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  • SPORTS MOMENT: too many to list....Ohio State games with my grandfather, then with my husband and now my kids.....my husband is a high school boys basketball coach, so many many nail biters that went our way are def highlights....but the best moment, is watching my son as a soph. at Athens High School, starting Varsity Football, and catching an interception in the end zone that sealed a victory for the Bulldogs the week after their field was ruined by a tornado, and watching my 8 year old score 7 straight points (5 aces) to win the 2nd-3rd grade girls volleyball championship.....!
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: C.Grant...Robiski....Keith Byers.....
  • NFL TEAM: The Browns
  • MLB TEAM: The Reds

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Comment 02 Jun 2011

Amen.....I guess we have learned as long as your parents are the ones getting paid and not the athelte it is ok with the media and with the NCAA...of course we believe that Cam never knew anything about any of it...whatever!

This is a product of the media never liking Ohio State, listen to ESPN and the major networks they are always aming for Ohio State, they have the "yeah they are good but...." attitude. Well what would the media do IF and I say if because depending on how the season works out I believe Fickell should get a fair shake at the job. BUT if the almight Urban Myers gets the job what will the media say with an SEC coach in the Big Ten....because we all know or at least we are told by the media that the SEC is far superior to the Big Ten, it will be interesting to see if the ESPN announcers rip on their former co-worker.....that is if he can handle the pressure, if he were to get the job, the stress of college football took him down before, oh wait he is back, no he is gone!!!.....

Comment 01 Jun 2011

I agree, it is not ok for Tress to say I don't know it regards to tatoo's gracing the arms of his players....but when your dad comes up with 100k's in the bank a no ask no tell attitude is accepted and even believed......a top QB not talking to his dad about where he will attend school sure I believe that, hahahahahahahaaha