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Comment 29 Aug 2014

besides GIVE IT TO HYDE, DAMMIT!!!!!! 

 That is exactly what I'm referring to.  Cooper would have rode Hyde until he couldn't get up off the field if his mojo was working it that day.  But Herman and Meyer seemed at times to be confused when their plan wasn't "going to plan" 

Comment 29 Aug 2014

Anyone else worried they schemed too much?  Herman and Meyer have shown a tendency to stick to a game plan/scheme even when the hot hand is clearly evident.  Hopefully they learned from that last year and have grown the ability to adapt and go with what is working. 

Either way I cannot wait for tomorrow! 

Comment 21 Aug 2014

I lost focus and quit reading the article half way through because it just wasn't very well written or making much sense toward a good narrative. I believe this is because you were really stretching trying to compare 40 years ago, or even 3 years ago to this season. Totally different dynamics abound. While it's good to remember history, it has about as much correlation with what will happen in the upcoming season as Desmond Howard and his preseason polls. 

Comment 21 Aug 2014

DJ has angst problems. I used to be annoyed by it, but now I love it. I suggest if you don't like it stop paying go somewhere else to get less than satisfactory Buckeye coverage.It's worth everything you've paid for it and more.

Comment 20 Aug 2014

Still, it's hard to imagine losing Miller does Ohio State more good than harm. 

The senior and Heisman hopeful was the crux of an offense that was among the best in the country last season.

No it's not hard to imagine for exactly what you stated.  Miller was the keystone of the offense, and when he was hurt or didn't come to play it showed how pathetically the rest of the offense and coaching staff had mentally and physically failed to prepare for that eventuality.  The only thing that remotely saved tOSU going from title contender to laughing stock was Mr. Smooth Jazz himself.  

I'm not saying that Braxton isn't going to be missed, because he is a once in a lifetime type of player, but I'm kind of excited to see a TEAM instead of just Braxton. That is why Urban is excited and saying that this has been the best practice since he got here.  It's human nature to throttle back a bit when you know that you have a lifeline in a player like Braxton. You don't have to run your route as perfect or as fast because you know he is magic and can make something happen from nothing.  How many times did his freakish ability to scramble save plays? You get used to that kind of thing. Now that the safety net is gone, they are all going to have to show up and finally give that 30-40 seconds of all out effort that I've heard about but have yet to honestly see from anyone other than Braxton or El Guapo on the offensive side of the ball the past two years.

Comment 08 Aug 2014

Oh I'm not soley blaming Fickell, but since he's really the only one left who ever gets to speak to the media, it's where my short term rage goes when rewatching games where we just arm slapped a guy and expected him to fall down for the past three years. To be honest if it isn't fixed this year, then I'll start blaming Meyer since ultimately the buck stops with him. I was all jiggidy jiggidy excited with the Urban Meyer hire thinking we got Superman, but so far I've only seen Clark Kent. I can only wait on Superman for so long.

Comment 07 Aug 2014

I hate to say it about a great Buckeye, but as far as Fickell is concerned he'll have to show it on the field before I believe anything he says. The defense the past three years has been downright awful.  The first actual wrap up and tackle will probably make me feel better, but I need to see stout defense before this team is declared title ready.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

This was explicitly stated to my wife...no wedding during Buckeye season.  We got married right before season started.  Wouldn't you know it the little rug rat came 3 weeks early on 11/21/2013 and we'll be celebrating his birthday on Indiana game day, which of course is what my alumni tickets are for.  So we are making the best of it and having a Buckeye's themed 1st birthday party which will include watching the game from my living room. The moral of the story...it's not just weddings, it's births, deaths, national holidays, anything should not be planned or attempted from the end of August until the end of January.

Comment 27 May 2014

So for the 20 drivers that completed all 250 laps of the Indy 500 on Sunday, being subjected to upwards of 4 gs twice each lap, and turning the car 800 times which according to tests (done by I belive Purdont engineers) is equal to doing a 40 lbs arm curl each turn while being in an environment that is averaging 108 degrees for 3.5 hours  non-stop and loosing up to 10 lbs through sweating all the while going over 200 mph 2 inches above the ground isn't an athlete? But a football player who if only playing on one side of the ball may see 30 minutes of non-continous action or as Urban puts it 3-5 seconds of all out effort once every 40 seconds for an average of 80 plays is a serious athlete? Come on DJ...I thought you were smarter than that.

Comment 14 Apr 2014

Great, I just pictured Matt Hayes banging away at his keyboard with his erect jam pony. Why....WHY??!!!

You give him much more credit for length and girth than I would imagine exists in his tightie whities

Comment 30 Nov 2013

I'm extremely relieved and now extremely worried. A week ago I would have guaranteed a win against MSU.  Now after that defensive crapfest I'm not so sure. Shazier had a non-existent game, the secondary was non-existent, and the d-line played soft the whole game. The defense will need to have the game of their life to beat MSU. If the offense at all sputters next week we will not win the game.  I hope that I'm just being a negative nancy, and my fears are unfounded.  Either way TTUN tears are still delicious even if it was only a 1 point victory!


Comment 20 Nov 2013

Call me silly, but I think Roby has regressed immensely this year. I imagine he's probably dropped on a lot of draft boards. Not sure if another year would help him if he keeps regressing.

Braxton is no where near NFL ready. I don't think he's even on anyone's draft board. 

Shazier is a grown ass man and should definitely leave and make bank as the next graduate of  the real "Linebacker U"


Comment 19 Nov 2013

Definitely Hyde.  He's the only one of that group who I haven't yelled at the TV and said "What the heck are you doing!", plus I think he's handled a bigger adversity than the rest of them.  Some might say that's a reason for him not to be the team MVP, but when your a young kid and you have what some might call excessive discipline thrown at you it's a lot easier to just give up instead and believe the narrative instead of buckling down and throwing the world a big double barreled middle finger salute with your actions on the field.

Comment 06 Nov 2013

I'm thinking you posted just to use the word sugarbush in a sentence three times. :)

Some of us from the southern part of the state (me) had to google it, which I must admit I was worried to do at work. I had a different vision of the word sugarbush in my mind that what you were speaking of. I won't spoil the fun for others though. Google away!

Comment 05 Nov 2013

Definitely Oregon.  I've watched all of them play, and I'm most impressed by Oregon.  We can match well with Bama, and honestly FSU looked like a trainwreck against a horribly overrated Miami team.  Against Oregon we would need to put up at least 70 points, and I don't think we could continuously produce to stop their offense.


Comment 04 Nov 2013

Did anyone actually watch the FSU Vs. Miami game?  Honestly Michigan looks better than either one of them even with the WR QB they have.

I'm not really worried about where the Bucks fall in the equation. Remember 07 where we were sitting 5th, and everyone and their mother lost in "surprise" upsets and we were back in a NCG we didn't belong in? They all said maybe last year was a fluke and FL was really really good.  tOSU is a traditional powerhouse, smashmouth conference..yada yada yada. They travel well, let's play them in the NCG yada yada yada. Derp!

Yeah...that is why someone will leapfrog OSU regardless if they are the best team on the field or not.   tOSU ruined it's own perception, not a down B1G. The B1G wasn't down until tOSU sh!t the bed twice in a row on the national stage.

Regardless of what happens I'll still enjoy every game, and especially the sweet deliciousness of Wolverweenie tears!