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Comment 01 Dec 2016

People that post comments like that don't care that they're going to get -10.  But he's not wrong.  It's a nonsense article that is a day and half late that has been discussed a bunch already on this site in forum posts, poll questions, etc.  This is the exact kind of article you'd expect to find on ESPN or SI to generate page-clicks.  The comment comes from a place of frustration and it's not what we remember 11W used to be but obviously what it is becoming as it grows.

Comment 01 Dec 2016

Hit the quotes thing, then i copy and paste the phrase i'm quoting.  Then hit the return to add your comment.  There may be an easier way but that's what i know.

Comment 30 Nov 2016

I don't think it's up to the Orange Bowl to decide b/w FSU and Louisville.  I believe they have to take whichever is ranked higher by the CFP Committee.  The other will be going to the Citrus Bowl (though if Louisville, they have a basketball game at the same time and may try to go to a different bowl).

Comment 29 Nov 2016

Why do people not realize this

Because coaches make mistakes like Cardale over JT last year and Dontre returning punts this year, not to mention Bauserman over Braxton and Zwick over Troy.

Comment 23 Nov 2016

I appreciate you pulling this together.  Could you add a column for CFP rankings so we can compare at a glance?

Comment 23 Nov 2016

Here's the other thing.  Unless they say there is a 100% chance or a 0% chance, who is to say their model was wrong?

Comment 20 Nov 2016

Take it easy there.  It was a joke.  But to your comments, any kid that is currently picking Purdue over elite teams is doing so because they want to be specifically at Purdue; that would not change.  And i doubt Purdue is seriously out-recruiting all MAC teams as it stands now.  Scheduling logistics is a far bigger impediment to relegation than recruiting.  Also, you do know Rutgers and Maryland were added for the DC and NYC tv markets, right?

Comment 16 Nov 2016

Basically both have to win out and while Louisville plays a reeling Houston and UK, Michigan plays us.

Comment 15 Nov 2016

I've heard it talked about a lot.  But it was more of a possibility if Michigan was undefeated when it lost to OSU and OSU won the B1G.  Depending on how the other conferences worked out, there would be a strong case for Michigan.  As it stands now, for two B1G teams to make it, one would have 2 losses.  And unless a lot more craziness happens, I don't see the B1G getting two teams in the CFP when one of the teams will have 2 losses.  It will either be a 2 loss champ or 1 loss OSU in the playoff.

Comment 15 Nov 2016

I'm glad you mentioned the first play as I think that helped set up these other looks.  On the out route to Baugh, once Samuel motions out leaving an empty set, the MLB plays for the inside QB run that occurred on the first play.  Whether he forgot the OLB was blitzing or whether he misread it as a run, we'll never know.

The other thing to not gloss over is Maryland is not good.  On Samuel's 9 routes, while the DB was up in press coverage, he gave him clean releases.  I don't anticipate it'll be as easy the next two games.