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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 NC Game when Maurice Clarett ripped the ball from Sean Taylor's hands after Sean had intercepted Krenzel's pass. OMG - I went nuts! Of course, the game ended well too.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Two - the Archie Griffin and Pete Johnson 1975 tandem
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Aaron Craft - Made Ohio proud!
  • NFL TEAM: Pros... meh.
  • MLB TEAM: Yawn
  • SOCCER TEAM: USA National Teams. Sans Landon Donovan :'(

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Comment 23 Feb 2015

but once they are down 3 or 4 TDs...

So, basically you are saying by the middle of the second quarter.

The Buckeyes have been flirting with an over 50 ppg season over the last couple of years.  Nobody broke this barrier last year, but both FSU and Baylor did it in 2013.  This 2015 team may break that 50 ppg barrier.  I wonder what the over/under would be for that.

Comment 23 Feb 2015

Just watched the film for Austin Mack.  The first thing that stands out is his size - he looks like a man amongst boys when surrounded by HS DBs.  Then you see his speed, his acceleration and top end are awesome, nobody seems to get an angle on him.  Then his strength - assuming they get close enough to get a hand or arm on him -- which isn't often as the first man is typically trying to readjust his uniform as Austin breezes by -- he will simply bull right through the tackle.  This Indiana product looks like the real deal.  The 2016 class is going to be incredible.

Comment 17 Jan 2015

We need to get Urban the 2015 COY Award -- look what he's already done this year.  A nice little Sugar Bowl Victory of then #1 Alabama and a nice little National Championship over then #2 Oregon.  Do we really need another 13 Fall wins to convince us this guy is the best in 2015?

Comment 17 Jan 2015

Loving it.  "Did you out coach Alabama's coaches today?"  Yes, sir.  Yes they did.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

What a great day to be a Buckeye.  National Champions.  Wow, that felt so good I gotta do it again - National Champions.

Do you realize that we could legitimately have 4 guys on the Heisman watch list in August - and two of them won't even be starters?  This offseason is going to be serious prep for our quarterbacks to compete for that starting job.

Grats to the Oregon Ducks - they managed to score three more points in the NC Game than they ever have in a game against the Buckeyes. 9-0.

National Champions.  That never gets old.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Surreal. tOSU was on a mission tonight and would not be denied.  Incredible.  Domination reigned in the B1G Championship, the Sugar Bowl and the National Championship.  A 14 win season.  It's scary that next year the Buckeyes could actually be better.  Wow.  It's a great time to be a Buckeye.

Comment 04 Jan 2015

Couldn't agree more BC - B1G COY voting is getting silly.  Love J Kill - but Urban has been and remains the best B1G coach - period.  Please show me any other coach, ever, who can lose a pre season Heisman candidate QB and still have a good year.  And then lose the replacement who also became a Heisman contender and still compete.  Then dominate the league championship, beat the #1 team of the decade and make it to the NC Game - c'mon voters.  Also 24-0 during regular season league games over 3 years - crazy good!  For some reason tOSU expectations among voters is seriously out of whack! #getreal

Comment 17 Dec 2014

It's all about pad level - low pads win.  Throw in the techniques from a high level educator like Johnson, swim, bull, punch, and you've got yourself a monster.   Since you can't teach motor -- BOOM!  3Just watched his tape - wow, he's got a serious case of the quicks with a nice dose of nasty.  Welcome to Buckeye Nation.

Comment 12 Dec 2014

I would love to see each of these match-ups - especially if they were played at NFL stadiums in and around B1G country in December or January.  It would be nice to play a bowl game in our back yard instead of games that are essentially home games for the opposition.  Imagine Ohio State vs Alabama in Green Bay in January. (or Buffalo, Minnesota, Chicago, Indy, Philly, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburg, New York, or St. Louis...)  Vince Lombardi would be proud.