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Comment 22 Apr 2015

if im Urban Meyer to motivate these players to not get complacent and get them hungry i walk into that lockerroom and say "Men take out your championship rings, look at them, love them... NOW HIDE THEM DONT PUT THEM ON ANYMORE THOSE ARE NOT YOUR RINGS! THOSE RINGS ARE FOR THE 2014 BUCKEYES WE ARE NOT THE 2014 BUCKEYES THAT WAS LAST YEARS TEAM THIS YEARS TEAM IS NOT THE SAME YOU ARE NOT CHAMPIONS...yet the 2015 Buckeyes are not champions yet, the 2015 Buckeyes have alot of work to do before they can call themselves champions lets go out there and if you workout like champions, practice like champions, study like champions, then maybe you too will be champions." 

Comment 20 Apr 2015

call me old fashioned but as the old moniker states "defense wins championships" and we proved that with this last years title run. Thats why i love reading about defense recruiting and i really really really want Gary and Nick Bosa add that to Hall, Cooper and Burrows and call it a haul. DO ANYTHING YOU GOTTA DO TO GET GARY (legally of course) flash your ring, boast about being the firat ever national champions in playoff era, boast the fact that if your a Buckeye you have atleast 100,000 supporters right there rooting for you in just a scrimmage idc GET EM also why hasnt Bosa committed and steppes in to help recruit?

Comment 19 Apr 2015

Bosa gotta stay for SR year, hes now gotta teach 2 lil bros how to dominate in mythical fashion. I didnt realize Hubbard was that big though 6'5 265lbs with enough athletic ability to play LB and TE, the kids gonna be special. 

Comment 18 Apr 2015

havent heard much in Dixons direction this spring, is he playing today? remember him and Kwon were the only FR to play with the real men as Urbz called it last year because they were playing like men. Dont forget Dixon as a possible breakout player if healthy

Comment 15 Apr 2015

my bad fellas i thought he had enrolled early

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Comment 15 Apr 2015

im a fan of these new uni's the old ones were tweaked little by little and never really changed it was Straight Brown and White. Im not a huge fan of the Orange jersyey tho, The Brown Jersy is my favorite and like the brown jersey orange pants combo the most

Comment 10 Mar 2015

I HATE SPRING FOOTBALL!!!!! It gets me sooo pumped for football then i remember theres like 6 months until season starts... BUT  I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE THE BUCKEYES HIT SOMEBODY. I believe this team will come out the gate angrier, stronger faster, better than evrr before!!! i want allthe TCU talk, I want the SEC fans comin out the woodwork talkin bout flukes, i want ppl to say the B1G isnt good, i want pur players to see the nation is against them and i want to see a helmet fly on the first kickoff tackle if the season!!!! The only waythis team repeats is if it gets MEEEAAAAANNNN, I dont want playersto hear there own hype, with talk that Bosa and Cardale are top 5 picks and Zeke being a top ten, when players hear there own hype they get selfish, its human nature of self entitlement and thats what would kill this team, players taking snaps off to no get injured is what kills a team!!

Comment 10 Mar 2015


I dont think you guys need to fret yourself as to who will be the QB i got it all planned out already, 2 solutions actually. 

XBRAX plays 1st and half 2nd quarters. JT Barrett Plays 2nd and 3rd quarter while King Cardale finishes the game out by throwing 8 80 yard TD PASSES!!!


XBRAX doesnt play QB but kinda Denard Robinson at Jacksonville kinda role, throw maybe a few times but used mostly for his shiftiness out the back field. Start JT 1st half Cardale 2nd and Move TG to WR early in his career just in case he can get some work in. 


Comment 23 Feb 2015

its nice to have a recruiter so early in this class, it was lacking early on last recruiting cycle when most thought EGW would have taken on that role. Walker seems to be an all around talent that i cant wait to see suit up in scarlet and grey. As for the rest of the #true16 class, Mike Thomas gotta talk to his cousin thats an in right there, i would like to see KeyJ  in CBus. My main concern going into this year though is the Defensive Line we have to make that priority #1 in my mind, Oline 2nd, playmakers 3rd. ITS GOOD TO BE A BUCKEYE!!!!

Comment 24 Jan 2015

Might have overlooked but what about Meech? I think he could push for some time as well at RG

Comment 03 Jan 2015
IMO if anyone is used as a decoy its Jalin, with him pretty much being our go to guy, Oregon is gonna pay alot of attention to him... i think a couple Fake sweeps to back end wheel routez to dontre would be a good go to, to relax the Defense a bit
Comment 02 Jan 2015
1 solution to our problem. Keep our Defense off the field!!! long sustained drives, power runs with our stable of weapons, and yes our QB. We dont need 80 points to win this game, we just need long drives capped of by TD's. It keeps our Defense fresh, Mariota off the field and wears down the Oregon smallish D-Line
Comment 02 Jan 2015
i Knew from the moment we were announced against Alabama we would win, never once did i doubt, or get nervous about tellin everyone out here in West Virginia that Ohio State would win, and i did so without hesitation. To start out my day i watched ESPN coverage before heading to work. The very first customer i had handed me a credit card with Ohio States logo on it. Shortly after a friends dad (ichigan fan) came in and said "i hope your right about OSU winning i hate Ohio State but love the idea of the B1G taking it to the SEC". About an hour later i heard a couple of old timers talking about my Home Town of Geneva Ohio, and as i listened a litle more i heard "That Urban Meyer is from Bula, right there next to Geneva." for some unknown reasin it was just all Ohio all day at work here in West Virginia, and i took it as a sign that my beliefs were right, Ohio State was gonna beat Alabama, and sure enough thats what happened I LOVE THIS TEAM