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Comment 25 Sep 2016
I expect Mad Hatter to be hired in B1G NW? Indy? Purdur? Nope PSU, Franklin just aint clickin there
Comment 21 Sep 2016
Really hope they use this time to go see Darnay Holmes dude is really special and after the year our DB's are having along with his friendship with both Tyjon and Grimes ADD the pitch of Histortorical recruiting class and possibly the best DB backfield in college football history... I mean how do you say no to that. Darnay Holmes, Jeffery Okudah, Shaun Wade, Marcus Williamson and Isaiah Pryor in the backfield competing THAT is like the biggest dream in the college football universe! Even if Browning and what his name Marvin Wilson (the DT who we put on notice in oklahoma)? You could sell them basically on our ability to send guys to the pros in 1st round, development and the fact that they will get 4 sacks a game each just because of the coverage behind them! THIS IS GOLDEN
Comment 18 Sep 2016
Cant wait to see recruits react tomorrow... I mean there gotta be some right? OU GOT DUMPED BASICALLY
Comment 17 Sep 2016
Reporter: So how was your trip to the game? Recruit: I loved my trip to Columbus. The fans were great they really showed strong support, I loved the O H I O chant going around the stadium, these fans are really the best I've seen on all my trips. Reporter: But you werent in Columbus you were in Norman Oklahoma. Home of the Sooners. Recruit: you could tell the difference? I mean from start to finish I thought I was in Columbus in a stadium full of Buckeyes, were there any sooner fans present? Anyway guess I know the support ill get now I just gotta go experience a real home game and check out the facilities. SIGNING DAY: I CHOOSE THE BUCKEYES
Comment 03 Sep 2016

id hate to say it because i love/fear a Tom Herman at a bigger school with more recruiting prowess.... BUT GET HIS ASS BACK TO A B10 SCHOOL.

Comment 25 Aug 2016

id say so, as long as RG3 can stay healthy and sling it with accuracy, Gordon would be a top 3 receiver if he could stay off dope, Corey Coleman is fast enough, to take attention away from Gordon and could easily start out as just a slants guy or straight line, i think this offense is going to show alot of improvement over the year i dont expect alot of wins, i dont want them to win, i dont want the Eagles to win, because I want 2 top 5 picks and draft Fournette and Watson, then after that we can win!

Comment 24 Aug 2016

Hakuna Matata- It means no worries for the rest of our dayyyyys hahaha its a problem free philosophy Hukuna Matata

Comment 22 Aug 2016
The Safety offers could be back ups OR and most likely they like him as CB, either way UFM aint going down without swinging and Oklahoma game could be a head turner if we win big away from home. As for the rest of the class I say Browning, Akers, Okudah, and Dark horse Darnay Holmes, best friends with our 2 new Buckeyes, and I think they both recruit him hard. Overall we gain 4 more 5 satrs givibg us a total of 11 and we make History
Comment 16 Aug 2016
I hate to say it, but I think we need to slow down the pace of the offense a bit. Its our strongest unit of course, but with such alot of inexperience on the defense I think we should do all we can to hide that inexperience as much as possible by keeping the other teams defense on the field.
Comment 03 Aug 2016
I dont know if Moses is seriously considering OSU or if he just wants to experience the greatest atmosphere of the greatest rivaly game ever. BUT it doesnt hurt if its the lsst Game he takes in and on his first trip to OSU its gotta put dreams in the kids head and if im Meyer im rollin out the Scarlet carpet and making room for him if he wanna sign. Cant say no to that kind of defensive talent
Comment 10 Apr 2016
I see no problem in taking all 4 Tyjon Lindsey seems to me to be an in. Harris, Grimes is a lean DPJ is a fight but all 4 of them are good enough to play right and I think we could nab em and shut down WR recruiting next year as well
Comment 27 Mar 2016

First you dont hit a female, YOU DEFINITELY DONT REPEATEDLY HIT A FEMALE WHILE SHES ON THE GROUND... this vuy need to have all d1 schollies pulled AND needs to prove he aint that guy then transfer in. Or some kind of suspension, unless he gets arrested because that was Felonious Assault

Comment 24 Mar 2016
Cant even fathom the thought of our offense in a couple years! But I feel sorry for the kids bcuz in reality they can only avg maybe 60pts a game and we can only have 4 recievers on the field... smh JUST 4 RECIEVERS... scratch that I feel bad for the coaches making the decision on which 4 receivers... nah the hell with it I FEEL BAD FOR OUR DEFENSE who gotta go against these guys every day... wait that means our defense should get better... who should I feel bad for? CUZ I WONT FEEL BAD FOR OUR OPPONENTS...can I feel bad for the NFL Teams? No... Alright alright alright I'll FEEL BAD FOR OUR FANS WHO GOTTA WATCH THESE KIDS GO TO THE NFL AND GOTTA WATCH ALL OF THEM DESTROY EACHOTHER.... GREAT TIME TO BE A BUCKEYE BAD TIME TO BE A BUCKEYE AND NFL FAN HAHAHHAA that much talent can we say we will achieve 22 First and Second rounders in one draft in the future? The way this is going id say 24 (back up RB and Qb) I freaking LOVE BEING A BUCKEYE
Comment 14 Mar 2016
Wilson said OSU is automatically top 3 and he would have committed FR year if they had offered, thats love... It shouldnt matter hoe many DT's we have we missed last year on a few were thin at the position now I say reel em in and let competition determine who plays most snaps nothin wrong with 3 DTs when u play 2 everydown. Also sounds like Okudah has his plans figured out , if we land another top DB or 2 and another LB this would be the best defensive class in recent memory on paper ITS GOOD TO BE A BUCKEYE #SILVERBULLETS