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Comment 27 Apr 2017

Of course the Browns took Peppers. The only team that would take him in the first. I don't know whether to be upset since I'm a Browns fan or amused because his career will flame out now. 

Comment 13 Apr 2017

including Taylor Decker who struggled in their initial year as a starter only to come on big time the following year.

Taylor Decker struggled in his first game against one of the best defensive players of the last 5 years. He did not struggle his entire first year. This narrative is tired and we should let it go. Prince is nowhere near Decker's level of play, and while he may eventually get there, his route will be very different than Decker's if he does.

Comment 05 Apr 2017

It's interesting how you reference Ward's struggles when Coombs and Meyer say that he was interchangeable with Conley and Lattimore last year and that they saw no drop off between the starters and Ward. Agree on Arnette struggling and that's why he saw significantly less time. But Webb was moved away from coverage responsibilities because he can't cover. Not because someone else couldn't. Arnette and Webb were both torched against Northwestern. Arnette was not in every down and Ward was usually on the outside. SOMEONE was getting torched by Carr and it wasn't Conley, Lattimore, or Hooker.

And what do you think Ohio State has their safeties do in practice? It's all well and good for you, Mr. Former DB, to say that he isn't practicing coverage much now as a safety, but again, what the coaches say doesn't bare that out. Since they want all four DB's to be interchangeable, the safeties are practicing coverage plenty. And they are teaching the safeties the same cover techniques as they are the corners. They would not preach different methods to one group than they did the other. The only thing he isn't doing is press and the lack of press is not why he struggles at times.

The main reason Webb is not Pitt Brown 2.0 is that he has better physical tools and way more upside.

This, frankly, is laughable. Pitt Brown was a high 4 star or 5 star coming out of high school. He's 6'1", 200 lbs and a more natural athlete than Webb. He has physical tools Webb could only dream of. Athleticism and size were never his problems, he just never developed the diagnosis or coverage skills needed to be an above average starter. Brown had more upside from an athletic standpoint than Webb ever will.

Comment 05 Apr 2017

I'll believe McLaurin and the passing game are doing really well when I see it. He complemented a number of the wide receivers last spring and look how that turned out. 

Also, those comments about missing on O-linemen reads as a critique of Warriner. He was the OL coach who recruited a lot of the OL who have underperformed so far. 

Comment 28 Mar 2017

Ranking does not indicate speed. ESPN had his forty time listed as 4.67. The "position change" is not the cause of Webb's struggles in coverage. OSU coaches constantly say that their DB's should be interchangeable and cover like corners at all four spots. His ability to stick with a WR has not somehow been corrupted because he lines up inside now.

His rating as a corner in HS was more a byproduct (in my opinion) of being more physical and having better technique than the average high school corner and playing on a good team. At OSU, though, college WRs can beat him off of the line when he plays physically and his technique has not advanced enough to make up for his lack of athleticism. He's small, slow, and not incredibly explosive. But, his instincts are decent and he doesn't flat out beat himself often. He got the starting spot last year because Smith was recovering from injury and the other options were very young and inexperienced. He was dependable enough against the run, but proved to be a liability against his match-ups in the slot, hence he and Hooker mostly switching responsibilities midway through the season. Webb was by far the weakest link in the D-passing game last year and the OSU secondary has plenty of young talent that will be sitting on the bench in the secondary. And it doesn't look like the coaches will truly entertain competition for Webb's spot. Is that not similar to Pitt Brown?

Comment 27 Mar 2017

It's getting hard not to view this kid as the long-term go to for the US. Even the best US players have not made the game look as natural as he does.

Comment 24 Mar 2017

This was my exact thought. The term "liquidation type endowment fund" is something you expect a mob lawyer to use when explaining how his client was able to afford a Lamborghini while working as a "union delegate". 

Comment 15 Mar 2017

Which part of his statement was wrong? Not being argumentative, but generally interested in which part you think will be wrong? Weber is a good, not great, back who has a lower ceiling than OSU's previous two starting RB's. Nothing wrong with that, those two were a 2nd and 1st round pick respectively. They were program greats. Weber doesn't have the physical abilities that they possessed.