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Comment 25 Nov 2014
This Game has all the perameters to be a game of legend. Ohio State needs a win to stay in the first ever playoff championship bracket, and we all know TTUN loves to play heartbreak. On the flip side Ohio State can end the Hoke Era, and TSUN's bowl chance and make everyone associated with that team remember that their last game of the season was an ass whipping handed out by the good guys. GO BUCKS
Comment 16 Nov 2014
God i hope muschamp stays away from the B1G we need upgrades not ignorance
Comment 11 Nov 2014
If anyone can make 2 offenses work with 2 completley different QB's its UFM!!! Both players will benefit from the competition of course a neither will shy away from it, but i dont see why we can be the 2 headed Kracken next year, Start Braxton against defemses that struggle against the run and JT against run stopping teams. Then you have the ability to have multi talented QBs with different strengths take over a game, a t eam starts to stack the box and XBraX cant go over the top and spread the defense back out, trot out JT and let him give it a go. Jt cant get the ball moving in his starts let Brax go, next years offense will be something crazy
Comment 09 Nov 2014
and thats why no one likes ESPN, now all of a sudden a player cant win an award because his coach puts him in the position to win and succeed f em
Comment 07 Nov 2014
its not that OSU NEEDS this for motivation, its the fact that Dantonio called them out as not being good enough tomorrow night, he put all the pressure on his team to win tomorrow we didnt NEED this motivation but when someone says "garauntee we got this" it certainly brings your juice level to 1000 also i didnt see video but id imagine after he spoke those words he looked behind him to make sure the Myth that is Joey Bosa wasnt smashing his way through a wall to get to him.
Comment 07 Nov 2014
theres a song by alex sheridan, a buckeye rapper that says in the song "put em up" "of u aint the maize n blue u can be amazing to the F@#$ u gon do Jesus Christ aint savin you" and im pretty sure that sums up the gut feeling scUM fans got going on right bout now
Comment 06 Nov 2014
the fans arent the only ones hearing the Watt comparisons, if a team thinks thats accurate he'll be drafted high just on that. PLEASE GOD LET IT BE CLEVELAND
Comment 06 Nov 2014
lets allow indiana to go to the SEC championship game... that would throw a wrench in that conference... HAHAHA PLEASE ALLOW MIZZ TO WIN THAT CONFERENCE... BEST JOKES EVER Fan A: hey whats better than an SEC champion? Punchline: Indiana
Comment 06 Nov 2014
the first comment i see is an LSU fan saying Bosa is just as bad as Jameis Winston and Johnny Manziel.... we should tell him ro say Bosa's name 2 more times just so the nearest wall near him gets ran through and him Speared by the myth that is Bosa!!! #shrug
Comment 04 Nov 2014
witj all the love FSU gets, id bet HUGE money that we win thar game, have u seen then play? Famous Jameis is the only reason why they win... also thr reasin why they fall behind 21 points against Louisville... we could very well beat FSU, theres a few teams like Oregon, Bama, Miss St. that i wouldnt bet on at all, but wed make a game of it for sure, there is no clear cut dominant force this year, the top 15 teams can all beat eachother it seems like
Comment 04 Nov 2014
considering the rotted turmoil and junkyard scum is in right now, add that to Urban Meyer at OSU and Dantonio owning ichigan, i could see harbaugh going there, he would be a scum god zillionare to those fans if he turned it around, make a ten year war into a triple threat cage match every year, then watch the ESECPN and SEN nation crumble at our feet Bwahahahahahaaaa (evil laugh)
Comment 04 Nov 2014
i think Curtis Samuel and Jalin Marshal are keys to the game, Samuels speed on the edge and Jalins elusiveness, we have to get them the ball on the flats, and slants. Imo it would take the pressure off the middle of the Oline and allow EZE some holes to run through as the game progresses.
Comment 04 Nov 2014
I cant shake the "i want" feeling, as in i wish this kid would play WR where i think he has the most potential (not saying i know more than the coaches) but with his size, speed and playmaking ablity to make guys miss i honestly do think thats where his best/ most potential would come from. But thats just my opinion, who knows the kid could be a Vince Young in 3-4 years!!!
Comment 01 Nov 2014
no doubt about it he hasnt lived up to the hype, but realistically who could? i dont think he will be ready for NFL after next year, i do think he does need more touches though, he needs work in running his routes and creating space. i believe once he does get better in those areas we will see him on more plays in the open field, but until then hes just a sprinter off the edge.
Comment 31 Oct 2014
does anyone think he actually stays on as QB after he gets on campus? i remember at camps ppl had him at WR due to his accuracy as a QB
Comment 30 Oct 2014
can we stop with these 8 team playoff stuff please? think about it, there are 3 SEC teams in the top 4 right now. I think the AP poll has much to do with these playoff rankings as more of guidlines as to who the committee should pay attention to, and who does ESecPN love, the AP polls, why? bcuz if a team candrink water and breathe air in the SEC then theyre obviously the better than what any other conference can put together on the field. So with ESPN providing the nationwide hype, the AP polls puuting the number on the hype, the Comittee using AP as guidline, thers just no way to get any kind of teams in the playoffs without SEC being the front runner for each spot, why go to 8 teams? toull just get the SEC west against 1 or 2 conference champions
Comment 27 Oct 2014
I too was thinking about this earlier, but in the end i was in my own head screaming at myself yelling "This isnt Cleveland damn it Buckeyes are a this year always team!" that being said. Either situation could be great, The way i see it is, no matter which way u cut it we are a very very young team. With Noah Spence (btw is he getting redshirted this year?) Hopefully coming back next year and playing we could have essentially the same defense we have this year in terms of starters minus Bennett, D C Grant, and Perry if he goes pro, and i cant get out of my head that this defense is just 1 year away from being bullets, this year they seem to have gotten that silver color back but i think next year they will be our beloved silver bullets. Then on the Flip side, We lose Heurman, and Smith. Which are good ppl to have but realy the production can be replaced by players we currently have. So in the end it great to be a Buckeye, lets play our young hearts out, gain the guts and grits and continue to get better, put us in any Bowl game and lets let the world watch us wipe the field with anyone we get matched with, essentially were 1 year away from full potential but that dont mean the season is over right now.
Comment 24 Oct 2014
Bert at UM would kill any chance of that program returning to the top, and kill the B1G even more