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Comment 24 Jan 2015

Might have overlooked but what about Meech? I think he could push for some time as well at RG

Comment 03 Jan 2015
IMO if anyone is used as a decoy its Jalin, with him pretty much being our go to guy, Oregon is gonna pay alot of attention to him... i think a couple Fake sweeps to back end wheel routez to dontre would be a good go to, to relax the Defense a bit
Comment 02 Jan 2015
1 solution to our problem. Keep our Defense off the field!!! long sustained drives, power runs with our stable of weapons, and yes our QB. We dont need 80 points to win this game, we just need long drives capped of by TD's. It keeps our Defense fresh, Mariota off the field and wears down the Oregon smallish D-Line
Comment 02 Jan 2015
i Knew from the moment we were announced against Alabama we would win, never once did i doubt, or get nervous about tellin everyone out here in West Virginia that Ohio State would win, and i did so without hesitation. To start out my day i watched ESPN coverage before heading to work. The very first customer i had handed me a credit card with Ohio States logo on it. Shortly after a friends dad (ichigan fan) came in and said "i hope your right about OSU winning i hate Ohio State but love the idea of the B1G taking it to the SEC". About an hour later i heard a couple of old timers talking about my Home Town of Geneva Ohio, and as i listened a litle more i heard "That Urban Meyer is from Bula, right there next to Geneva." for some unknown reasin it was just all Ohio all day at work here in West Virginia, and i took it as a sign that my beliefs were right, Ohio State was gonna beat Alabama, and sure enough thats what happened I LOVE THIS TEAM
Comment 02 Jan 2015
If theres not an inspirational sports movie called "Next Man Up" made after this season, then i would shed a tear. This has been the most amazing season and this team has more heart than any Buckeye team i can remember I LOVE THE BUCKEYES AND THE BUCKEYE NATION
Comment 01 Jan 2015
hes played a snap before, after which he flipped his hair rolled his eyes and chuckled! oh were talkin football..... no he hasnt
Comment 01 Jan 2015
Sadly no, but i wont mind watching something during halftime and allow my missing it give the Buckeyes that extra little boost in the locker room hahaha #anythingtowin #GOBUCKS
Comment 01 Jan 2015
Comment 30 Dec 2014
if the B12 had a conference champ. game or even an outright champ. its quite possible and concievable that were left out of these playoffs, we need a stronger B1G to stay out of the "on the fence" talk, a strong ichigan team does make the conference better in the national opinion. We as Buckeyes love it when they lose but we also dont see how it effects us right away, and with the B12 moving toward a conf. champ. game, we need a stronger conference no doubt.
Comment 29 Dec 2014
If im Fox or ESPN i have to demand a little more quality, before throwing 50+ Million per school around, maybe 48 with a stipulation that x number of teams must make Bowl Games for an extra 5 million bonus. Hence forcing the B1G to better themselves and making those lower tier teams spend the money on getting better. also I think this will ultimately raise the assistant coach pays to Top level competitive heights
Comment 29 Dec 2014
Well i call Joey "The Myth", say his name three times straight and he busts through the nearest wall and blasts you. so if Nick does live up to the Myth (ive heard numerous times that Nick is better than Joey was at this stage in HS) so i think if he has the long hair ill call him Thor, one hit with his hammer and no QB can survive (mentally of course not wanting injury to anyone)
Comment 28 Dec 2014
Troy Smith!!! Honestly ill support almost anyone Urban Hires, i just hope that they are at the very least a QB whisperer in Training. 4 Starting caliber QB'S the last 2 years, Herman shall be missed.
Comment 27 Dec 2014
i for one am looking forward to accepting the challenge this could present, bring it on time to turn the B1G into thee power conference and rejuvenate the best rivalry in ALL of Sports
Comment 26 Dec 2014
HAHAHAHHAAHA HA Cmon son, i cant wait for this game to happen!!! not once have i thought we would lose this game, NOT ONCE and i was a guy that shit bricks before playing MSU and even a little nervous before Minny Game, but not even close to being nervous this time. WE GON SKIN US SOME MOTHER FRACKING ELEPHANTS (still dont get the whole Tide/ elephant mascot, i hear tide and think water level) AND YOU CAN BELIEVE THAT BROTHER!!! WE GON WHIP SOME CANDY ASS AND THATS THE BOTTOM LINE BECAUSE BRUTUS THE BUCKEYE SAID SO!!! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BROTHER #sopumpedispitoutwwehypelines
Comment 26 Dec 2014
Id say were a slight notch below the Pac 12 as a conference right now, but that wont last as really the PAC really has been riding the coatails of Good QBs against bad defense, though the bad Defense does get a pass by most because the media doeant talk about it. I think after Mariota, Hundley leave this year the PAC hype will calm itself down. As for us competing this year as the dominant conference, it wont happen, not even if the B1G does the impossible and go undefeated in the upcoming Bowl Season, it will have to take 2-3 years of complete dominance to take that thrown away. Also with the new coaches coming in like, Nebraska's guy, Chryst, whoever coaches Ichigan, can MSU recover from losing Narduzzi? Can Minny keep it going after this year and beyond? if not who from the bottom steps up? see theres too many questions that need to be answered before we can undoubtedly take over the number 1 spot. Also do we need to be clear cut #1? i dont think we do, it would be nice of course, but would that affect anything? Recruiting wise, sunshine always beats cold out for the younger players, though i think that could change some, by using the Johnny Dixon's logic i think he said "If you wanna go pro they play in the cold and the snow, might as well get used to it now." thats one way the B1G should try and bring in the Big Talent. "Cant choose the team that drafts you, you will suffer playing in the cold if you dont know how to adjust your game to the weather conditions."