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Comment 25 Apr 2011

How can Coach Tressel survive this?  I wouldn't be surprised to see a presser announcing his termination in the near future.  I hate to say it, but I just can't see how the University can allow him to be the head coach based on the language in the NCAA letter.

Comment 15 Jan 2011

How is it even possible that they are comparable...a Final 4 is much, much greater than a conference title.  People don't value basketball around here like they should.  Unreal.

Comment 05 Jan 2011

Great day to be a Buckeye...Sugar and 15 and OH!

Comment 04 Jan 2011

Hate having 2 games on at once....trying to juggle Sully and the boys getting a W in Iowa City and Pryor and Co taking care of the Hogs.  Hopefully 2 W's tonite!

Comment 02 Jan 2011

Doesn't sound like there's anything to this.  It has to be hard to be scrutinized for every move you make, but such is the life of a Buckeye football player.  I hope TP goes out and has a "Rose Bowl" type performance and takes out some frustration on the Razorbacks!

Comment 01 Jan 2011

We know Herbie loves Ohio State, but sometimes he is way too critical.  I can't stand watching an Ohio State game in which he broadcasts.  He just goes overboard on his evaluation of the Buckeyes.   I even have a friend who is a Badger who agrees.  He needs to listen to the critics and not just write it off to "homer" Buckeye fans.

Comment 31 Dec 2010

Ed Hightower is the worst official in college basketball.  That crew tonight was pathetic.  Neither team could get in any kind of rhythm.   Fortunately the Buckeyes just had infinitely better talent than the hapless Hoosiers.

Comment 23 Dec 2010

This could be the best Buckeye team in 50 years....gotta love the mix of vets and youth.  They play defense, are unselfish and any number of guys can hurt you on a given night.  They are just so much fun to watch.