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Buckeye born and bred, did 5 years in USMC and now living in Washington with my wife, and 2 dogs, would love to teach the german shepherd to attack all things with that ugly M on it but that would involve allowing said blasphemous objects into my house.


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Comment 07 Jun 2013

Nice write up Kyle! Actually there is a fifth school that has a small footprint along warren's outskirts, Lakeview. Students within the Bazetta Township portion of Lakeview's district can have either a Warren or Cortland address, I ought to know since I was one of those students in the 90's. If I remember north of SR305 was a Cortland address and if you lived south of it you had a Warren address. I remember watching that Harding v. Princeton game at the Rubber Bowl with my dad as a kid. Stringer was on that particular Harding team in that game as well btw.

Comment 05 Jun 2013

Wow....talk about flipping field position! One thing is certain, anyone that manages to get a safety against us is unlikely to be able to get any kind of good field position from the free kick if this guy's kicking! I think Tressel would've killed, literally, for a punter like this.

Comment 10 May 2013

I believe wilson got to play by transferring and pursuing a masters at wisconsin in some program that NCSt didn't offer so then he does not have to sit a year. I believe that is the caveat it has to be for an academic program offered at one school but not the other.

Comment 28 Feb 2013

I would say it's wide open. Regarding the hurricanes, I'll withhold judgment until after the Saturday rematch in Cameron against Duke. That being said my gut says an ACC team that leads the conference and beats Duke by nearly 30 pts in a matchup, and moreso if they sweep with a win saturday in Cameron, and that team is NOT UNC then one has to give them some respect and legitimacy in my opinion. Think about it really, when was the last time ANYONE has beaten Duke by that much? The answer 3 teams have done that since Coach K took over there and the closest of those games was Clemson in '09 (74-47), Tarkanian's UNLV in the '90 NCG (103-73), and the big one was UVA in an ACC quarterfinal in '83(109-66). here's the link to the blog for the scores: http://www.dukebasketballreport.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-23568.html

Comment 11 Feb 2013

True not much else can be done after getting burned for 50+ yards and dragged another 3 by the WR that just torched you, lol.

Comment 10 Jan 2013

Another difference is Urban has a soul. I think they're still trying to prove that Saban once had one, which if true he has obviously sold long ago.

Comment 10 Jan 2013

actually i'd put saban as palpatine, but cast urban as vader, formerly despised and villified but ultimately turns good, perhaps fickell as luke though.

Comment 10 Dec 2012

i think it's something played outside of Ohio

Comment 25 Nov 2012

i think mid to late rounds sounds about right for Howard, think he might be just a bit too rough around the edges on some of his coverage skills to warrant a high round pick, but could easily see him getting picked up as a depth through development/possible nickel type early on to refine his craft.

Comment 24 Nov 2012

plus I'd rank Hyde higher simply for mocking Denard's cereal bowl antics, that's worth at least #3 on the list for that alone.

Comment 24 Nov 2012

i think i would switch Shazier and Hyde on your list. Hyde performed well enough to warrant a high spot. I know I may catch some flak for the next statement but, I feel the early season slow start and lack of consistency warrants Shazier being a little bit lower and perhaps maybe even lower than #5 on list. but the list is for season long where consistency should be considered, now I may be slightly unfair here by associating the generally horrendous early season linebacking play of the unit as a whole with Shaziers game, or some of that lack of noticeable production could well be due to the high volume of quick pass spread teams we played in ooc games this year. yes i know the period of time with Sabino out likely hampered his playing style, but to me, we didn't really get the Shazier we all were salivating and expecting to see after  coach Mick got hold of him until after the Boren move. that being said if he can produce early in season next year like he did after Boren switched this year we may really be in for something special. at that point i dare say we might have 2 heisman candidates, brax and shazier. hey if teo can get all this love why not shazier next year?

Comment 23 Nov 2012

Thank you seniors! you have made Buckeye Nation proud of your dedication, commitment and loyalty to the school and program, and a selflessness and camaraderie that surely has Woody smiling. It's 32 hrs 44 minutes until kickoff and michigan still sucks. may the underclassmen you have mentored be as worthy of their buckeye leaves as you all have proven to be.  thank you

Comment 22 Nov 2012

it's 4 am on Thanksgiving and yep...michigan still sucks! Go Bucks! and Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!