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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Rushing the field after the 2002 Michigan game, then watching the championship game with my father.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: You mean other than Matt Terwilliger? He's the only real choice here.

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Comment 30 Sep 2014

Greg Mattison: You're needed on the field, sir!

Brady Hoke: Knock on my door! Knock next time!

Greg Mattison: Yes, sir!

Brady Hoke: ... Did you see anything?

Greg Mattison: No, sir! I didn't see you playing with your dolls again!

Brady Hoke: Good!

Comment 11 Apr 2014

I mean, they must look at Sammy Silverman's work and feel pretty bad about themselves. (Click to embiggen.)

Michigan is panicking


Comment 26 Sep 2013

Vrabel: You were supposed to drop into coverage!

Marcus: But coach, I knew I could get to the QB.

Vrabel: Well you just triggered the Independent Thought Alarm. Now I have to ask Coombs to remove all the colored chalk from the classrooms.

[Coombs, off camera]: I warned ya! Didn't I warn ya!?

Comment 08 Aug 2013

Wait, so that specific website (ShopNCAASports.com) will no longer sell jerseys, but they will still be sold on other retail sites and stores, right? So... where will the earnings from those sales go? Back to the NCAA? 

Comment 23 Jul 2013

For Meyer: Before his arrest, Roby was being projected as the first cornerback off the board, probably within the top twelve picks of the draft. I'm curious, does anyone on the staff ever sit down with the players and explain the math to them? If you are a top ten pick, you are going to earn $X million. If you slide to pick 30, you have essentially lost $Y million. Especially after the fact? Does anyone explicitly say "Striking that bouncer probably cost you $Z million"?

I'd also be interested if you can then compare starting salaries to his fellow students. That guy over there in your dorm? He is studying graphic design and if he works hard he might start earning $30 - $40,000 right out of school. If a professional athlete can save $10 million and invest it to earn a 3% annual rate, you can afford to take a $300,000 salary every year and spend it all, without ever dipping into the original $10 million. 

Of course, life is not that simple. And I'm not saying Roby will slide that far in the draft. But this is something to think about.

Comment 16 Jun 2013

You don't have to feel guilty about enjoying Sneakers. It's a true classic. You're right about the cast: Robert Redford, River Phoenix, Sidney Poitier, David Straitharn (who also starred in another film about the Black Sox, Eight Men Out), Dan Akroyd, and Timothy Busfield (who also starred in Field of Dreams).

Comment 16 Jun 2013

By the way, I think it's one of the great travesties of our time that Phil Alden Robinson has not been allowed to make more films. His very short list of credits includes Field of Dreams, Sneakers, and the first episode of Band of Brothers. Some studio needs to give Phil some money.

And thanks for saying nice things.