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Comment 12 Feb 2014
I have seen this kid play in person and hes everywhere , just seems to have a nose for the ball , he is definitely better than his 3 star rating , will be one heck of a safety for The Ohio State University , glad to have him flying around for the silver bullets !!!
Comment 28 Feb 2013

Im ecstatic that Vico has continued the BKAB (Better Know A Buckeye ) features from OurHonorDefend, OHD was a great website and the BKAB pieces were and still are very high quality and insightful , Great Job Vico !!!


Comment 25 Jun 2011

Nuff Said !!!!!!!!     buckeyefansonly.com/notcalled.html

Comment 25 Jun 2011

Yeah i have always found it amusing when Florida, Alabama, LSU, Auburn score 80 points on some raggedy division II team like "southeastern mississippi university tech" and the final score is 80-3 they always say wow said SEC schools are so fundamentally sound , and just have superior athletes and great coaching , and show every highlight durng that game on college gameday fnal or sportscenter, But when a Big Ten School Like Ohio State or Penn State or Iowa throw up a 50-60 and win you know 56-0 all of a sudden they have no class in running up the score, and that would not fly in another confrence, and on and on and on !!!!

And ESPN currently employs a college football analyst by the name of Craig James who was directly involved in his school getting the death penalty by the NCAA for major violatons , accepting money,cars and everything else under the sun, Astonishingly enough i have YET to see Craig James give his opinion on the current Ohio State situation hmmm wonder why that is , ESPN is a Joke !!!!

Comment 21 Jun 2011

I want kids who only want to be Buckeyes Powell and Murray comitted with no problem and not concerned with what was going on or what might happen to the program , when its all said and done there will be a scout from all 32 NFL teams when Ohio State a pro day and all of the games will be televised so there will be no lack of exsposure , and i realize tradition does not play as big a role as it used to but 105,00 screamng fans who would not wanna be apart of that , or that past buckeyes and NFL stars comeback to the program cause your pretty much always a Buckeye for life , If you wann de-commit from ohio state and go elsewhere thats your god given recruiting choce but i only want people who  W A N T to be buckeyes 100% its all or nothing !!!!!


Comment 23 May 2011

If I Remember correctly he asked the Nighthawks to withhold all of his game checks and pay him in one large check at the end of the season, and yes the comments made on the article are ignorant and just plain cowardly !!!!!


Comment 04 May 2011

I also Think its has alot to do with the fact that some of these recruiting services are flat out wrong and mis-evaluate the talent . They say John Doe runs a 4.3 40 yet plays against sub-par competition so they might take away a star or two , when in reality 4.3 is fast no matter what competition they may play against . To say that a kid has California or Florida speed makes him faster than a midwest kid , Malcolm Jenkins was 6'1 195 pounds running a 4.5 but since he was from New Jersey He is automatically not as good as a kid with the same measurables from Miami Fl, or Southern California . I just feel that alot of times the biased judgement has alot to do with what these kids are ranked , if AJ Hawk went to florida or came to Ohio State from Californa how many stars would he have been , Clay Matthews was a walk on at USC cause the recruiting servces felt he was undersized , what a joke right . I just Feel That These kids are better than advertised and the Big 10 does not get enough credit for having tradition and staying power in recruiting So-called 4 and 5 star recruits .

Comment 02 Nov 2010

Best Uniform In College Football ( Other Than Ohio State )

Comment 21 Oct 2010

I Would Have To Say Brandodn Saine This Guys Has No RB Intangables Whatsoever , He Has No Vision Except for The Hole He Is Supposed To Run Into , He Has No Fluidity At All Cant Change Directions Or Make A Cut Without Coming To A Complete Hault , And He Lack Intensity And Aggresiveness, For A Guy That Goes 6'3 224 He Is Never In During Goaline Situations Because He's Soft And Does Not Run That Hard At All 

Comment 20 Oct 2010

Looks Like A Young Dennis Hopper or Maybe This Is Pushing It But Maybe Even James Dean !

Comment 16 Sep 2010

I will say Dorian Bell picks up the fumble on the kickoff and takes it to the house !!!

Comment 30 Aug 2010

From one Alex  to another Alex , Great Job On The Website !!!! It's Visually Not Very Different From Before So I Found It Not Hard To Get Used To At All !!!! An Amazing Site , And I Love The New User Blogs Feature , Should Make For Very Interesting Content. Keep Up The Great Work !!!!