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Comment 6 hours ago

I am not following either case very closely and have never met either kid.  The severity of the alleged offenses are both terrible.  However, I have only commented on the process and it's risk implications.  And I still see a big difference between having been charged with a crime and having been accused, but not yet spoken to let alone charged yet.  (Regardless of where either kid went to school or what team drafted them.)

Anyway, it's all good.  Opinions vary and we're all entitled to one.

I hope the Browns catch some luck.  I'm not sure they'd recognize it (it's been awhile since they've seen any), but I still hope they catch some.  

Comment 11 hours ago

I could see a guy coming to the decision he isn't going to get good enough to be drafted in the next year.  So his choices are play college, get some better and risk injury or try to earn that minimum paycheck (or at least practice squad money) this year...if you fail you are out room and board.  Depending on the facilities and resources for getting better at football at their school, I'm in no position to say that was a bad decision.  (I imagine the facilities/resources/coaches aren't too grand at Towson, McNeese State, Texas South, Southern Illinois or any Juco...if getting to the NFL is your dream or perceived only shot at making it.)

Depending on what they feel about attending classes and studying vs. the benefit of an education, not having to put in so much time on "non-football" activities might be a plus in the "go for it" side of the ledger.  This would likely be especially true for Juco guys.  (I have no idea the value of a Juco degree, but it probably ain't much.)

All that said, I too am surprised Speedy Noil was on that list and I can also understand anyone wanting out of Baylor.

Comment 11 hours ago

Because as far as I know (I could be wrong), Oakland did not have their President announce to the press they may release Brantley within an hour of drafting him...investigation pending or not.

The point is, Cleveland clearly had doubts to have made that statement so quick (to cover their butt)...and that makes it look like a stupid move and a waste of a pick (value pick or otherwise).

Also factoring into the situation (although not the comedy value) is the fact Brantley has been charged and forced to file his plea (not guilty) this week.  Clearly, that tells us the cops and DA feel there is enough evidence to proceed to trial and/or plea bargaining in Brantley's case.  No such situation existed at the time of the pick of Conley (or at all...at least yet in his case).

So, the Browns pick was more risky, they had to treat it that way by immediately saying "we may release him" immediately after making the pick and that makes them look both inept and funny.

Side note:  They could have told the press "Listen, we don't know the facts of his case, he assures us he is innocent and he's passed a polygraph for us.  So we decided to roll the dice on a value pick using a 6th round pick to get what we felt was 2nd round talent.  If he is found guilty or our investigation finds anything we don't like we'll drop him and be out the #1 6th round pick.  It was worth the shot."  They did not.  They went the other route making themselves fair game for laughter.

Comment 22 Apr 2017

1) Buckeye Football

2) Top-25 college football

3) The 3 College Bball Final 4 games

4) Superbowl

5) NBA Finals

6) Once in awhile a marquee MMA bout

7) Last half inning of the last game of the World Series

We're done.

Comment 19 Apr 2017

I have sympathy for victims of the crimes he was accused and their families.  Also for any upstanding family/friends he has but I won't lie to say that I can muster any sympathy for him personally.

IF he did it himself (single cell in gen pop does not mean his cell is unreachable by other inmates), I wish he'd have done it several months ago and saved the victim families the trial reliving on those cases he just beat a wrap on.  That certainly would have been the decent thing to do...then again, maybe the decent thing isn't in his wheelhouse.

Comment 11 Apr 2017

I appreciate the thread.  Likely headed down that road one day soon myself.  

Until then, I'll enjoy what I will now call the "Fatpants dividend."  lol

Comment 29 Mar 2017

If you can't remember Lucas...you need to take his course.

And after we're done beating the guy, the Neers say they've next on the whoopin stick.

Comment 28 Feb 2017

I disagree wholeheartedly (and I went through it as my daughter originally had TTUN as a finalist).  I told her to choose the best fit for her, but she wasn't welcome in my home during football season if she chose TTUN.

The idea that any school is appreciably superior to other closely-ranked peer schools is simply wrong.  There is no real difference between school A, 1A and B for any given program.  So that issue is off the table as far as I'm concerned.

Comment 21 Feb 2017

It is a tough realization that people are not all equally valued by society.  Tough break there prof.  If it bothers you too much, get to work learning how to play and coach football.

Relatively few kids choose Cincy due to overall academic rating.  Many more want them to have competitive sports teams.  

No prof. or administrator has the ability to deliver multi-millions in revenue each and every year based on their performance (and I include patents etc.).  At best, a prof might deliver that once...if they are lucky...and even then only one in several hundred would EVER do so.  Yet every single season the football staff can do that by filling the stands, making a good bowl and putting an exciting team on the field that high school kids might want to associate with as a student.

Football coaches are simply more valuable than any/all of the profs at a school.  If you don't like it, learn to coach or get good enough to be hired by one of the ivy league schools as a prof.  Other than that, quit the bitching.

Comment 16 Feb 2017

Recruiting is like chess and poker combined.  If the big boys make the right moves, they can force their opponent to react and perhaps feel forced to take lesser (or quicker) positions, exposing other pieces/cards.

A Bama offer to Tavion may force us to react sooner than planned.  That may plant seeds of doubt in the mind of Snead, Gill and/or White.  If they get Tavion, they're thrilled with another big, powerful, fast RB.  If they don't...at the very least they forced us to react and spend more time than planned trying to reassure all 4 kids.

Not a game for lightweights.

Comment 11 Feb 2017

I'm completely and utterly shocked any politician would cease an opportunity to tap into anyone else's money.  Completely out of character.