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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1947 NFL Championship Game - Chicago Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Eagles Cards 28 - Eagles 21

    Cardinals RB Elmer Angsman runs for 159 yards on 10 carries including 2 touchdown runs of 70 yards a piece. On top of being an NFL great he was a hell of a grandfather!
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Mark Titus/Slammin' Sammy Thompson
  • NFL TEAM: Chicago Bears
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Comment 28 Apr 2017

Bears fan here.  My first instinct was how the hell do you give up that much to move up one spot?!  After letting it set in and listening to the pundits I've come to the realization that they gave up less than the Chiefs and Texans gave up to get their QB's of the future(each gave up a 1st round pick).  Not saying they didnt give up a lot but could have been worse.  Those of you who think that Trubisky would have been there at the #3 pick dont know how the behind the scenes of the draft works.  I guarantee you he would not have been available.  Somebody was working for the #2 pick and the Bears thought highly enough of him to ensure nobody else moved up to the #2 spot to snag their man.  Time will tell if it was the right move.

Sorry for the paragragh, first outlet Ive had today.   Oh yeah, I was hoping for Lattimore.  

Comment 20 Apr 2017

Ive been hanging onto my voucher since last year hoping for more 11W gear to come out but have been slightly disappointed on that front.  Any plans on new gear anytime soon....MOD's? Jason? 

Mostly wanting either a hoodie or a T with the 11W logo.  The one currently in DryGoods has only Small and 2XL left.  

Thanks, fellas.

Comment 04 Oct 2016

I went to the game Friday night to bid farewell to the Ted.  Not being a Braves fan I'll miss hot, humid, drunken, summer afternoons at the Chophouse.  Good times.  Out of the dozens of games I've gone to at Turner Field I've spent the majority of it not so much focusing on baseball but the cute girls in their summer dresses.   Won't be the same out in the burbs.  

Comment 26 Sep 2016
I worked at Tartan Fields when the course first opened and had the great honor of meeting Arnie. He was funny, kind, humble and liked to flirt with the girls in the pro shop. Lol. He was something else and someone who did soooo much good for so many different causes. He will be dearly missed but never forgotten. #RIPLEGEND
Comment 15 Sep 2016

Listening to Ramzy is just as good, if not better than reading him!  I feel like we could beat the anybody(cough, cough, Bama)after hearing Ramzy break the team down the way he did.  I cant wait for this game!  

Go Bucks!!!