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Comment 6 minutes ago

Not so sure Harbaugh would want another top dog Meechigan man (that many wanted to have his job in the past) in the program and wandering around the AD facilities making friends.  As much as they love Harbaugh, the grass is always greener after a few more surrender cobras.

Comment 13 hours ago


1) Did Urban Meyer or Nick Saban recruit you and give you a scholarship?

2) Were you an All-American after your Junior season?

3) Did you start every game the last 2 seasons at an FBS Power 5 Conference team?

If so, the combine is this way.  Everybody else, the Participation Trophies line forms over there.

Comment 25 Sep 2016

Sports is a rough business.  Miles and Cameron...I get firing those two.  They also fired "Assistant Director of Football Operations" Dean Dingman (who was also a scUM OL in the last 80s).  I have no idea about duties, direct ties to Miles or whatever...but rough to lose your job when you probably had very little to do with on the field performance.

From what I can tell, his job was player academics, coordinating the annual Pro Day and Summer Football Clinics.  So it's not like he's the reason they can't develop QBs or a passing game.

Comment 25 Sep 2016

I want Danny to do whatever is right for him...if that's UK then so be it.  We're going to be just fine either way.  The thing that sucks is that people will forget we may have offered a kid too early, but that freakin tat ain't going nowhere easily for him.  That's gonna leave a mark as they say.

Comment 25 Sep 2016

Every time someone mentions UGa I think of the old Lewis Grizzard joke.  (For those who don't know, he was an Atlanta writer/humorist and UGa grad.)  He had a routine about the rumor that degrees from Uga were so easy that if you drove through Athens they'd throw one in your window as you passed.  His line was "It ain't true!  It's a damn lie.  Truth is you've gotta come to a stop at the light and have your window rolled down before they'll chuck that diploma in there...least that's how I got mine."

That said, I suspect Smart showed off his ring collection and used a map showing Richard the distances from home to Athens and C-bus.

Comment 25 Sep 2016

Don't care what happens to Miles...he'll be fine.  (That said PSU ought to be on the way to his house now.)

What I care about is which recruits this can help us with in '17 and '18 cycles?  Whose got the list?

Comment 20 Sep 2016

Something bad once happened...let us all worry about it happening again and chew our nails.  On the other hand, I think I'll assume our masterful staff will have learned and preached and the team with high goals will take the preaching to heart.  Then I'll have a beer and move on.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

Who was the genius (B1G / BTN I'm looking at you) who scheduled a game between top teams for a noon kick?   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oh, I forgot they needed the primetime slot for Neb at NU. 

Comment 19 Sep 2016

That would be AWESOME...love that kid's game.

Come on board and then help us get Browning or Hines and Marvin Wilson while you're at it.  (What can I say...I'm a greedy bastard.)

Comment 19 Sep 2016

That kid is a monster for a high-schooler.  I'm not a fan of the hair, but I guess he must like it because I know the barber didn't have the balls to give him that look if Marvin didn't ask for it that way.  lol

Come on up young Mr. Wilson!!!!!

Comment 19 Sep 2016

XIVshould take them...would ba a big upgrade over Kansas and ISU.

And to be fair, they pick the right targets in their FBS Power-5 opponent choices for the most part.  Kansas and ISU are chumps, Minnie ain't much either.  I will give them credit for a win against a down KSU and Iowa was impressive.

I have a feeling if they were in the B1G West, they'd do pretty damn good this year too.  My money would be on them versus NW, ILL and Purdon't, they already beat Iowa and given the trouble Wisky had with GaSt...that might be a win for them too.  If they had a good schedule and caught Ind, Rut and MD as their cross-over games they could easily win the Division...or at least make it tough on Wisky/Neb.

Comment 18 Sep 2016

Stoops:  "We're still closer to home and Momma.  And Meyer's so good he might get poached by the NFL...don't have to worry about that in Norman."