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Comment 28 Feb 2017

I disagree wholeheartedly (and I went through it as my daughter originally had TTUN as a finalist).  I told her to choose the best fit for her, but she wasn't welcome in my home during football season if she chose TTUN.

The idea that any school is appreciably superior to other closely-ranked peer schools is simply wrong.  There is no real difference between school A, 1A and B for any given program.  So that issue is off the table as far as I'm concerned.

Comment 21 Feb 2017

It is a tough realization that people are not all equally valued by society.  Tough break there prof.  If it bothers you too much, get to work learning how to play and coach football.

Relatively few kids choose Cincy due to overall academic rating.  Many more want them to have competitive sports teams.  

No prof. or administrator has the ability to deliver multi-millions in revenue each and every year based on their performance (and I include patents etc.).  At best, a prof might deliver that once...if they are lucky...and even then only one in several hundred would EVER do so.  Yet every single season the football staff can do that by filling the stands, making a good bowl and putting an exciting team on the field that high school kids might want to associate with as a student.

Football coaches are simply more valuable than any/all of the profs at a school.  If you don't like it, learn to coach or get good enough to be hired by one of the ivy league schools as a prof.  Other than that, quit the bitching.

Comment 16 Feb 2017

Recruiting is like chess and poker combined.  If the big boys make the right moves, they can force their opponent to react and perhaps feel forced to take lesser (or quicker) positions, exposing other pieces/cards.

A Bama offer to Tavion may force us to react sooner than planned.  That may plant seeds of doubt in the mind of Snead, Gill and/or White.  If they get Tavion, they're thrilled with another big, powerful, fast RB.  If they don't...at the very least they forced us to react and spend more time than planned trying to reassure all 4 kids.

Not a game for lightweights.

Comment 11 Feb 2017

I'm completely and utterly shocked any politician would cease an opportunity to tap into anyone else's money.  Completely out of character.

Comment 11 Feb 2017

significant enough that it will cost them in terms of student enrollment due to the downgrade in academic standing. 

I doubt it.  If all the rap, being a laughing-stock school and intimidation of investigators/violation reporters didn't keep kids away this year...another slap on the wrist won't deter them either.

Comment 01 Feb 2017

What makes you think going after Wilson distanced Tufele?  From what I heard, Tufele always wanted to be closer to home.  So he was a long-shot from the beginning.  Same is true of Wilson to a lesser extent.

Trimming down to targeting 1 kid per position is a sure-fire way to have 0 kids at the position many years.

We recruit better than almost anyone.  Don't focus on the 1-2 misses in a cycle as much as the 15+ wins.

Comment 01 Feb 2017

No...we don't need to reach.  If we love a kid who happens to be rated 3-star, fine.  If not, we chase the cream of the crop only.

It's not like our DL has been swiss cheese or we haven't won a boatload of games.

Imho, let it go.  We can't land every 5-star.  We'll be just fine continuing the way we've been recruiting.

Comment 01 Feb 2017

I've read he plans to walk-on where ever his best bud Marv goes.  So my assumption is that every one of those 5 schools fell all over themselves to tell him he was definitely preferred walk-on materials at their school.