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Comment 22 Jul 2014
i welcome the safety/nickel trio of Bell Burrows and Smith, Smith seems to have that ball hawking ability, i cant speak for Burrows speed but his size is monsterous and Bell seems to be on track for the next Big thing. He played great in that bowl game given the circumstances. also dont sleep on Webb and Latimore making a splash early on that depth chart.
Comment 22 Jul 2014
JUST BRING BACK MY NCAA FOOTBALL GAME DAMN IT! I CANT BELIEVE TSUN IS THE ON THE COVER OF THE LAST ONE!!! also that should be noted to recruits... "TSUN thr only school where franchises die as much as players careers"
Comment 17 Jul 2014
Dion will be traded, he cant get with being Robbin to Kyrie's Batman, how is he going to be in the locker room being the third option? or 4th option behind KLove LBJ and Kyrie? hes already stated on Twitter he refuses to come off the Bench so id wait till deadline and try to sell Waiters to Wolves before i give up Wiggy. Also ive been more impressed with Bennet in Summer League than Wiggy. Bennet kinda reminds me of a bigger Antwan Jamison and i think he will be a huge asset for us in the future off the bench behind 2T. Were starting to add vets to this team and it could be a great mix of young and old. Mike Miller, James Jones possibly Ray Allen... were slowly turning into the Miami Heat and we know how that worked out... i just hope we dont have to keep rotating bandwagon players every year ive always been a huge fan of the way the Spurs are run... they have their stars but arent shy of adding the young talent in the draft or FA and they keep the team together. Thats the way id hope the Cavs ebd up doing this... A Dynasty... not rent-a-player
Comment 14 Jul 2014
im intrigued with craft coming off our bench but If you watched the Cavs game yeaterday Will Cherry deserves a spot on the team or atleast somewhere in NBA
Comment 11 Jul 2014
im not worried about Love, we could get him next year via FA, but would we have enough Cap to sign Waiters and Thompson to extensions as well? the scenerio i see playing out is if we trade for Love we will be giving up whats left of our depth, yeah you can add Mike Miller and Ray Allen but then what? your already out Jarrett Jack (back up PG) and Tyler Zeller (starting Center) now were trying to trade our James Harden like 6th man and another back up rotation guy in Anthany Bennett who was a #1 pick with tons of potential (heard he slimmed down and is more athletic and stronger now) so he could be a big piece off the bench. you get rid of those 2 guys and were in the same boat as Miami was last year a good starting 5 with old ring chasers coming off the bench to just do nothing... you can say definitively that Depth was an issue back in 2008-2010 when were contending and definitely say Miami lost in finals due to depth problems last year, we dont need thos problems again... stay on the path we are on we built a core now keep the core together adding LBJ is great but you cant trade everything you have to please him right away we cant afford to and he said it himself in his letter "we wont win championships right away" "im going to be an old head im going to mentor these younger players" OBVIIOUSLY the guy knows what he was doing when he chose Cleveland and obviously he likes the players already here. alow him to hrlp this team grow dont kill everything weve done so far bcuz essentially your setting yourself up for failure in the long run... keeping Waiters and Bennett is crucial it allows for scoring off the bench and Bennett could essentially allow Jamed to rest
Comment 08 Jul 2014
i always see it this way 1. Hate ichigan but respect and appreciate ichigan w/O that great rivalry the tradition wouldnt be as great as it is now for us.there would not be a woody 10 year war and the B1G wouldnt have been precieved as thr best conference (before we lost to florida which is when the SEC "took over") Woody hated ichigan but respected Bo. And when it comes down to it OSU cant live in the B1G w/o ichigan being a top team simply bcuz without that rivalry being at the top OSU will always be considered good team in bad conference and gets hammered for it national media wise, but when ichigan is on top ala 2002? when it was ichigan 1 OSU #2 It was dubbed game of the century. When ichigan is on top thats what we get. and thats what we need. though i do remember b4 last years "GAME" espns poll showed that the college world has not forgotten the rivalry when 70% of voters voted "The Game" as best rivalry in all of sports beating Lakers Celtics and Yankess BoSox
Comment 25 Jun 2014

all you gotta do is look at the last 2 drafts. Dion Waiters was outta shape for his workout, AB was out of shape and overweight for his workout. and now Parker is out of shape and over weight... THANK GOD we gotta new GM this year or else we would get the first overweight outta shape guy that walks through the gym doors

Comment 24 Jun 2014
Wiggins is a lockdown defender who will be able to play off the ball bcuz early on he will be forced too. His Offensive side is better than craft and has the size advantage going up against 2's draft craft 2nd round and allow him to come off the bench and gain expirience in D League
Comment 24 Jun 2014
Your good with your money and cap analysis I wouldn't let Andy go unless thereß a good sign Bennett is 1000xs better than last year also Craft will never play the 2 or be a starter in the NBA hes an energetic defensive player off the bench which isn't a slight against Craft but true and its not a bad thing. Secondly With embiids surgery he isn't not worth taking that early and if Lebron comes back there's no need for Parker either Wiggins can make the case to play the 2 spot early on bcuz of his defense and his ability to get to the rim. But id rather have Irving and Lebron being my guys to get to the hole and would rather have a spot up shooter at the 2 spot so for me Wiggy is out as well making me lean more toward the Jazz trade where Jazz get: #1 pick and Jarrett Jack Cavs get: Alec Burks, Derrick Favors and #5 pick
Comment 21 Jun 2014
THANK YOU!!!! Finally something about this guy! I've been kinda on the iffy side for the cavs hiring him but now I'm a little more confident in him, his talk of teamwork and leading, its what the cavs need most. They don't play as a team, they have no leaders do hopefully this guy instills it in these players.
Comment 20 Jun 2014
I have yet to be "impressed" with Braxton on the level of most people on here TP I always trusted to get the first down either leg or arm he was a QB I liked a lot, braxton on the other hand I close my eyes when ever he scrambles now bcuz I'm waiting for another injury. I also think TP would have got the crutial first against MSU this year bcuz he had the power to extend. I'm not bashing Braxton, I thinks hes been great but yet to win a bowl game, lost in B1G championship he has yet to win that clutch game at the end. Hes gotta step up this year
Comment 18 Jun 2014
I'm from Geneva, Its right next to Urban Meters Ashtabula and not to far from CLE and I hate it when people smash on that City their really are a lot of great people in that city and the sports fans their are unbelievable if your teams lose year in and year out and still have the whole city going for you its unreal, yeah the economy their has taken its toll but money don't make a city
Comment 18 Jun 2014
We take as much as possible!! Bennett, Spence, Washington, Miller gone after this season potentially, Bosa next year. You need to keep adding top end talent and establish depth this year. Take as much this year take Nick Boss next year then u can slow down on D line recruiting
Comment 18 Jun 2014
He is definitely some I overlooked when it came to him and lattimore but the I watched videos of this kid after he comitted and I was amazed!!!! I can't wait to see a backfield of Bell, Smith, Lattimore, and Webb!! Maybe as soon as next year? SILVER BULLETS ON THE COMEBACK Smith the Sniper!!!
Comment 09 Jun 2014
Whats our chances with Holland? Toliver loves OSU, the Heart wants what the Heart wants
Comment 09 Jun 2014
I too fell into the group saying, Who? then I looked at his offer list & thought Why? Then I read this article & saw "im coachable" & thought oh thats why! with this kid coming from highschool football deadlands, a big school like OSU can motivate that kid & push him past his "potential ceiling" if he comes in works his butt off & soaks in everything the coaches teach him, he wont be a starter till maybe year 3, but if that kid doea his due dilligence & works hard hes the kind of kid that cab flourish & pass all expectations, tho now it might seem as he could just be a practice guy, if this kid gets motivated & is coachable as he says, we could be getting the biggest Gem player of this class, Depth is still needed on this team, he provides it fron the start
Comment 09 Jun 2014
Does Iowa become relevant if they beat LSU in a Bowl game last year? (which they almost did) Teams like Scum, Iowa, Nebraska need to step up in order for the B1G to gain respect as a 2nd to close 1st best confetence, for years the SEC fielded bad teams, but BAMA, LSU & AUB kept winning & now theyre the best conference? once UM, NEB, IOWA find their identities again would that make us the best conference? I have confidence that very soon we will have respect again. OSU needs to win Bowl Games MSU needs to keep it up, follow up a great season with an equally as good ptoduct. UM- needs leadership, they have none & thats why they cant win, they gotta ship but no captain. PSU- SANCTIONED, but have good youbg prospects with an energized coach... they will be fine WIscy- they have the coaches, maybe the talent, but that Defense gotta get better as well as a few aspects of their Offense, which Im sure will be fine. IOWA- Tgey almost beat the mighty SEC' Top 3 program, that Defense needs to keep growing & they will be a top 10 D, their offense needs an identity, after that happens tgeir a top 15 team NEB- not sure how to improve them, maybe dupt tape on pelinis mouth? overall we have the potential to reclaim the Conference Throne, The SEC have 3 consistant teams, BAMA LSU, AUB & UF has been nothing sine UFM left em, our teams need help but their not helpless the B1G is on the up & come up again
Comment 09 Jun 2014
from Boom to MCDOOM!!! damn that guy has the ultimate comic book name
Comment 09 Jun 2014
if he ever wants to start, especially if he is getting outworked, put him in Bosa's back pocket & make him shadow a really hard worker!! Tre has gotta step it up he has the potential but potential doesnt get you on the field
Comment 09 Jun 2014
"ISAAC TO THE 20 THE 25 THE 40 WAIT HES RUNNING THE WRONG WAY," "No hes not Bob hes going exactly where he wants to go, away from those Buckeye Linebackers." "Live to fight another day Bob, another Day" haha just someone else to lose miserably in "The Game"
Comment 09 Jun 2014
Sadly I hope LBJ comes through, its well known LBJ is a huge Buckeye fan & if he had to.play college he woulda been a Buckeye, as a Cavs fan & A Buckeye Fan I am split on LBJ & anything he does for OH, I dont trust the guy, I dont like the guy but if he helps my Buckeyes I will love hin for it VJ King needs to be Scarlet & Grey
Comment 09 Jun 2014
Tatgate was the dumbest thing ive ever heard of, its their personal property, no law against selling persobal property & I nvr held anything against the 5 or the vest, UNTIL Pryor showed up in that car, to me it was all in bad taste, & rubbed me the wrong way