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Comment 04 Apr 2014
wish I had cable right now then... I dont live to far from huntington here in WV, & being a pure bread OH buckeye I would have loved to see a Buckeye put a frown on some of these hillbilly faces
Comment 04 Apr 2014
Perry is no where near Shazier, the only way we get better as a whole unit in the LB spot is if we have 3 giys who make plays, Shazier was a Monster dont get me wrong, but with the weak LB play his number are inflated mostly bcuz he was the only one able to make the plays consistantly, if we have 2 or 3 guys playing at a high level & together consistantly, Shaziers departure will be felt miminally & thats what we need
Comment 04 Apr 2014
IMO Marshal is out of the race. He was supposed to be the Burner in the H, Dontre has that all in hand now, Dixon is nowe my guy to watch in the spring, passing Kwon simply because to me he has that put your head down run over 3 ppl then out run everyone else kinda mentallity & that intrigues me... Samuel will be in that Dontre spot from last year, a guy to watch but also kind of the distraction, he also doesnt seem to be a RB to me he seems more fit for a WR type of role
Comment 28 Mar 2014

Now that we have heard that he (Wilson) is taking over the Philly role, is that a done deal, like is he a sure starter now? or is just vying for that position?

Anyone else get the vibe that Bosa idolizes Tim Riggins from the show Friday Night Lights? hes got the Hair, Hes got the mean streak but in interviews he also has that calmness and looks like he just dont care to talk to the media. anyone else get the riggins vibe or am i just imagining it?

Comment 27 Mar 2014


Remember if it dont work out for him running the ball.... We could never have enough take your head off Safties

Comment 27 Mar 2014

The way i look at it is this...

we finished ranked #12 in the AP with some weaker/inconsistant teams ahead of us

South Carolina finished 4th.... that wont be the case next year when they lose Clowney, and all the seniors 

Clemson finished 8th... with Sammy and Boyd gone and its left to the younger guys... i dont see them losing less than 2 games 

UCF finished 10th ... well its UCF not likely to happen again 

Missouri 5th... well they made 1 hell of a run in the "mighty"? SEC they have DGB but he has had his ups and down and hasnt yet become the Kracken type of monster we all thought he would be yet... theyre run next year depends on their schedule, their QB play and their Defense... chances are they wont be top 10 next year... 

so id say us being Ranked top 6 would be a fair assesment to begin with. 

but then you have to look at our SOS 

Virginia Tech is a toss up, that one could help us in a blow out victory only if VT ends the season with at the most 3 losses 

Cincinnati could help as well as long as they too finish strong

PSU, MSU, TTUN are the big games we need to win those games outright and they need to play up to their own hype throughout the season, Illinois, MD, Rutgers, Sota, and Indiana are all poop shoots, those games wont mean much toward our rankings, we need to win those games by the end of the first quarter for them to help our case 

so as long as we go undefeated again were in the playoffs... if we lose 1 were most likely out of playoffs ranked 5-6 

Comment 22 Mar 2014

its hard to say... but i like Wimbush alot, TG his legs are his best weapon...but i like my QBs to throw, yuh only need a runner if the D gets passed your blockers, and Wimbush has the legs to buy his time. If we Land TG i wont be mad because he is that playmaker you want in the 4th quarter on the 20 yrd line (his legs not throwing)

Comment 21 Mar 2014

EZE GAINED 20 POUNDS OF MUSCLE!!!!! If this is true and he doesnt get injured or lose a step, enjoy him while hes here bcuz that guy is NFL Bound Junior year top 15 pick status (would be top 5 if this was the 90's)

Comment 21 Mar 2014

its not that TG isnt visiting that bothers me its that our class is so small right now and without that one guy that is our voice to recruits that were missing right now and that could huirt us in the long run, that is what bothers me

Comment 21 Mar 2014

i love the idea of Gibson, Harris, Kirk.... but Gibson in my eyes is going to take a full year (FR) to get ready for NCAA ball, reason being his reading ability and his throw accuracy, not knocking the kid but alot of his throws in his 2013 season highlights are picks on the next level, his feet will allow him to extend plays but thats only going to help so much he has go to be able to make all the throws consistantly. give him a year under a QB coach and this guy is GOLDEN. 

Comment 06 Mar 2014
I wanna say Booker will outplay McMillan stat wise, but I cant seem to get over the fact Kwon is here working & Booker isnt, Jaylyn Holmes could very well back up Noah Spence this year but Tyquan Lewis, Jamal Marcus already there I could c him redshirting & taking over as starter next year (1st all B1G Team) when Spence leaves for NFL after this year.
Comment 05 Mar 2014
Maybe Dixon outworked Dontre Wilson in the Winter Workouts? I remember Wilson had to earn it, maybe there was a number challenge between Dixon & Wilson, that lead to Dixon winning it from Wilson?
Comment 04 Mar 2014
truley sad, I was able to meet Chris & 1 of his brothers. great Family, God Bless & I aint got money vut ill be sure to keep em in my prayers... #BuckeyeNation its time to prove why were the best fan base in nation we take care of our own... Get on it
Comment 03 Mar 2014
How fast is Greene?.... TOO MANY WEAPONS BUT ONLY 1 BULLET, I want Mike Thomas on the field this year I want Dontre Wilson on the field, I want Dixon on the field, I want Samuel on the field, I want Smith too do more than run straight when on the field, I want Spencer to double his relevence on the field!! If this kid Greene is only back of the endzone talent I want him on the field...I love Meyer as a coach... do not envy his situation... never have I heard of a guy losing his marbles over trying to spread the ball around on offense... it could very well happen this year
Comment 03 Mar 2014
theres no better way to get even!!!! going into East Lansing, Cold weather, Night Game infront of the whole nation!!! everyone benefits from this game MSU gets the recruiting help they need by national recognition, OSU if wins get a signature win (assuming msu plays great d again next year) & the B1G gets exposure of possibly having a good team consistantly not named OSU... Its gotta happen!
Comment 03 Mar 2014
only 3 things missing... 2 birds to the whore, the brawl, & Marcus Halls crushing block that made everyone cringe
Comment 03 Mar 2014
pretty sure AW came in at 290lbs, pretty sure he has gotten bigger stronger faster with our weight program, I could see him getting to a healthy but deadly 305 if thats what the coaches wanted