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Comment 30 Aug 2014
To me the bedt part of the game was the end when OSU showed future soldiers a ton of respect by joining them in the alma mater leading Navy to do the same. as the in games go, this team has alot of work to be done. We wont see a rushing attack like that again all year so next week i think we will get a feel for our defense as a whole and not just our dominant defensive line. On offense im not worried about JT, though next week could be very much a nightmare if our Oline isnt improved. I think our offense will only be as good as our O-Line in the run game they didnt open up very many holes for our guys to hit and they have to pick up blitzes alot better if we dont want to start our 3rd string QB heading into MSU game. offense i grade a B- (bcuz of the Oline) Defense ill grade a B+ for this game because of how many times the pitchman wasnt covered.
Comment 27 Aug 2014
True especially for a FR. (Munger and Hill are redshirts right? cant wai to see them) but i thought Urvz said Holmes was making a run to replace Spence?
Comment 27 Aug 2014
2 things stick out to me 1. Johnny Dixon and Erik Smith are both listed 3rd String especially Dixon getting to play with "the men" early in off seson and 2nd. No Jaylon Holmes on the depth chart, thought he'd be on depth chart atleast
Comment 27 Aug 2014
i dont get it. OSU has one bad year and suddenly were our hate meter goes from 60%- 99%. What is it? we go from TP to Braxton and thats the end of good QB's at OSU? NO yeah JT is ahead of PT schedule due to Millers Injury but its not the end of the world its NEXT MAN UP! also if JT had went ti Bama, LSU or Texas A&M he'd some how be on the heisman watchlist for 2014. Wanna know how were gonna move the ball? were gonna move it the BUCKEYE WAY! Fast aggressive and every damn time we touch it! if we win out and win in playoffs nobody can ever say somthing about us again, theyd have nothing to criticize we would have done it with our backup QB. so get ready yall this year is gonna be hell in the media stand point if we win big and keep winning with our QB the media will do everything they can to try and sway any possitives from our season out of fear of us winning with a back up. just cant wait till ESPN has to shutdown for a week at the end of the year due to everyone needing surgery to remove their foots from their own mouth!
Comment 27 Aug 2014
still have yet to see EZE Sp. Teams hit, and Marcus Hall's monster block... 2 of the biggest hits all year
Comment 27 Aug 2014
common sense would lead you to believe that with our second string QB starting getting wins wouldnt be as easy as if XBraX was was starting still therefore we shouldnt drop at all in the polls for winning. BUT since were dealing with bias against the B1G id say dont pay attention to polls until BOWL WEEK because it will all be way too disapointing for anyone with common sense
Comment 26 Aug 2014
If you think about it theres not as mich seperation as media hypes would want you to believe. Somehow the Pac 12 surpassed us with 2 teams being good and faultering in big games. The SEC's top 3 teams (Bama, AU, LSU) went 1-2 in the Bowl games last year. with LSU' 7 point win over IOWA was the only win. We wont surpass the SEC this year, but gain ground we can. IF Wisky beats LSU, That would give them some credibility in the national stage. If MSU beats Oregon then People would have to recognize power in the B1G, Also the teams playing ND this year have got to get a convincing win. I'd say that at the end of the year OSU, MSU, WISKY, IOWA, NEBRASKA (PSU could be but without bowl game there nothing to show for it) will all be ranked, not trying to get too far ahead of myself here but its very possible this is the year we re-assert ourselves we all want it and we all NEED it. also the B1G's recruiting can take off after winning a few big games.
Comment 24 Aug 2014
any word on what went on? more detail into the supposed recruiting violations?
Comment 23 Aug 2014
i think he's setting up brick walls with scUM logo on them then runs through them wearing OSU gear with Headphones on with Coombs coming through them! or atleast thats what i think a Birms "sweet" definition would be
Comment 23 Aug 2014
who has been taking the most reps with the 1's Apple or Reeves? also Dante Booker is someone i could see in time getting on the 2 deep, his athletic ability and raw power would be a huge lift and energy boost
Comment 23 Aug 2014
I think were about to see a very DANGEROUS, a very HUNGRY football team! i dont care that we lost XBraX anymore (of course id rather have him in there) he will be missed on football field, but NOT on the sideline where JT will have him in his ear before every drive telling him look for this make sure you do that, that was a great job but make sure next time u make this adjustment... JT has a long ways to go to reach his possible potential vut the people around him will make it a smooth transition for him. Were gonna see alot of PISSED OFFF players this year, eith missing one player and the team gets written off all together by the national media? Im excited i have a feeling about this team that i havent had in a long while. Im glad we play Navy and Va Tech to start off the season, good competition for a young QB to get his feet wet. Also with VA techs Defense we will get to see how the young leader does under a bit of pressure and also how this Defense has improved, we might need to lean on our D in some games and with VA Techs Defense we might need to lean on our D to make the offense as comfortable as possible!!! CANT WAIT!!!!!! Also is Samuel really faster than Dontre ive heard it before but do we have clear cut proof?
Comment 22 Aug 2014
i see diamond package in our near future. Barrett with Wilson to the left Marshall to the right and Samuel behind them all for the option pitch.... ahhh the days of speed trickery galore awaits also dont be suprised if marshall does let one fly thru the air. it would catch many off gaurd and could leave others like Samuel, or Wilson wide open downfield
Comment 21 Aug 2014
i agree with everything here... i have planned to put 100 on every game this year since last season ended but with Millers injury for MSU game, "The Game" and B1G championship i will be betting 500$ considering for MSU game if they stay unbeaten Vegas could very well have us listed as underdogs there for Much higher payout with 500$ after we put them back in their place! GO BUCKS
Comment 21 Aug 2014
in my mind, losing Miller will make our team not better (of course) but could give our whole team a boost! at times last season Miller took the game in his hands and the team just coasted along. With Miller gone the whol team has to know they all need to step up their game in order to succeed, they hear all this nonsense and feel like the college world is writing them off over 1 player and to me that makes the whole team plays with a bigger chip on their shoulder than they thought they had before. last year was the chase this year its time to prove we are more than 1 player and we are thr best team in the NATION LETS GO BUCKS!!! also i cant wait to see the defense we need them more than ever in order to prove we belong in the final 4
Comment 19 Aug 2014
All im hoping for out of him is ball control and staying healthy. He isnt the runner XBraX is, SO WHAT? Who is? They say he doesnt have the arm strength that XBraX and Jones have, SO WHAT. We wont need to throw 60 yards deep if our Defense does their job. Intermediate routes will win us games. Screen Passes, short crossing routes. distributing to the TE's the whole game can open up. If we have the playmakers we think we do then they will make plays but we're gonna need the Hustle, and Determination to extend plays. This has gotta be a physical YAC Offense this year in order to be successful. Our Defense has to be the leader this year with all the inexperienced/unproven players on offense the Defense has to give us the opportunity to succeed while our Offense also goes through growing pains