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Comment 29 Nov 2015

If Bama or Clemson lose, then the committee will be put in a hard decision, either stay true and prove that the top 4 teams get in, or prove that it a conference champions playoff, it will happen at some point in History, wouldnt it be the biggest statement in this century that the lowly B1G won the first Playoff in history then followed that up with 2 teams in the playoff?

Comment 29 Nov 2015

4 teams is just right, if u start expanding everyone and there momma who gets left out will cry, and whine till they get those 2 extra playoff seeding because their team is always good but for some reason keeps getting left out. 4 teams is right. If the layoffs keep expanding we might as well throw them out have 2 superconfrences and have the conference chmaps play the championship, but that would be horrible, teams know if they wantthe championship then they need to win in the regular season, if you win your in if u dont you wont. 

Comment 28 Nov 2015

Agreed but, I think Okie State needs to beat Oklahoma. Clemson can stay up at 1


2.Bama needs to lose to AU, or Florida

3. Oklahoma needs to lose to okie state

4. Iowa loses to MSU

5. MSU

6.ND loses to Stanford

7. Baylor lost to TCU


9.Stanford beats ND, loses to USC

New rankings 

1. Clemson 2. MSU 3. Florida 4. OSU

Comment 04 Nov 2015


Comment 03 Nov 2015

Yeah Roll (the) Tide 52 YARDS THROUGH THE HEART OF THE SOUTH... What happened when OSU was disrespected let Bama win LSU will just trade spots with Bama... OSU rolls over Bama and LSU, whats the SEC narrative then? Last year bama was concerned with NFL draft... SEC-stand in front of the mirror and start practicing your excuses

Comment 03 Nov 2015

If Ohio legalizes weed today open a Bakery next to a pot shop EVERYONE WILL LOVE COOKIES

Comment 03 Nov 2015

He was drafted as a flash pick to sell tickets, The Browns seem anti Offense almost, they draft oline after oline but then think thats all they need! They are against playmakers

Comment 03 Nov 2015

Sell coookies!!!! Also... Open a Bakery, a sub shop and a sports bar and grill. It has all the necessities, Beer, Burgers, Wings, Nachos, Sports, girls and Cookies

Comment 03 Nov 2015

Nothin is better than Andy Grifith show there will never be a better comedic duo on tv that worked so well. Tho the show took a huge hit when Barney left

Comment 02 Nov 2015

I might be to old for christmas wishes... BUT DAMN LET US LAND 2 OF THESE DT's. I think its just as important for Bosa and Cooper to do a little bit of relationship building with these guys as it is for coach Johnson and Meyer.  Mique, Jackson, and either lawrence to fill out this class!!!!!!!!!!! Or both or all 3 any combination is fine im not picky

Comment 30 Oct 2015

If walker stays we will be set for next 5 years on offense. We have an abundance of QBs lined up for the future, Mike Weber taking a red shirt? Then on top of that 3 of the top 10 RBs, with Walker, McCall and Williams, McCall being my favorite. Austin Mack, with Binny Vic... The future is looking brighter with each name!!! Hell Im pretty sure McCall will be the Hback role like Samuel is now only id think he gets more carries as a change of pace/speed back  Than Curtis does now. We might have to incorporate a 2 Back package soon to utilize the incoming talent!!!

Comment 23 Oct 2015

If we could land either of the Lawrence's and Antwuan Jackson.... that would be the wettest of wet dreams as far as dream D-Line Class goes, along with Barrow, Lil Bear Bosa, and Coop we would be well set as far as D-Line goes. Although i dont see that dream happening Rashard visited us (according to 247) on the 17th and i aint heard or seen anything as to how that went. It was an early visit considering we were never really a leader in his top list, and the schools considered his "Leaders" are getting O.V's at a later date, so i dont see that happening unless word gets out that he was blown away. Dexter Lawrence is visiting for the MSU game which is Huge but it could be that he wants to just be there for a big game,  I know it Urban Meyer and i know he is a crootin genius but really there hasnt been alot going on on the surface with the Lawrences. Were Neck and Neck with Auburn for Jackson, that could go either way but if we dont land him where do we go from there? i know Barrow been kiilin it before getting injured but 1 guy wont fix depth issues were going to have, especially if he cant stay healthy. We really need to sell our program when they get to campus and sell them that if they join it will be the most dominant D-Line in the country until they all go to the NFL after year 3. Fingers Crossed!!!

i see the class rounding out with 

Jackson 4* DT, Binny Vic 5* WR, Mique Juarez 5* OLB, and Maybe? Nigel Warrior 4* DB 

Comment 12 Oct 2015

I think with the loss of Devin Smith we now understand how important it is to have that deep threat, i was able to watch The Elite 11 games or whatever that 7 on 7 tourney was but all i know was Binny Vic was the go to guy, and he didnt dissapoint he was fun to watch... I think Binny Mack would be a great duo to grab in this class, along with the Other outside playmakers, like a Demario McCall, Kierre Hawkins (who i think would play a Hybrid TE-WR role) this could be a best Playmaking class Urbz has had. 

side note i was on Bucknuts and they saying Rashard Lawrence "Has Big (and Good) News" any idea what thats about?

Comment 12 Oct 2015

ok anybody remember in Hairballs first years in SF where he back slapped the Lions HC and it turned into a thing?.... What happens if he does the same thing to UFM? 

Comment 12 Oct 2015

If you have a good defense, with a strong running game, your typically gonna win or have a chance at winning (i.e OSU 3 game run last year). Leonard Fournette is putting up Astronomical numbers, 1022 yards on just 119 carries for and average of 8.6 yards per carry and 12 touchdowns. Bo Jackson came out recently and said Fournette is a better RB than he was in college, thats a special kind of player and if he keeps it up throughout the year he will be charted as 1 of the top 5 greatest RB seasons of all time, im not a fan of LSU but a player of that caliber i find it hard to not be a fan of his. Also in College you can lack in the passing game if that QB doesnt turn the ball over, which Harris hasnt done (yet) also they have guys out on the wideouts that can make plays if you zone in on the run, with Malachi Dupree and Travin Dural. I expect them to win the SEC and if we win out like we should, That Championship game will be a hell of a lot tougher matchup than Oregon was. Bosa, Diesel, and The Chef Kwon, vs. Fournette sounds 1 sided but if would be really fun to watch 

Comment 11 Oct 2015

Me Personally i would have 3 B1G teams in the top 10 right now, OSU-2 MSU- 5 scUM- 8 

and from what i see right now 

1.LSU /2. OSU./ 3. Baylor/ 4. Utah 

but i dont see Utah or Baylor staying perfect so of course they would be out, also LSU may need some work but i do think they have the best player in the country at RB, Thank God he went to LSU and not that whore up north 

Comment 11 Oct 2015

Me n My brother go over this for the last few years hes in the Ichigan always suck club... but in honesty what made the Greatest rivalry in Sports "The Game" was the fact that they were top 2 teams that absolutely hated each other as well as respected each other, The 10 Year war, the Upsets when 1 team was the underdog and stopped the other from going on to win championships, to 2006 (or 07) being the height of the rivalry #1 vs. #2 only to win last second. To today's rivalry that really outside of the 2 teams didn't really get the recognition, now you have people creeping in and saying the Iron Bowl is greatest Rivalry game of all time or the red river battle (or whatever they call it) NO it has been and always should be Ohio State and Michigan "The Game". but because Ichigan has been a shit fire the last 5 years it doesn't have the edge to it, i mean yeah its good to beat on them, but its better to beat them when they have set goals in recent years we been beating a team that just hopes to be bowl eligible imagine beating them again when they have Playoff Hopes.  I get excited knowing that our biggest threat is Ichigan, that if Hairball stays there it could be a 10 2.0 year war that i get to live through and witness all those Ichigan tears when we win and go for 2 because we cant go for three. Bring back those Glory days that really if you think about it, made OSU and Ichigan what they are today, we might not be looked at the same if wasnt for this rivalry, kids joined our school just to be apart of that traditional game, it should matter that Michigan is a good team because beating a good Michigan team breaks there hearts more than a game where they (The Fans) go into it knowing they have a 99% chance of losing. with that said

3 straight Shutouts.... AND MICHIGAN STILL SUCKS