cardale Jones is the third best QB on the roster by a stretch. Cannon arm, but I think he'd lose 3 games over the course of a season. Too many mistakes and by then he'll have been so dissected on film by everyone that his many weaknesses would be exploited.

Aaron Craft is the most overrated Buckeye of my lifetime. Great defender, good guy, but terrible offensive player who made OSU very easy to defend. Especially when combined with weak post play. His leadership is also overrated as the team seemed to lack in leadership as much as anything his last year.

I also hate when our fans write _ichigan, or Meatchicken, etc. I love the practice of covering the M's up on campus during game week. Love hearing Urban say "that school up north". But when you typing in an internet comment section and you say _ichigan or *ichigan or whatever, we all read "Michigan". Also, no one laughs when they read Meatchicken or Bitchagain. No one.

I feel less angry now.

Comment 10 Jun 2015

This needs to be said - this warriors team would lose to all 6 teams MJ's Bulls beat in the Finals. Probably in 4-5 games.

Comment 08 Jun 2015

I don't ever question camp offers from Ohio State's staff because it means the kid earned it in person. Not gonna start turning that around on other teams. The staff obviously saw something that the services haven't yet just like OSU did with a player like Tyvis Powell.

Comment 22 May 2015

Really? I don't think they are much alike at all. They play different positions, Raekwon is A LOT bigger, and was more college ready. 

Comment 28 Apr 2015

He did? His best record was 10-4. The previous coach, Dennis Erickson, had a best of 11-1 and went 8-5 the year before Riley was there. Which also happens to be better than the majority of Riley's seasons. Riley didn't take them anywhere that Erickson hadn't already. Erickson actually won a Pac title while Riley topped at tying for second.

I agree with you that he'll run a clean program, but they downgraded in coaching talent. And Pelini wasn't a world-beater.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

That play against Penn State is still the most ridiculous sports move I've seen live. No other player in the nation could have made that same play.

Comment 23 Apr 2015

This. I lurk and pass out helmet stickers. I also miss Pam quite a bit. She was sort of the board's resident female voice of wisdom. Not many users stick out to me over the years, although Denny and Hodge have always cracked me up. Denny still has my favorite comment of all time in this thread:


Comment 17 Apr 2015
You've gotta remember that Rufus' tackle-from-behind of Brutus was his second try. He got smacked down when he tried it head on the first time:
Comment 16 Apr 2015

This was somewhat useful: