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Comment 02 Nov 2015

I think it's about right. LSU will not be able to win this game on Fournette alone. I think Bama can let him get 150 and two TDs and still win by 10. Harris will have to show up big for them to win.

Comment 08 Oct 2015

See, it isn't about liking or disliking Cardale. I like him just fine, I just know he is not performing to the level needed for Ohio State to be elite. When one of the people on my team at work is not performing, I don't dislike or hate them, but I do take action to correct their performance. And that occasionally means replacing them. I could care less who the QB is, honestly, but after watching Cardale through his 8 games as starter, I can tell you that I'd put significant money down on us not winning the national title with him as the QB. He simply is not an elite college QB. And trust me, I'd love nothing more than for him to come out and light up the rest of the schedule, but I just don't see it, and neither do a lot very intelligent football minds. Urban is not the only smart football mind in America.

is starting to put up big passing numbers

Please show me what these big passing numbers are. Jones does not rank in the top 50 in any major passing stat. He's generally in the bottom half of the country.

 It will take some time. Just relax.

Look, I won't lose sleep over Cardale Jones being the starter. I won't lose sleep if they struggle against Maryland. But the highest paid employee of the state I live in is Urban Meyer and some fans seem to forget that he is capable of making bad decisions. You would think the man has won every game he's ever coached in and won the last 15 national titles. And I am in no way arguing that he is not worth his paycheck because I do believe he is the best coach in America. But frankly, blind loyalty destroys organizations. I have every right to second guess the man's decisions because my donation dollars go to helping pay his salary. And like it or not, the success of the Ohio State football team has very large financial impacts on the city of Columbus and state of Ohio. It is a huge responsibility and is why he is so handsomely paid. Yes, he is allowed mistakes, but his nearly $7,000,000 salary means that huge mistakes like possibly picking the wrong starting QB will be questioned, dissected, and invariably scorned. And there is nothing wrong with that. Yes, there aren't really any teams that are better off than us right now, but that doesn't mean we should stop trying to have more and better. I don't think Urban would ever truly believe, "It just takes time" or be satisfied with anyone who wasn't constantly trying to improve.

I also have to ask, for those who keep saying "It will take time"...what is enough time? If not 5 games (nearly half the regular season), what is it?

Comment 07 Oct 2015

Clausen didn't struggle as much in college as Jones is now. Look, NFL teams can find guys with strong arms every year. If a rocket arm was the main factor in high level QBs, Jamarcus Russell would still be in the league, and he was better than Cardale in college. And Jones' running hasn't done much this year and I don't think it translates much to the NFL. He won't truck guys there. He hasn't exactly done that against NIU, Hawaii, Indiana, and WMU. So why would he in the pros?