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Comment 1 hour ago
i see diamond package in our near future. Barrett with Wilson to the left Marshall to the right and Samuel behind them all for the option pitch.... ahhh the days of speed trickery galore awaits also dont be suprised if marshall does let one fly thru the air. it would catch many off gaurd and could leave others like Samuel, or Wilson wide open downfield
Comment 18 hours ago
i agree with everything here... i have planned to put 100 on every game this year since last season ended but with Millers injury for MSU game, "The Game" and B1G championship i will be betting 500$ considering for MSU game if they stay unbeaten Vegas could very well have us listed as underdogs there for Much higher payout with 500$ after we put them back in their place! GO BUCKS
Comment 22 hours ago
in my mind, losing Miller will make our team not better (of course) but could give our whole team a boost! at times last season Miller took the game in his hands and the team just coasted along. With Miller gone the whol team has to know they all need to step up their game in order to succeed, they hear all this nonsense and feel like the college world is writing them off over 1 player and to me that makes the whole team plays with a bigger chip on their shoulder than they thought they had before. last year was the chase this year its time to prove we are more than 1 player and we are thr best team in the NATION LETS GO BUCKS!!! also i cant wait to see the defense we need them more than ever in order to prove we belong in the final 4
Comment 19 Aug 2014
All im hoping for out of him is ball control and staying healthy. He isnt the runner XBraX is, SO WHAT? Who is? They say he doesnt have the arm strength that XBraX and Jones have, SO WHAT. We wont need to throw 60 yards deep if our Defense does their job. Intermediate routes will win us games. Screen Passes, short crossing routes. distributing to the TE's the whole game can open up. If we have the playmakers we think we do then they will make plays but we're gonna need the Hustle, and Determination to extend plays. This has gotta be a physical YAC Offense this year in order to be successful. Our Defense has to be the leader this year with all the inexperienced/unproven players on offense the Defense has to give us the opportunity to succeed while our Offense also goes through growing pains
Comment 19 Aug 2014
all we need out of JT this year is ball control, just minimize turnovers and stay healthy. The biggest test will be Nov. 8 against MSU hopefully he can stay healthy and grow each game before then. This will be one heck of a rollercoaster ride for him especially if that OLine isnt settled. We need our defense to step up more than ever and we need our vets on offense to guide him and make things easier, its never easy replacing a starter but we gotta make it easy for the youngster, bare with him, dont lose hope because there will be growing pains.
Comment 17 Aug 2014
Good to see Jaylyn Holmes and the others becoming true Buckeyes on the field, im excited for what Holmes may be able to learn behind our starters this kid has mad potential.
Comment 15 Aug 2014
i kept "The Game" out of it bcuz i wasnt talking regular season games the last game is what people remember and its bowls that people want to acknowledge. I do include the Gator Bowl because of how badly everyone played but it was a Championship Bowl Game, you dont think Braxton doesnt remember those games? or The Gator Nation somehow forgot about that game? he has yet to win a championship in both B1G and Nationally, im sure if he wins the NC this year it will mean more to him than anyone because he hasnt had that success yet. Im not saying hes no good im stating it would mean more and give him that level of accomplishment that hes missing.
Comment 15 Aug 2014
I went with Bennett because i see him as our defensive leader more than anyone else. he has depth behind him, but u cant replace leaders by filling out a depth chart
Comment 14 Aug 2014
"SEC" "Dominated" that last decade of the BCS. This is our time if we win this first playoff we will be considered on Top. im saying National Championship or Bust for this year. Winning that playoff will mean more to us than any other team this year because it would prove our stance in the Country isnt based on a "weak B1G" plus i think our QB needs it the most X-Brax is 0-3 in The Big Games (2 bowls and the B1G Champ.) if he wins this playoff it will prove to the nation that he can win and can be more than a glorified RB. on a side note i think this playoff will also help our B1G become more prominent our teams need to step it up but proving ourselves on the national stages will blow peoples mind!
Comment 14 Aug 2014
I Love all Cleveland sports with everything i got! That said Browns winning would be more special but i dont see them winning much of anything this year compared to thr Cavs, the Cavs will win one before the Browns the Browns still need an Offense they should have top 10 defense this year but with Flash Gordon out for the forseeable future its hard to see that offense score enough to win the big games, we should be improved but i still see a top 10-12 pick next year. no slight against Gilbert but Sammy should have been our pick
Comment 14 Aug 2014
"The Chef" wil be cookin this year!! (kinda off-topic) but anyone hear anything bout Jaylyn Holmes and if he has a shot a the 2 Deep? hes been someone im excited about
Comment 13 Aug 2014
yeah a pro style QB is a change of pace but with all the speed and talent were gathering we wont need to have a 4.40 speed guy behind Center. Also with a good offensiveline if a play breaks down he wont scamper for 30 yards but still will be good enough for 10 plus he has alot of time to work on his speed, he wont be a 4.40 guy but let him run with the woody bands for a few years he could become a 4.7-4.9 guy which isnt anything to scoff at when your his size.
Comment 12 Aug 2014
this kid is getting all this hype purely on his ability already as a HS sophmore to be,his body growth and his cannon. Hes getting all this hype purely for potential and tge way weve seen him continue to work and learn and grow this kid is already special its purely speculation what this kid will be able to do. with that said IF HE ISNT #1 QB BY HIS SENIOR YEAR AND TOP 5 PLAYER NATIONALLY I WILL START RIOTS!!!!!!! haha GOBUCKEYES
Comment 12 Aug 2014
The only grudge i have against TP is that in the end Tressel lost his job and thts on Tress too dont get me wrong, but thats the end of my grudge TP was my favorite player to watch, he has done somthing we havent had since and that is a big game QB he was smart in his approach to the game always trying to improve his accuracy, he had the arm strength and athleticsm that was almost unstoppable i loved when we had 3rd downs because i was never nervous bout getting that 1st down he would glide past defenders like it was nothing or he would beat u with his arm or he would go downfield and catch the ball on trick plays, he was exciting to watch... i miss Tressels fundamentals and how our players always seemed to progress and play together i love Urbz but i think i would feel better if Tress came back as a team function coordinator or some made up title for him to be on our staff and around our guys development. FEAR THE VEST
Comment 05 Aug 2014
the only locks i see in that class Lecounte and Clark i say Leciunte bcuz he blows OSU up on twitter all the time and genuinely love the Buckeyes and Clark well bcuz he bleeds scarlett and sweats grey
Comment 05 Aug 2014
seeming as the conversation previous to this question is about redshirted FR. not being the same as true Freshman i hope i dont get derailed for this question but considering all the redshirts from last year how many FR./ RFR. do we have on this team and gow many players do yall think will see the field for the first time this year?