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Comment 04 Dec 2016
BAMA CLEMSON WASHINGTON PSU i hate to say it but they beat us and won the B1G. Its not a far stretch to say they could be rewarded based on just beating us
Comment 18 Oct 2016
I would see it playing out something like. B1G- Oklahoma, Texas, WVU Oklahoma, Texas and Nebraska get to rejuvenate their rivalries which means they get better competitively and WVU is a regional school and not a bad team. Though i hate Texas arrogance and WVU fans (i live 45 minute away from morgantown) I think WVU would make a good rival of Penn State and have a Rivalry with Maryland i believe. Put Oklahoma and Texas in the West with WVU in the East and B1G football would be most watched conference in the country. Wisconsin, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma all fightin it out with OSU MSU Scum and Penn State in the east.... Dreams do come true ACC gets: Kansas and KState Not an A+ football grade but putting kansas and North Carolina in same basketball conference is an A+. PAC12- Oklahoma State, Iowa State, Texas Tech SEC Get- Baylor and TCU They can compete with all the teams not named Alabama.... So thats what they want anyway right?
Comment 02 Oct 2016
Thats gotta be awkward if Bubba commits to the good guys lol... sucks for Grimes tho for sure still the kid is solid if hes gotta take a redshirt thats fine too as lon as he gets healthy. Grimes: YO TYJON! YO HASKELL! ! Bubba: Hey Grimes Grimes: ima whoop your ass bubba
Comment 29 Sep 2016
Blake would be smart to go to an MSU/scUM or Stanford type Program In order to get used to a pro style offense and Temple and can learn reads and such for a year also getting used to playbook. It might be a long time but there wouldnt be a learning curve scheme wise
Comment 25 Sep 2016
I expect Mad Hatter to be hired in B1G NW? Indy? Purdur? Nope PSU, Franklin just aint clickin there
Comment 21 Sep 2016
Really hope they use this time to go see Darnay Holmes dude is really special and after the year our DB's are having along with his friendship with both Tyjon and Grimes ADD the pitch of Histortorical recruiting class and possibly the best DB backfield in college football history... I mean how do you say no to that. Darnay Holmes, Jeffery Okudah, Shaun Wade, Marcus Williamson and Isaiah Pryor in the backfield competing THAT is like the biggest dream in the college football universe! Even if Browning and what his name Marvin Wilson (the DT who we put on notice in oklahoma)? You could sell them basically on our ability to send guys to the pros in 1st round, development and the fact that they will get 4 sacks a game each just because of the coverage behind them! THIS IS GOLDEN
Comment 18 Sep 2016
Cant wait to see recruits react tomorrow... I mean there gotta be some right? OU GOT DUMPED BASICALLY
Comment 17 Sep 2016
Reporter: So how was your trip to the game? Recruit: I loved my trip to Columbus. The fans were great they really showed strong support, I loved the O H I O chant going around the stadium, these fans are really the best I've seen on all my trips. Reporter: But you werent in Columbus you were in Norman Oklahoma. Home of the Sooners. Recruit: you could tell the difference? I mean from start to finish I thought I was in Columbus in a stadium full of Buckeyes, were there any sooner fans present? Anyway guess I know the support ill get now I just gotta go experience a real home game and check out the facilities. SIGNING DAY: I CHOOSE THE BUCKEYES