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Graduated from THE Ohio State University in 2006. Got married and moved to Charlotte 2014. Proud member of the Charlotte Buckeye Club. Die hard Cleveland fan. Die hard Buckeye fan since age 9. Eddie George got me hooked for life.


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Comment 15 Feb 2016

We could survive a loss to Oklahoma.  Just win the Big 10 and we're in.  By then, all these freshmen, redshirt, freshman, and sophomores have 12 games under their belts.  We replace a lot but we have our 2 year starter QB and 1 year starter middle linebacker leading the O and D.

Remember, Urban went 0-12 coming off a 6-7 2011 season.  Anything is possible!

Comment 01 Jan 2016
Lol, I didnt read it all, but it probably said everyone but us in the Big sucks. If we win the Big we are in the playoff 99% of the time.
Comment 06 Dec 2015

The huge benefit of 6 is that it allows the 4 or 5 conf champs with 0 or 1 loss in and then 1-2 spots for teams that missed out on going to their conf championship over a tiebreaker (see OSU this year, Big 12 last year (both TCU and Baylor would have been in), and a few examples in the SEC west over the past few years when that division was legitimately good).

The only unfair thing about weighing the conf championships so heavily is the fact that all divisions are not created equally.  UNC, Florida, and USC playing in conf championship games was a joke this year.   Iowa played tough, but how good are they?  We won't ever know.

So in summary, it basically allows the committee the leeway to reward the 2nd place team from the toughest 1-2 divisions on any given year AND/OR allow all 5 conferences to be represented if 5 teams have 1 or 0 losses.

Comment 06 Dec 2015

I'm fine with 4.  6 would have been fun this year (stanford and osu in) and wouldn't cause the issue with creating an extra game.  Give the top two a by and it only creates a potential extra game for 2 teams.  Chances are 1 or 0 of those teams end up playing an extra game each year.

In two years, no team left out has anything to cry about because every team that was left out lost a game.  As a Buckeye fan, I have no problem with being left out this year.  The other teams both lost at the right time AND won their conferences with similar or better schedules than us.  

I wish UNC would have won because we would have learned a lot about the committee and I think it would have help force teams to schedule tougher games in the future (assuming UNC was passed by OSU or Stanford).  This means better and better regular seasons.

Comment 06 Dec 2015

a lot of talented guys looking to make a name for themselves!  Let's hope Oklahoma wins it all so we can lock in a signature win early in the season.  Even if we lose that game, all signs point towards win the big ten and you're in.    

Bama doesn't worry about losing 15-18 starters, why should we?  Our recruiting is on their level now.

Win the big ten and every starter has a 12-13 more games under their belt heading into the playoff.  Anything can happen then.  Urban went undefeated his first year with the cupboards less stocked than the list above.

Comment 04 Dec 2015

Here's mine:

She wants to jump on everything and chew on everything, but she was house trained in like 3 days.

Her name is Scarlet, naturally.

Comment 01 Dec 2015

does anyone remember that everyone thought Baylor (1 loss non conf champ) was in over OSU (1 Big 10 champ) until we destroyed Wisconsin.  This is why I don't see Stanford jumping us without a blowout win.  The Conf championship alone wouldn't have been enough for us to pass Baylor. and we both had only one loss.  It took the blowout.   Stanford is starting from a worse position than us last year.  They have 2 losses.   I just don't see them being an issue.   It's us, clemson, or UNC with a UNC win.   I think the powers that be won't be able to resist the bama-osu rematch.  They'll pawn it off as punishment for UNC scheduling FCS teams and Clemson not playing their best football at the very end of the year (see syracuse, south carolina, loss v. unc)