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Comment 14 Feb 2017

He more than struggled, he got abused. Honestly, I think it's all psychological for him. He has every physical tool an OT needs and he does well enough on the average Saturday. But I wonder if he psyches himself out before playing better competition levels. Gets too tight. 

Comment 10 Feb 2017

So much this. People who want JT as the starter need to understand that those who would like Burrows or Haskins to get shot don't think JT is a bad player. Just that JT has weaknesses and limits and that his 26-4 record and his school records, while great, are not as fabulous as they seem when you take a deep dive on QB's in the Urban era at OSU. And the team's failures, while few, are partially JT's responsibility. I think he himself would agree. And if he didn't, I'd say he's not the humble leader we all believe him to be.

Comment 13 Jan 2017

Evan Spencer was a fantastic blocker, but never much of a great pass-catcher. Also, don't forget Devin Smith had to basically be taught how to run routes by the Jets and got by mostly on athleticism and an other-worldly natural ability to adjust to the ball in the air. Jalin looks like he will be a good role-player, maybe a #2-3 receiver at best. Thomas was never fully utilized at OSU, his rookie year in the NFL shows that.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

Didn't show any disrespect to Andrew, I think we just have different definitions of "scoop". A scoop is when you're the first to break news. If it's on Twitter, you didn't break anything, you took public information and posted it on your site. 11W was the first to break Urban coming to OSU; that was a scoop. But when the subject of the story (Tyjon) publicly announces the news, posting it on your site doesn't mean you're the one to break it. 

After all, wasn't it up as a forum topic before 11W's story? Going by your definition of "scoop", whoever started that forum discussion scooped Andrew.

Comment 09 Jan 2017

Great news for OSU as his leadership and experience will pay dividends. I'm a little surprised as I don't know how much higher his stock can go. He's a very good all-around DL, but doesn't wow you in any one area. I think 3rd-4th round is his ceiling. Doesn't have the explosiveness or size or strength that sets apart first round D-Linemen.