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Comment 08 Mar 2011


You just pimped Pryors name by admitting we are Cap One at best without him... yet pimp slapped him by saying you hope he never plays another down and telling him to f*** himself... 


Comment 26 Jan 2011

Drayton is a great get in a lot of ways and I really like the pickup more than who I originally heard was going to fill that role.

I think the concerns about Drayton not working with the WRs is valid to a certain extent, but I really don't think it's as big of a deal as some are making it out to be. If you think about the role that a RB plays at Florida and how much they are involved with the passing game, I'd have to believe that Drayton worked just as much as a "WR coach" as he did a pure RB coach... I don't think the Vikings are too concerned about the "WR coaching" Percy Harvin had while at Florida with a unit coach in Drayton...just a guess...???

Comment 24 Jan 2011

Good stuff Alex... 

It's kind of an odd year for the Tarblooders... At one point earlier in the year it looked like we may end up with no less than 4 of Ginn's kids, but it's been such a great recruiting year that we are able to be really selective as to who gets in and who doesn't. Not that we've really had a horrible recruiting class, but one would have to believe that in most years Jones, Tank, Wynn and Walker would all be in the class, but not this year.

I think Wynn is out and I can't see him being part of this class in any situation - no matter what. Though he is a player I really like, I think he would have ended up as another "Flash"... A kid that brings more "myth" to the internet vs. actually being productive on the field. He simply is really unlike any OSU recruit/player that I can ever really remember and I don't think we would have used him in a way he really would need to be used.

I think Jones and Sturdivant would run through a brick wall to be part of this class. You have to love kids like that, but Studivant should play with his hands in the dirt at the next level and we are set there.... I thought Jones would play more of an impact as the recruiting year went on, but I think numbers are so tight that neither make it to C-Bus. I'd love to grab one of them as a Gray Shirt... but I sadly don't see it happening.

I think we take Walker and like you said, that another great get for the class. This has the makings for a great close to a recruiting year...A position we've been in year in and year out, but this one just has a different feel to it and I think we will all be smiling come that February.

Comment 22 Jan 2011

I'll be the first to admit that I don't follow Basketball nearly as close as I do Football, but I always had high hopes for Lauderdale... but WTF is up with him? Is he hurt? It just seems like his play has regressed. I'm not saying the guy was an All American by any means, but he was a force...The fact that his nickname was Swatterdale seems like a joke anymore.

Comment 17 Jan 2011

Since landing Pryor in '08, we've had Penn State bent over the kitchen table when it comes to recruiting in their own backyard...It was Pryor in 2008 who was number 1 in the state... Corey Brown and Dorian Bell who were number 1 and 2 in the state in '09...Corey Brown was another top 5 kid in 2010...

Then add in guys like Andrew Sweat, Jordan Hall and Ejuan Price that were all top 20 kids in their class and it's almost criminal...

Comment 10 Jan 2011

Though I can't stand Fairly, the Auburn's D-Line is sick... That said, I think Oregon is much more improved than when we played them last year and they'll be able to get the ball out in space to make the Auburn pass rush meaningless and Auburn's secondary has been horrible.... add in the tempo that the Ducks play, Auburn will be reaching for the oxygen tank before halftime. 

I think it's close a good game and the score is close for the first half, but the Ducks pull away in the second...