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Comment 04 Feb 2016
As an OSU bball fan for many decades spanning the Ayers and O'Brien eras I have long been a Thad Matta fan, but I have to admit the lack of development, the consistent FT shooting woes, and the general malaise of late really have me questioning whether he is still the man for the job. Hate to say it, really.
Comment 23 Jan 2016

Never have quite grasped the meaning of "get dumped then, ...."  

In fact, there could probably be a whole different thread for a DJ-dictionary!     

Comment 22 Jan 2016

For all the good vibes this week, and the overall amazing recruiting OSU has done, to keep missing out on these guys (understanding all the hurdles) despite our GLARING need is a real area of concern, IMO

Comment 15 Jan 2016
The past doesn't dictate future actions, but it sure does help in the interpretation of those actions when information is incomplete, which it is here. I don't think you have any clue why OSU suddenly stopped recruiting him. However, based on past behavior and the sudden change it makes more sense to explain that something happened or information was received to make OSU change their opinion of him.
Comment 15 Jan 2016
The facts would make one think they became aware of something that made the coaches feel he wasn't worth pursuing, despite his immense talent. People keep saying the Buckeyes cooled on him because he is picking someone else, but have you ever heard that resonse regarding another player we were going after who then chose elsewhere? No, it suggests something came up to make OSU not want him, at least to me it does.
Comment 06 Jan 2016
1998 will always be the year to measure all unrealized expectations by. This season doesn't come close to that. We just won the championship last year. We have DOMINATED TTUN for over a decade. That said, you certainly can't deny that this season was a significant let down and recognize that we didn't live up to potential. I don't consider that being entitled. I still enjoyed the season and couldn't be happier to be a Buckeye fan.