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Comment 18 Dec 2013

What are the qualifications they take into consideration for a medical redshirt? Can anyone shed light on this? Thanks!

Comment 11 Sep 2013

OSU-31.                                                                                                                     Cal-0

Comment 22 Jun 2013

In urban I trust for sure. But why are people saying Harris was a long shot? He is very pro OSU on twitter and always rocking a buckeye twitter pic and wearing buckeye colors. Seemed to me like an OSU lean from his account. Don't get that. Never says anything about LSU on there. Isn't that really the only school he's choosing from besides us? But I trust urban and this guy seems like a great kid. Maybe the Kenny G to Harris? I mean you still go after the #1 duel threat QB for our offense right? 

Comment 13 Mar 2013

Better add disclaimer since people are outraged about my story where in it it says absolutely nothing about this is what I think happened. I don't know what happened, just saying this happens a lot and now a days girls throw out the I got raped card an aweful lot when they realize they fucked up. That said I hope that this is the case here. And mainly said the story to show not just pro or people of importance are the ones who get screwed by some money sucking low life. Hope it's the case here, if not, hope the sick rapers get 30 yrs in prison 

Comment 13 Mar 2013

I have 2 personal stories of rape and in both cases the girl reported rape for the same reason. One of them being a good friend of mine and the other a dude I went to high school with. The one from high school, it was a big party and the dude and the accuser were drunk, went into a room, and messed around/had sex or what not. She also had a bf at the time. Well after said BF finds out, and prolly her girlfriends helping her come up w a lie, she picks "he raped me", long story short he didn't at all and she admitted it finally later before court and stuff. But it totally ruined the guys rep.. This was in 1999 and people still refer to him as the rapist when talking about him. Even tho he clearly did nothing wrong. My buddy got charged w tape a few years ago. Almost exact same situation. They had SEC, after she was crying and had a friend pick her up(now before she had a serious BF the 2 had had consetual sex pry 100 times) but at this point she had a BF and her friend showed up and was also pissed at my friend. Well a day later police are knocking on his door and he is arrested for rape. About a month later, after her and her BF break up, story changes. He didn't tape me! And she moves away and leaves my friend and his family the embarrassment of a lifetime for making up the lie! No money in either case was involved. Just a stupid girl making really bad choices and practically ruining town life's to save her own ass. Sad stories 

Comment 10 Aug 2012
Can anyone answer my question about who are the top 2 O linemen for next years class from the state of Ohio? And are they favoring scUM? I live in Toledo(actually Bedford Mich,5 min walk to Ohio) so we are always arguing bucks vs scumbags, and my buddy says top Ohio lineman is a Mich lean...truth to that?!