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Comment 29 Nov 2016

A nice accomplishment, but has to do with a lot more opportunities than decades back.  Look at the 47-straight wins at Oklahoma.  Had they played 12-15 games per year, they would undoubtedly be way, way up there.

Comment 29 Nov 2016

What taunting?  The guy had his back to Peppers when they met and when grabbed by Peppers immediately threw up both arms.  

That said, I agree the world needs to grow a pair and just give it a rest.  No punches were thrown, no blood was spilled, nobody even got knocked down or rumpled their clothes.  Shit happens...let it go.

If I were his coach, I'd tell him (and later announce if asked by the press) that if he did anything like that again he's gone...other than that, give me some gassers and move on.

Comment 27 Nov 2016

Some Ohio Winery needs to bottle a special vintage of "TTUN Whine" with a pic of Harbaugh's tantrum on the front of the label and one from his presser on the back of the bottle.

It would be like printing money...you could sell absolute crap wine for $100/bottle and sell thousands of them.

Comment 27 Nov 2016

No way his agent and family let him walk away from that huge pile of guaranteed money.  If he really wants out, he'll start acting up and force ND to fire his ass so he get's the nice check on the way out the door.

Comment 27 Nov 2016

I'm thinking the OC from Memphis (their Offense looks great vs Houston and he's a top 25 recruiter per Rivals...at Memphis) would be a great addition.  He's young and we could get him cheap and demand 4-5 years from him instead of 2.

Helfrich might be okay, but like Schiano he's likely going to leave half his stuff packed in boxes when he gets to C-bus (looking for the next HC gig).

Comment 27 Nov 2016

At least one of those recruits showed up wearing a Blue coat and no visible OSU gear.  I've got to ask...

1) Is this kid poor and owns no other warm clothing?

2) Is he completely uninformed (hate to use the word ignorant, but it may apply) about the depth and breadth of this rivalry?

3) Just a kid doing "disengage brain, let's do it" things the way kids do?

Also, why the hell didn't some lower-level type on the staff (assistant intern Scout Team GA) loan him a freakin Buckeye sweatshirt for 4 hours?

That all said, one hell of a group of stud recruits on hand, awesome game and atmosphere for them to experience.  Hopefully they got to meet Lebron and the staff found enough minutes to talk to each of them on the field during that field rush celebration after the game.  If that and meeting with Urban does not seal the deal, the kid belongs somewhere else anyway.