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Comment 03 Dec 2014

I'm really ok with it, especially since it's not Ferenz.  I don't care what anyone says, but Urban Meyer should never lose a game with the talent around him. If you look at it realistically, we are on our 3rd string quarterback and still in the national championship picture.  Could you say that about Minny? Or any other program B1G or otherwise? Name one position where our back up wasn't a higher recruit than Minnesotas? That is called an embarrassment of riches. Where we are right now is the bare minimum to be expected out of this storied program based on quality of players recruited. 8-4 for MInny is an astonishment. 

No one grows up anywhere south of Minneapolis and dreams of playing for the golden gophers. I'm actually amazed that Jerry Kill was able to string back to back 8-4 seasons together in the hellhole that is Minnesota. Their 2013 recruiting class was the worst in the B1G, and until this year they haven't even had a 4 star prospect in recruiting since 2010!

Saying Urban should have won it is like saying one of Sam Walton's children are the most deserving of Billionaires over someone like Bill Gates.  The Walton's inherited their fortune.  Bill Gates built his from nothing.

I'm not saying Urban is a bad coach, just saying that Jerry Kill did more with less, and that is why he was rewarded.

Comment 02 Dec 2014

Isn't a white elephant supposed to be a horribly funny gift? A corded phone always works well.

Comment 01 Dec 2014

A little surprised that the Tressel playbook didn't have 4 sections devoted to Dave 

I was thinking the same thing! 2002 must have been pre-Dave. 

I guess the only thing left for the team to do is go out and win the whole damn thing for my man KK!

Comment 21 Nov 2014

No I'm not...the people who serve and allow me to be free to watch Buckeye Football are the good men and women. I'm just a guy who's fortunate enough to be able to take the $160 hit and not cry too much about it knowing it was for an excellent cause.  It will make a good lesson for my son when he's old enough to understand.  I'm just glad they can go to someone worthy of being in the hallowed ground of Ohio Stadium.

Comment 21 Nov 2014

I served in the Marines from 06-10, twice to Afghanistan, i'd love to get these for my brother who is a veteran as well and never had a chance to go to a buckeyes game

OORAH Marine! Tickets Secured!

Email me at jleiwig at woh dot rr dot com and we'll get you the tickets somehow.  I'm at work now and the tickets are home in Monroe. 

Comment 21 Nov 2014

Poor planning. He must have conceived the child sometime in January-February....after football season

March actually, and the dang ankle biter came early.  He was to be born in the dead period between the _ichigan game and the bowl game! Trust me..I planned my wedding around Buckeye Football, you think I didn't plan the kid the same way?  

I'm still waiting to hear from Military people in the Dayton/Cinci area...My discount is really good for you!  

Comment 21 Nov 2014

Anyway, despite being a soldier in the Army myself, I feel that my sister is an excellent candidate for this generous offer you are proposing.  Thank you for this amazing gesture.

Are you in the area?  If you want to go with them I've got two tickets to tomorrows game I'll donate to you.

Comment 21 Nov 2014

If you think turkey is too dry you need to try brining. Trust me

 And spatchcocking it.  Alton Browns Brine, plus Serious Eats Food Lab Spatchcock Herb Roasted turkey recipe and you are the Marionaire of Thanksgiving. 

Comment 17 Nov 2014

Congrats!  I know exactly how you feel.  It took us 6 years of suffering through the most degrading appointments and treatments and lots of money, watching all our friends get pregnant and have kids.  It was easily the hardest thing we've had to endure in our marriage, but we have a beautiful son who turns 1 next week.  He and I watched our first tOSU game together when he was less than 48 hours old....Well we sort of watched, and sort of napped.  We are having a Buckeye tailgate birthday party for him next weekend. 

Comment 14 Nov 2014

t's really Rinaldi, photo-bombed by the Heisman, being photo-bombed by Kiffin, being video-bombed by Saban Satan.

 There...fixed that for you

Anyone else imagine he's on the phone to his bros saying "Don't leave my fiver hangin' brah! LOLZ!" in whatever Cali surfer frat boy douche bag voice you want to come up with?

Comment 14 Nov 2014

Jim Tressel is proud of Jerry Kill and the quantity of "and so forth" s in that interview...

I knew he was a good guy, but this just pushed Jerry Kill over the top in my eyes.  I got kinda reminiscent and misty eyed when I read a so forth from a CFB coach on 11W.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

I don't get how anyone can say that we would be undefeated if Braxton was QB this year?  Talk about scarlet colored glasses. Maybe they didn't watch the same VT game I did, but that game didn't fall due to JT's play.  Massive drops by receivers and crappy O-line play doomed that game which wouldn't have helped Braxton either and he probably would have went down hurt in the second quarter anyway after having to scramble for his life a thousand times.

We can whatif all we want until we're blue in the face, but the fact is that JT is performing at a level which I haven't seen out of an OSU QB since Joe Germaine. 

Comment 29 Aug 2014

besides GIVE IT TO HYDE, DAMMIT!!!!!! 

 That is exactly what I'm referring to.  Cooper would have rode Hyde until he couldn't get up off the field if his mojo was working it that day.  But Herman and Meyer seemed at times to be confused when their plan wasn't "going to plan" 

Comment 29 Aug 2014

Anyone else worried they schemed too much?  Herman and Meyer have shown a tendency to stick to a game plan/scheme even when the hot hand is clearly evident.  Hopefully they learned from that last year and have grown the ability to adapt and go with what is working. 

Either way I cannot wait for tomorrow! 

Comment 21 Aug 2014

I lost focus and quit reading the article half way through because it just wasn't very well written or making much sense toward a good narrative. I believe this is because you were really stretching trying to compare 40 years ago, or even 3 years ago to this season. Totally different dynamics abound. While it's good to remember history, it has about as much correlation with what will happen in the upcoming season as Desmond Howard and his preseason polls. 

Comment 21 Aug 2014

DJ has angst problems. I used to be annoyed by it, but now I love it. I suggest if you don't like it stop paying go somewhere else to get less than satisfactory Buckeye coverage.It's worth everything you've paid for it and more.

Comment 20 Aug 2014

Still, it's hard to imagine losing Miller does Ohio State more good than harm. 

The senior and Heisman hopeful was the crux of an offense that was among the best in the country last season.

No it's not hard to imagine for exactly what you stated.  Miller was the keystone of the offense, and when he was hurt or didn't come to play it showed how pathetically the rest of the offense and coaching staff had mentally and physically failed to prepare for that eventuality.  The only thing that remotely saved tOSU going from title contender to laughing stock was Mr. Smooth Jazz himself.  

I'm not saying that Braxton isn't going to be missed, because he is a once in a lifetime type of player, but I'm kind of excited to see a TEAM instead of just Braxton. That is why Urban is excited and saying that this has been the best practice since he got here.  It's human nature to throttle back a bit when you know that you have a lifeline in a player like Braxton. You don't have to run your route as perfect or as fast because you know he is magic and can make something happen from nothing.  How many times did his freakish ability to scramble save plays? You get used to that kind of thing. Now that the safety net is gone, they are all going to have to show up and finally give that 30-40 seconds of all out effort that I've heard about but have yet to honestly see from anyone other than Braxton or El Guapo on the offensive side of the ball the past two years.