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Comment 23 hours ago

As someone whose football career was cut short due to injury, I feel for the kid. I was nowhere near as good, but I certainly know the devastation. 

Prayers for for a speedy recovery!!!!!

Comment 19 Sep 2014

I get that it's the rules and he should follow them, but I am very much against drug testing (btw, I don't do drugs, smoke, etc.  Actually I only drink alcohol once or twice a year) and anything that I feel infringes on individual rights, as long as you aren't infringing on someone else's rights.  In the case of drugs, I think their stupid.  But, I believe people have that right to be stupid. 

Just to make more friends on this sight, I'm also against DUI checkpoints.  As with drug testing, I don't feel you should have to prove you're innocence.   I've been told by my grandparents that there used to be this thing called "innocent until proven guilty".  I've yet to see any evidence of this though.

Comment 19 Sep 2014

By that rationale, what about all the scholarship students working in medicine, laboratories, childcare, etc.  It's a ridiculous rule.  Same goes for pro sports.  What they do on their own time, as long as it's not giving them a competitive advantage, is their own business.

He is an idiot for risking his future and his health, but just because a rule is in place doesn't mean it's right or fair.

Comment 19 Sep 2014

Of course there are consequences for using drugs.  My point was that he shouldn't be tested in the first place.  Do they test all students?

Comment 19 Sep 2014

Not going to say some of us have always been fans of Jalin, but some of us have always been fans (...cough....avatar...cough)

Comment 19 Sep 2014

What business is it of the NCAA if he is using?  Performance enhancing?  I get it.  What about all the kids on academic scholarship?  Why aren't they tested?  If he wants to be stupid and put that into his body, it's his own business.

Comment 19 Sep 2014

I disagree.  The only reason drugs are bad is because we, as a society, subjectively say they are.  He put a substance into his body that got him "high".  How is that any different than the numerous other things people put into their bodies?  It's only bad because society deemed it bad.  In some cultures, it's OK to take opium, etc.  Stealing is a completely different thing.  It transcends cultures and nations.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

What's RIDICULOUS is we're talking about a conference that suspends a guy indefinitely for popping twice for drugs (only hurting himself, not performance enhancing) yet allows a guy that broke into another students dorm room and stole their laptop to play after a one game suspension.  Effing ridiculous!

Comment 17 Sep 2014

Reminds me of a funny story:

Ohio girl speaking to an SEC southern bell.

Ohioan: Where are you all going to?

Southern bell: I don't respond to anyone that ends a sentence with a preposition. 

Ohioan: Oh, I'm sorry. Where are you all going to, BITCH?

Comment 17 Sep 2014

I always thought the "two and your banned" was ridiculous. First, we are talking college kids doing drugs. Yeah, that's a big shock. Then, when you have guys who break into dorm rooms and steal laptops being allowed to play again, it makes the ban look pretty ridiculous. Finally, this is pretty much a victimless crime. The B1G and NCAA always talk about the best interest of the student athlete. Taking away the one positive, in terms of support and keeping him busy and out of trouble, doesn't seem to support that position. 

Comment 17 Sep 2014

Johnny didn't say something seen as deragatory towards women. In fact, I can't, other than the alleged signings,  think of even a remotely bad thing Johnny did. Pictures at a party? Pictures of money he won at a casino?  Going to a Texas party?  I would be pissed if I were Johnny.  Seems more like people were hassling him. 

Comment 17 Sep 2014

What was Johnny supposed to be repentant for?  Going to college parties?  Drinking alcohol?  People were just jealous because he was living the life.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

Agreed.  I still don't see what all the issues are with Johnny.  He did nothing wrong and nothing that most of us wouldn't do.  Can you imagine being the Heisman trophy winning QB on a college football team?  I'd be lucky if I wasn't worse.  To me Johnny was fine.  Jameis, not so much.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

No, he's suspended because he represents the football team and university.  Going back to high school, all athletes know this.  Playing is a privilege that is based on presenting a positive image.  No excuse.

Comment 13 Sep 2014

Love Samuel.  Love Eze almost as much.  I think they compliment each other well.  If this line can start jelling and give JT and the RBs that kind of effort against the Mich States of the world, this is going to be a dangerous team.