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Comment 29 May 2015

I thought the participation BS was a dumb idea for little leagues... after this every school who wants to inflate themselves will be doing this!! IM SICK OF THIS SILVERSPOON KINDA CRAP!!! If i was one if them players id throw it away immediately why get reminded everyday of the worst ass whoopin in your life, and wear a  ring you dont deserve?

Comment 21 May 2015

Herman has my vote for Next man up... unless we can do something to keep Meter here as long as JoePa at Penn State. 

Comment 18 May 2015

as long as the defense builds upon what they did in the last 3 games and not take a step back... we will be on beatable plus with QBGEDDON u can make every coach on the schedule have to gameplan against 3 completely different QBs with different skill sets

Comment 14 May 2015

Hey Birm any word on Prince Sammons? 

call me crazy, really my dream class could only come from a crazy guy. We have 3 RB's comitted in this class atleast one of them should move to HBack/Slot (lookin at you George Hill)  We have 1 WR in Kierre Hawkins who I see as a WR/TE Hybrid much like Funchess if he were to gain 15lbs. so thats 4 Playmakers already committed! and to add onto that I want NCM, Mack, and Mitchell (Mitchell i see as a Michael Thomas mold) THATS 7 PLAYMAKERS ADDED ONTO WHAT WE ALREADY HAVE IN PLACE!! Now thats crazy but could it be Possible? sure if they love hard work and competition! Now to the D-Line which is my favorite section of the defense bcuz i believe they are the tone setters to any defense. With 3 Dlineman already Committed with Hall, Cooper at DE and Barrow at DT I think we could stand to add 3 more! and we should considering who leaves after this year plus were already just a wee tiny but on the thin side when talking about Depth Charts. I want to Add DT Gary, DE Bosa, DE Sammons who i see as an Adulphus Washington type player and can play both inside and out, But ultimately i want him on the inside. Him and Gary on the Inside WOULD BE CRAZY!!! so all in all BEING A BUCKEYE IS FACKING AMAZING!!                 short version-  Throw in NMC, Mitchell, Mack, Gary, Bosa, Sammons and call up the committe and tell them to just start printing our names out on the next 5 championships

Comment 12 May 2015

It should be Cardale starting, ive said this numerous times, simply because u can get JT back a year later, XBRAX should be HBack bcuz of his shoulder. and also do you really want to take away potential 1st round to top ten Grade away from Jones in the draft? the media would kill us for it and if he does start it would be a HUGE positive in our direction in the media and therefore recruiting as well

Comment 12 May 2015

Why not take all 3? we can cherry pick right? Hell if say Mitchell doesnt pan out at WR (which i dont see happening) put him at Safety. BUT since theres talk of 2 Hands down id take the combo of Mitchell and Mack. Mitchell has great size, Mack is a playmaker, they both are difference makers. What i saw in their highlights was 2 guys fighting iff defenders and driving through people for that extra yard and i love it.            Give us Mack, Mitchell, Gary, Bosa, the sprinkles on top and call it the best class in the Nation.

Comment 07 May 2015

Ive said it before, I think starting Cardale Jones this year is the best decision for Urban Meyer this year from 3rd string to winning Natty to starting and being a possible top 10 pick, it would get so much attention nation wide, and show possible recruits that competition and hard work really does make you better, and that they can come in compete and make a difference no matter what slot they are on depth chart.

BTW Cardale to Cleveland over everything no matter what.

Comment 03 May 2015

I think Cardale does get the starting nod this year. It would bring alot of National attention with the great backstories of him almost being out of the program, and being a 3rd string to winning the championship. But most importantly it would show that Urban Meyer really does want whats best for his players, i.e If 12-Gauge does 12gauge things all year long, he could be a top 3-5 pick in next years draft. Braxton wont be and u can get another year with JT. That message of Urban Meyer really does care, all the media stories on top of winning, I think would help recruiting that much more, plus all the coverage on the draft for the kids who want to go pro seeing Cardales story play out being drafted top 5 might sway kids that much more, then you do it again the following year with JT Barrett! And thats why Cardale should be the starting QB

Comment 02 May 2015

a Punter and a LS now drafted before Bennett... DO TEAMS KNOW HES AVAILABLE?

Comment 02 May 2015

Hes going to fall to The Steelers and they will draft him and chsnge the defense's name to "Steel Town Bullets" 


Comment 02 May 2015

I was ready to become a Bengals fan after this draft. Usually they screw it up so badly u just think sometimes their picking a name out of a hat. THIS YEAR they have actually improved as a team through the draft. WOAH HOLD UP HUH? THE BROWNS DID SOMETHING NOT STUPID? I will say Erving through me for a loop but i get it. They have s plan and they executing that plan. That defense is now going to be BARKING CRAZY THEY SO STACKED, Shelton obviously brings in the type of skill to push the pocket litterally, he has the size to completely crash the middle of an offensive line leaving the opposing offense vulnerable. Orchard is a heat seeking missile, not only does he get to the QB alot but he follows the football, I think he needs to muscle up a bit but im sure he will. Duke Johnson, hes going to play an HBACK kind of role with his playmaking and catching ability which we were lacking from the backfield, that rotation is gonna be unfleek! plus he is a return man which we lack. And lastly Xavier Cooper i fully expect to play DE in the 3-4 scheme with Taylors production on the edge and his injury you hsve got to move him back inside when healthy and let him rotate with shelton. Its clear what the Browns are foing and i love it, they are building this team from the Lines. With good lines you get better production, its not a playoff team yet but if we keep grinding, were just a good QB away from making a run 

Comment 01 May 2015

He isnt a suspect in that case, His Pregnant Ex GF was murdered in her home, they got the baby alive and they want a praternity test to determine if he is the father. From what ive read anyways 

Comment 30 Apr 2015

Note* if Kevin White or Devante Parker is there you take them no hesitation, but i dont think they will be.  White to Jets, Parker to Vikings.

12. Andrus Peat OT Stanford.                               Its the Browns so i expect them to reach a bit here and Brown it up. Not a bad player, they want to move Schwartz inside this lets them do that. 

19. Brashad Perriman WR                             I know a mock draft is supposed to be your dream draft but for several years ive dream drafted and came out yelling at everyone, speed guy good size questionable hands

2nd Round- Eli Harold OLB                           Good rushing guy disrupts alot in the backfield. Could be best player taken by this Browns Mock Draft

3rd Round- Brett Hundley QB                       Johnny Rehab is horrible start grooming a decent QB  

4th Round- DE/DT

5th round- Jeff Heurman TE

who cares bout rest, all i know is im probably gonna end this draft as a Bengals Fan

Comment 22 Apr 2015

if im Urban Meyer to motivate these players to not get complacent and get them hungry i walk into that lockerroom and say "Men take out your championship rings, look at them, love them... NOW HIDE THEM DONT PUT THEM ON ANYMORE THOSE ARE NOT YOUR RINGS! THOSE RINGS ARE FOR THE 2014 BUCKEYES WE ARE NOT THE 2014 BUCKEYES THAT WAS LAST YEARS TEAM THIS YEARS TEAM IS NOT THE SAME YOU ARE NOT CHAMPIONS...yet the 2015 Buckeyes are not champions yet, the 2015 Buckeyes have alot of work to do before they can call themselves champions lets go out there and if you workout like champions, practice like champions, study like champions, then maybe you too will be champions." 

Comment 20 Apr 2015

call me old fashioned but as the old moniker states "defense wins championships" and we proved that with this last years title run. Thats why i love reading about defense recruiting and i really really really want Gary and Nick Bosa add that to Hall, Cooper and Burrows and call it a haul. DO ANYTHING YOU GOTTA DO TO GET GARY (legally of course) flash your ring, boast about being the firat ever national champions in playoff era, boast the fact that if your a Buckeye you have atleast 100,000 supporters right there rooting for you in just a scrimmage idc GET EM also why hasnt Bosa committed and steppes in to help recruit?