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Comment 22 hours ago

Who the hell is making the calls on this team???  Do they have co-coordinators so no one knows who they blame?  The play calling on offense was an absolute joke only surpassed by the ineptitude of the defensive coordinators putting the cornerbacks on islands with less than a minute left. I mean, who does that!!??  Total joke!

now PSU has all the momentum!

Comment 05 Sep 2016

I really wish everyone would stop printing stories about Wade. I really don't want to read it anymore. 

I get the kid has to do what's best for him. Fine. But the fact that he's getting his cake and eating it too really rubs me the wrong way. Obviously the team wants him and is OK with what he's doing but I just don't want to hear about him anymore. 

I'm honestly not a big fan. 

Comment 14 Aug 2016

Did tOSU ever say why he wasn't cleared?  For all we know they could have said the other knee was a timebomb and it was only a matter of time. I have no opinion on his future. It's his life. Sucks for him though. Wish him the best. 

Comment 09 Aug 2016

I never understand this line of thought. Even if we ignore the fact that he's a teen, he was defending his pledged school against its closest equal. We would be saying he was our favorite recruit if the teams were reversed. I actually like him. Football is a game of emotion. I want someone like that on my team. 

Comment 22 Jul 2016

I'm sure everyone will let me know if I'm wrong, but what exactly did Danny do to create the #1 class?  I thought Urban and his tireless staff of recruiters were responsible for that. I really don't remember anything being written about Clark being responsible, directly or indirectly, in anyone committing. 

Not hating on the kid.  Just trying to understand why he feels it's HIS accomplishment  

Comment 21 Jun 2016

I think he's damaged goods because he's moved around too much. I would have put him at corner and h-back and left him there. 

Comment 21 Jun 2016

You can dance around this and make excuses all you'd like. But there is a HUGE difference between reducing a sentence and saying there is no evidence. Smelled weed then found weed and most importantly a stolen gun is a crime in America. Stop making excuses for the preferential treatment of football players. You know damn well if they were two nobodies from nowhere they are charged. 

Comment 11 Jun 2016

The problem isn't that the refs miss calls, make bad calls, or are clearly bias/inept. It's that that aren't held accountable. You can watch a replay where the ref is clearly watching but doesn't do the clearly right thing. Then you can watch a ref two feet away not make a call but the one on the other side of the court with an obstructed view does, when there's no way in hell he saw what happened. Because the league protects the refs and never penalizes them for not meeting minimum standards, they are free to behave as they like. 

Want to do something fun? Find me how refs are compensated for playoff games. The only thing I found with a deleted link to origin said by game. That would be nuts!

Comment 05 May 2016

Pardon my French but, for lack of a better term, the kid's an attention whore. All you have to do is look at his Tweeter. He re-twet anything and everything that makes even the slightest mention of his decommitment over the "insult". Anyone with that ridiculous mustache is clearly looking for attention. 

Oh, and I didn't twet him. Yet.