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Comment 13 Apr 2014

It's a chance to see players we don't normally see as well as the early enrollees. Some of these young guys getting time won't during the season but are the players of the future. I love evaluating the recruits like McMillan, Dixon, and Samuel so early. If you can't understand that then you are not a diehard fan. 

Comment 12 Apr 2014

It was pretty much what I thought it would be. Passes were pretty terrible but teams were a mish mash of players. JT looks like he's going to be a good runner. 

Comment 12 Apr 2014

Disagree about Dunn. I think Rod Smith is easily the best back on the roster. Much like Carlos Hyde in his first three years, for whatever reason he's not getting the chance (fumbling initially, practice issues now?). I know he has a heavy academic workload right now, but if given a legit shot, I fully expect him to be the man this year. 

Comment 04 Apr 2014

Man I don't remember who makes those incredible tOUS pictures, but they have to send him something better than this!






Comment 29 Mar 2014

angry, didn't see your post but I said the same thing below. Pretty ridiculous to declare that Franklin "owns" Meyer 11 months before NSD. Needs to change his screen name to Chicken Little!

Comment 29 Mar 2014

Pot meet kettle. No worse than the stupid comment you made about Franklin owning Meyer after a lineman, who hasn't yet visited tOSU, commits to Penn St 11 months before national signing day. Talk about overreacting!  Franklin's the flavor of the month right now. Michigan did better to begin the last two recruiting cycles. Did Hoke end up "owning" Meyer?

Comment 28 Mar 2014

Edison is 1000x the man that Armstrong is.  Sure, going to the moon is cool, but it's not like he invented his own rocket.

Comment 24 Mar 2014

First, let me know when the abridged version is available. Also, if you are going to vomit stats to support your position than you're already wrong. Like stats can't be skewed to support your stance. The fact that you consider Deibler elite says it all. 

Comment 24 Mar 2014

I have a few thoughts. First, it's been a long time since tOSU was as bad as we all remember it being pre-Matta. At some point that equity built has to disappear. Matta, while a great recruiter and defensive genius, has shown no development on the offensive side. Zero. This year it became apparent because he finally didn't have that elite offensive player. Also, while he is better than the majority of the coaches in the NCAA (so we need to be careful what we wish for) , he hasn't made that final push, both in winning (I.e. Championships when they've had some VERY favorable paths) and player development. Again, this year really showed the lack of development. There was no elite player to hide it.   Finally, he seems very resistant to change. Whether it's refusing to expand his rotation, bench players who show no effort, or play small ball when the situation clearly necessitates it, he seems far too willing to go down with the ship. Matta seems like a great guy and the players seem to love him but he needs to be willing to evolve. This is tOSU with a great brand and near bottomless war chest. Being ousted in the first game of the tourney is just unacceptable. 

Comment 24 Mar 2014

Tebow didn't win championships, his TEAM did.  People are overly critical of Craft, you included.  You could find issues with EVERY player.  Turner jacked up shots, Oden was a marginal offensive player, Conely could be outmuscled, and Sullinger couldn't jump.  Craft can't shoot.  His positives far outweigh his negatives and heart and character DO matter.

Comment 24 Mar 2014

VERY well said.  History will show that I directed my frustration at the coaches, not the players (as my past posts and the subsequent beating I took on this site will show).  Absolutely ridiculous to continue to bash 20 yr olds when you have coaches (well at least one) being paid millions to develop them.  For some reason, many on here think coaching involves recruiting and in-game decisions only.  If a player doesn't develop they label him as lazy or stupid.  What goes on at practice, other than defense and defending the inbounds?  I will say, I am starting to see some of the frustration shifting towards Matta and the coaches, where I believe it should usually belong.  Saying the coaches should do a better job of developing players does not mean you hate the coaches or think Matta should be fired.  It means EVERYONE is accountable, not JUST the players.  Players are not blameless, but neither are the millionaire adult coaches.

Comment 24 Mar 2014

Preaching to the choir.  I laid into people on here for doing that in the past.  Never going to stop some people because they get every bit of their self worth through the team, as sad as that is.  Craft is the kind of guy that I dream my daughter marries.  I know someone relatively famous (sportscaster or something) had a really good tweet about Craft.  Wish I could find it.  No different than Tim Tebow.  People get tired or jealous of hearing about someone that lives a great life and is the person we all strive to be so they look for anything to pull them down.  May be human nature but it's quite sad.

Comment 23 Mar 2014

Craft - B - had to do far more than he should have based on this team but never, ever gave up.  You can't teach drive.  Unfortunately his drive didn't match his abilities but I would always love to have a guy like this on my team. People are tough on him now because he is the face of this disaster of a team, but I think over time it will soften and people will realize just how much he truly brought to the team

Smith - D  - this guy is a senior and completely disappeared.  I was tempted to make this an F.  When the team needed him the most he did nearly nothing.  Should have lost his minutes a long time ago for Loving or ADV.  Seniors need to put their mark on the game and seemed to be AWOL way too much

Thompson - C - love the athletic ability but seemed OK to be a bit player.  May have something to do with team chemistry but should have used that athletcism to at least take over/demand the ball.  Jumper seems to have improved but too much deferring when the team needed SOMEONE

Ross - C - he might be the most frustrating player on the team.  When you see someone who appears to have immense talent but only uses it on occasion, that reeks of laziness.  Seem to be both mentally and physically immature.  If he ever truly believed he is as good as everyone thinks he could be offensively, he'd be unstoppable.  Much like Carmelo, defense is foreign to him; Needs another year and a LOT of time in the weightroom; lastly, my God man stop with the pump fake from the 3 pt line.

Williams - F - talk about someone that looks like they'd rather be doing something else.  Williams showed absolutely no desire even though he was clearly a man among boys physically; poster child for "it's not the size of the dog in the fight..."; Worse hands I've ever seen on the court, compounds that by always bringing the ball down for his double dribble; needs to find another profession

Scott - C - another extremely frustrating player, as evident by his fouling on a 3 versus Dayton.  Shows signs of really progressing only to make plays that make you go, "huh".  His deviation is probably the biggest as one moment he is brilliant and the next moronic.  Thus, net results is average

ADV - B - this will be the most disputed by everyone but I gave him this grade based on my belief that he really tried and had the potential to be an excellent player, had Matta been willing to break from his stubbornes.  His coast to coast score and MVP from the Euro Under Championships demonstrated that the potential is there, just not sure why Matta wouldn't give him a shot; now we shall never know

McDonald - C - though he clearly has almost no skill, McDonald fought and played with passion.  If you could transplant his mind into Amir's body you would have an All American.  He is what he is, a bit player, though having no one in front of him really exposes his weaknessess

Loving - B- Showed signs of being a decent player with much expected flashes of "freshmanitis".  Was a candidate for more time during the season to make him battle-ready for the tourney.  For some inexplicable reason, never materialized and he was ultimately a non-factor.

Matta/coaching - D - If any year needed coaching and devloping, this was it. While Matta is a great recruiter and defensive genius, it's impossible to miss the lack of development and the regressive offense.  This team had players that were decent at specific things.  Had Matta taken advantage of that, their ceiling was likely the Sweet 16.  His refusal the expand his rotation and get more time for Loving and ADV, or pull Williams and go small ball, was his doom




Comment 23 Mar 2014

"Is it time to start looking at Matta as a recruiter who doesn't develop his talent?"


Are you kidding me?  I've pointed this out for a LONG time and have been getting blasted on a daily basis.  I actually LIKE Matta but I've yet to hear him take responsibility or others to ask what's going on.  Coaching isn't just recruiting and game management, it's also teaching.  I get very excited when we get these recruits but when they leave (save Sullinger, Thomas, etc) I'm like meh.  NO development.

Comment 23 Mar 2014

Average defender?  That is being kind.  He is a subpar defender and it will be even more obvious with bigger, stronger, faster players at every position in the NBA.  He plods and lacks the emotion necessary to not only compete, but get better.  He is NUTS to leave early, unless he's reconciled it and intends to go to Europe.

Comment 23 Mar 2014

This is EXACTLY what pisses me off with Matta.  He is too willing to go down with the ship.  His insistance on a short rotation runs guys off.  In this case, contrary to what most on here think, I belive ADV was on the verge of exploding.  The examples of him grabbing a rebound and taking it coast to coast for a score should be a good indication of his skill set.  Winning the Euro under MVP should be another.  This team desperately needed someone who could shoot AND do other things and he's basically been chased off.