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Comment 18 hours ago

Booo! Ha, I kid. I miss the Leipsic/PH rivalry (even though we were on the wrong end of it quite often). I heard our coach (PH grad) just left to take the job at PH. He did a great job at Leipsic, you guys got a good one!

Comment 20 hours ago

Take it from somebody who had a job in high school driving around those country roads delivering pizza...it is GENIUS.

Comment 20 hours ago

I am from Leipsic. Moved to Columbus about 11 years ago (that also included a three year stint in AZ) but grew up in "L-Town" as I now call it. But no, my last name is not Schroeder, Stechschulte, or Niese.

Comment 25 Jul 2014

For some reason I didn't think he was going to be there. I didn't see him if he was. Wish I had though, I wanted to see him throw. Clark and Gibson were in a group together so I was mostly watching those two.

Comment 25 Jul 2014

I watched the QBs for a while...two observations. Danny Clark is the real deal. That kid can flat out THROW. Gibson had some good passes and some bad passes. Looked like he was always throwing behind receivers on slant routes. But had nice touch on the deeper routes. At least that was my view.

Comment 25 Jul 2014

They always have "pump-up" videos for the recruits to watch. There was one where they showed video of the offseason conditioning, set to that song Radioactive. I seriously wanted to run through a wall after watching it. Anybody else catch that?

Comment 23 Jul 2014

How does Tacoriendo compare to Los Gauchos or Junior's? Those are the best tacos in Columbus for my money, but I will venture out east to try El Tacoriendo for sure.

Comment 19 Jul 2014

I was wondering the same thing. Had no idea you could do that but it sounds cool!

Comment 19 Jul 2014

I wondered how long it would take for this to become an Apple vs. Anti-Apple thread.

Comment 19 Jul 2014

I like Apple TV. The Netflix app is great and there are lots of other good apps on it. You can buy/rent movies and TV shows too. My only complaint is that you can't add apps (without jailbreaking), but it pretty much has everything I want anyway. Haven't ever used a Roku, but know people that have them and they have nothing but good things to say about them. 

Agree with Eph97, I would probably wait if you're set on Apple TV. Or, maybe now you could score an older one for cheaper!

Chromecast is probably a good option as well, if you use your devices to stream a lot.

Comment 17 Jul 2014

Too bad he can't wait two more days and compete at FNL.

Comment 16 Jul 2014

He is on the official roster:


Comment 11 Jul 2014

Sucks losing two of the top Ohio kids in two days, but all you can do is say good luck, congrats and move on. Wish Jerome and LJ the best. I'm sure OSU's class will be stellar regardless.

Comment 10 Jul 2014

I was going to say the same thing. Don't think I can even pick a song, the whole album is just killer.

Comment 09 Jul 2014

I'm not a big fan of the wrestling in MMA, but I do like to see talented Jiu Jitsu fighters grapple. It may not be appreciated by everyone, but transitioning and putting yourself in position to attempt a submission is an artform in itself.

But I agree, UFC seems to be going downhill. I always check the results but stopped buying the PPVs. I like that the best fighters fight each other, but the judging has been a big part of why I am losing interest. Great example is Frankie Edgar... he has several losses on his record that he shouldn't. Hendricks also beat GSP, I don't care what anybody says. Fighters are winning fights but getting losses on bad decisions. Who wants to watch that?