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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Ron Lewis making a three-pointer off a Xavier missed free throw to send the game into overtime.
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Comment 29 Aug 2012

Shazier's middle name is Dean i believe. I think one of the staff abbreviated his name to RDS, and someone jokingly called him Ryan Damn Shazier. It's just stuck since then.

Comment 01 Aug 2012

Yeah, if we can get 5-8 years out of him it will be great. My initial comment was meant to be in jest. Not sure how well I portrayed that. Oh well :)

Comment 01 Aug 2012

I'm not saying this wasn't a great article, but I think the most important thing we can take from this is that Urban Meyer will coach OSU for 20 years. Write it down folks.

Comment 07 Jun 2012
How many years would he be able to play for us? If he can only play two or three years, Urban must believe he can come in and start right away.
Comment 06 Jun 2012
Welcome back Kyle. Can't wait to hear your writing style as a newer visitor.
Comment 09 Apr 2012
For some reason black just seems to make the team look more intimidating. I would like to see the team bring it out maybe once a year for a night game or something. I seem to remember a Roger Federer quote in which he said he would wear black shirts just for that reason.
Comment 25 Mar 2012
I believe the game ball definitely should have gone to Lenzelle. He starts the game 0-4 and not to mention the stitches, and ends up 1 point behind Sully with 18, and made quite a few really clutch shots. There is no way regular season Lenzelle even attempts another shot after starting 0-4. Huge props to him and his obvious confidence. This team needs that outside shooter.