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Comment 14 hours ago

Gave up after 40miles...what a lightweight.  (_)

Seriously, congrats on a great effort sir.  Rest up and get that finish line next time!

Comment 15 hours ago

One kid hospitalized is a bad situation.  Two is a serious problem.  Three is time for the new staff to pucker up because there's gonna be somebody up in their asses real soon.  Any hint of a family lawsuit and Taggart & Co. is likely gone nowadays.

Comment 15 hours ago

If we assume the schools reinvest this money to make the on field product better

If I assume my cars will spontaneously begin to fly, 10 years from now...oh never mind.  ;-)

Comment 14 Jan 2017

Wish he'd have been a Buckeye, but shit happens (bum juice).  Nebraska has nice fans and facilities, expectations will be a bit less and as long as he's happier there...good luck to him.

We'll be fine and you never know what the staff may pull out of the bag the next few weeks.  Could still be a similar player that Meyer can slide the spatula under.

Comment 14 Jan 2017

I like it...but if we're going old school....let's go old school.

Comment 14 Jan 2017

Recruiting is about TEAM NEED and since I can't think of a way to objectively normalize the need of every team versus the available potential at each position of need (including depth), recruiting rankings are irrelevant.  Essentially they are all just very elaborate mental masturbation.

First of all everybody (me included) loves to see your team get a kid some "expert(s)" think has 5-star potential.  However, that is really meaningless from a team performance perspective.  For example, let's say we lost no DBs to the NFL the last 2 years, but were still able to land 10 5-star DBs in this class.  We'd have an off-the-charts recruiting ranking, yet it would make very, very little (probably no) impact on our DB play next year...let alone overall team play.  In fact, it would probably hurt our overall team, because we'd be passing on kids that filled a real need to take all those 5-star DBs.

Second, I have a problem with any recruiting ranking that rewards more recruits.  It rewards a team for setting up to be inexperienced.  If you build your rule to only reward higher numbers when the offsetting losses are due to early NFL entries, maybe you'd have an argument.  However, unless that is the case, more recruits is not a better class from a team performance standpoint.

Lastly, recruit rankings (as opposed to team recruiting rankings) are a very, very subjective thing.  I laugh at the idea of making the rankings down to 4 decimal places as if there is some sort of accuracy involved.  Nobody (again, me included) can evaluate even 2 players across athleticism, growth potential, technique, learning ability, improvement potential, etc. down to a hundredth of a percent...even if you saw them practice every day and play side-by-side in every game against the same competition.  When they don't play the same position, you don't see every (any) practice and not many full games that challenge becomes exponentially harder.

So nice work Matt and it does fill a little time before Spring practice starts...but not a lot of useful information in the topic area imho. 

Comment 13 Jan 2017

Nailed it.  If they do anything, they'll shorten the game clock and add more commercials while still shortening to the overall TV run time.  Ain't no way the universities are giving back any money and ain't no way the networks are giving away any ad revenue.  The fans will get screwed with less football and more ads if they change anything at all.

Comment 13 Jan 2017

Personally, I hope he comes back to us...but regardless, I want him to be 100% happy in doing what he feels best for him.  Not family, friends, GF, coaches or schools.

That all said, I think maximum hilarity would be that he recommits to the good guys (regardless of intentions) simply to make asshat fans who turned on him do another 180 and eat crow.  As that Neb. guy says, "that'd be funny right there...I don't care who you are."

Comment 13 Jan 2017

What's his territory of expertise?  That's what matters.  If he has all his contacts and experience pulling kids out of La, Al, Ms for example, it won't do Oregon much good at all.  You aren't getting a ton of kids to move from south to Oregon.  On the other hand, if he was hitting Ca, this could be a home run.

Comment 12 Jan 2017

Speed does matter.  That said, it's a hell of a lot easier to shave a tenth off of 4.85 than it is to add 8" to 5'9".  lol

In the end, it's all about how the team uses whatever edge a player has in order to create mis-matches.  I trust Wilson will find a way to leverage a guy who's 6-8" taller than the DBs available to cover him (IU had a WR with 60 catches in '15 who was 6'4" and a different 6'4" WR made All B1G Honorable Mention in '16).

Comment 12 Jan 2017

if it's a done deal, then I wish him the best.  Nice people in Lincoln and probably a lot lower expectations.  Hope it works out for him.

That said, Harris has been a priority all along given his height and ability.  Interesting that the staff decided to offer Ty Jones as opposed to Bowden.  The staff knows more than me, so I'll take their word for it...but my gut tells me Bowden should have gotten a hard look first.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

1) Insinuation and rumor are not credible evidence, let alone proof.

2) Urban, Smith and the University vetted him and then decided to risk their own and OSU's reputation (and big bucks) on him...nuf said.

3) This ain't Indiana football, the freakin spotlight is intense here and any impropriety will have pitchforks and torches headed your way.

4) He ain't the head man here and chances of an AC doing anything wrong toward players without Urban knowing and acting are infinitesimally small.