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Comment 27 Sep 2015

I think everybody is over critical of deep ball, yes they were underthrown like about 80 percent of deep balls thrown in the NFL. Overall thought offense play calling was solid and think we are about to explode. Now to the easy part of the season with weak Big Ten teams. Go Bucks its been a hell of run the last 15 months.

Comment 24 Sep 2015

Bottom line Barret's numbers were against Big Ten going by that Indiana has a juggernault offense. CJ is the better talent plan and simple Urban knows them better then we ever hope to, so there for its not a debate coach made his choice and has 3 titles to backup what he is doing.

Comment 13 Sep 2015

I have no idea how people in jt's corner say how smooth our offense looked. Last year if Minnesota or Penn stat had a good qb we would have had three loses. I would also say line played today like they did against VT last year when Barret threw 3 picks and Jones had 4 dropped passes today which would have made him 15 of 18. Jt can run and throw swing passes that does not win you a national championships. Also Barrets could not hit a wr for over ten yard pass in the air today

Comment 11 Sep 2015

I guess I don't understand the debate. Cardale stats are against two elite and two very good teams and then compare them to JT's  stats and  they are almost equal and his stats were are against the  likes of Kent State, Cincy and rest of the Big Ten. Give cardale these games against poor teams and his stats will be video game like. The facts are JT played against three good defense's and if two of the teams had decent qb's we would have had three losses. I truly believe if JT was our qb in playoffs we would have lost. I know our line improved but from Penn State game until playoffs they did not improve to that level. Easy E did not have over a fifty yard run till 12 gauge took over, why is that? To me its clear, we are more dominate with Cardale taking snaps and have not even had a close game with him and thats against the best, can't wait to see 12 gauge against some shitty teams. I like JT but he is not the talent CJ and that's a fact to me anyways. Downfield passing changes everything and not just that great qb's throw guys open and go back and watch what 12 gauge does and then show me highlights when JT throws somebody open. Sorry these are my observations