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Comment 15 Nov 2014

Remember these are 18-21 year olds.  They work hard to do the best they can.  If you are so upset do yourself a favor and get a life.  Grow up people.  Jalin hold your head up be the better man.

Comment 31 Jul 2012

We will never know why Paterno did what he did.  If he squashed this to protect his program and his boys then God have mercy on his soul.  If he was an old man out of touch with what should be done in a real world, God love him and forgive his ignorance.  Unfortunately many have the sense that if you ignore the situation it just might go away.  Now for those that were in higher places, Curley and Schultz, they were administrators that should have known the correct way to handle the situation.  You can't tell me that Sandusky's were the only claims of inappropriate sexual behavior by members of the Penn State Faculty in their tenure.  I would imagine those were handled appropriately.  It just so happened this was male on male and the victim'd were children.  Makes people feel uncomfortable.  Get rid of Jerry and it might go away.  The Catholic Church did that for years.  Now they are reaping the fruits of that thought process and have paid out millions in settlements and some of those that fostered that mentality are now in jail.

At first I was ok with the sanctions but now have to rethink and believe the NCAA overstepped its bounds and is now on a slippery slope.  What do you do with Miami?  If we think the NCAA has been a kangaroo court before you better hang on to you backsides.

Should have been handled in the criminal and civil courts.