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Comment 26 Jun 2016
Im totally in agreement with you here BT. I have predominantly gone to 11W for all my OSU news for over 5 years, even during my brothers brief exit before, and honestly, if it weren't for him i wouldn't follow recruiting at all. I appreciate those that continue to support him and hope people will continue to do so, but 11W is a great site and has lots of great content beyond recruiting, which makes it unique.
Comment 09 Jun 2016

Honestly folks, OSU fans need to "pump the brakes" as much as anyone in the country.  We have a crap load of talent to replace and there is an amazing amount of unpredictability in how players will develop and step up in the role of being "the man".  Yes, we have recruited well and the talent is there on paper, but that is really the only place it is.  There will be nearly 50! freshman or RS freshman on OSU's roster this fall.  That is not simply a situation where a fan base should expect to simply reload.  It does an incredible disservice to the ability of other players around the country and the conference who have developed their talent over more time.  

Now, what I have written should not be interpreted as "we WON"T" win the B1G or get to a national championship playoff, but I would certainly think it ill advised to go into the season expecting it or presuming another win over TTUN just because we stomped them last year.  

Comment 29 May 2016
Not sure I get the pitching changes. Understand trying to get L on L, but the start of that 8th inning to the bottom of their order was a complete meltdown