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Comment 02 Jun 2014

Love it!!! I hate Mich and jabba Hoke too.  Hoke built his first two classes on tat-gate.  Think on the Kyle Kalis recruitment before you lecture urbs about right and wrong.

Comment 30 May 2014

Look at the O-Lines, coaches, offensive skill position players.

Comment 30 May 2014

Pryor lost what, 6 games in his career?  USC, PSU, Texas, USC, Purdue, Whisky.  He was an all timer.  Better than any of the Cooper QBs, below Troy, but up there.

Comment 30 May 2014

Pryor is underrated.  The offensive talent, both coaching and players, is way way better for BMiller.  Think on the O-Line.  Need more time to judge Pryor accurately, but he will be regarded as one of OSU's best.

Comment 30 May 2014

Nic Sicilliano was our QB coach... and I'm ignorant.  Luke has been the DCoord of 2 of the worst OSU D's in the last 15yrs.  He's around because he can recruit and he stepped in for Tress.  Hopefully he can be a MAC HC next yr so Urbs doesnt have to drop him.

Comment 29 May 2014

Overrated : Luke Fickell (coach)

Underrated : Jim Tressel 

Tressel is about to claim his 3rd scalp when Jabba the Hoke is canned this yr.  Tressel built upon the Cooper years and walled off Ohio talent for all other programs, esp Michigan.  You can draw a straight line from Tress taking over to downfall of Mich as program.  This is all besides the fact that he owned the BIG for 10yrs.  I love urbs but we are still living in tress' world.

Fickell can recruit but not coach.  That is worth something.  He still cant coach tho.

Comment 27 May 2014

Sad to see Marcus go as well, was hoping they would find a spot for him, always had tons of talent.  Maybe he can go to JMU with Withers?

As far as oversigning, we were 1 over in May.  Also, I'm more than 50% sure that staff knows of another guy who is moving on or injured.  Let's take a worse case and say that they knew the team was 1 over and had to bail on a kid.  The program would have to answer to the BIG about that and take some real heat from fans.  The staff would be within their rights to bail on a 5th yr anyway.  

I'm just sayin, when 5 guys get medical releases and 5 more get bounced for "team rules", every year.....  Then we can get upset.

Comment 19 Feb 2014

We will have 3 extra scollies next yr.  Its a long way off from NSD 2015, at least one of those guys will earn offer at summer camps this yr.  If not I'm sure a few offers for 2016 guys.  Glenville pipeline is important for recruiting and for OSU Cleveland fans.  Jabba the Hoke will probably offer one of those guys just to troll anyway.

Comment 11 Feb 2014

I dont know, Sparty threw in a 5th yr former walk on at Mike to win the Rose bowl.  Wiskys LBs are better, Iowas were better this yr.  Take your pick of 4 to 5 sec teams.  If you want to go back a decade go ahead, but that was Tressel's team and heacocks D, not Luke's.  

Comment 11 Feb 2014

I 100% agree that the schemes were horrible.  Also, let's agree that the schemes did not get any better as season wore on.  So like I wrote, same players doing the same things hoping for better results.  If you arent going to change scheme, change players for the same scheme.  Or do what we did this yr and have the worst D in school history lose us the BIG title, shot at national championship, and a bcs bowl game

I get that Luke is a "great Buckeye" but we easily could have lost to Michigan, because of our D.  What would you say then?  The same "you werent at practice bro, its not Luke's fault."  I dont think so....

Comment 11 Feb 2014

No one doubts Fick's recruiting abilities.  I dont think he's much of a coach at all.  All the Fickell people talk about it AJ Hawk and Lauranitis, those guys were born animals, they we going to be great football players no matter what happened.  Start in 2011, it took Luke and VraBro 7 games to play Shazier, who was best LB on team all yr.  In 2012 D was weak until we put in Boren at LB, which was Urbs call BTW.  2103 D was weak all yr, esp LBs (outside of Shazier).  Look at Orange Bowl, Clemson sent 2 guys to block Shazier every play, no one else wanted to make a play on D (minus Bosa).  Look at Vonn Bell, how is he on bench all season?  I understand if you dont want to bench an AllBIG player for a frosh who only might be better, but what AllBIG players were there?  The idea that we keep sending out the same guys hoping for a different outcome week after week was insane.  Coaches did not improve players, coaches did not give other players a shot, coaches had weak gameplans, ect. Sounds like pos coach and D coord issues...

Comment 11 Feb 2014

Throw Vonn Bell out there after Whisky when Cbryant was injured.  Do you really think coaches thought Pitt was better than VB?  He would have had entire season to get better.  

Comment 08 Jan 2014

JOKE!!!  Didn't every starter play in the NFL?  I don't think you can say that about many, if any, of the other teams.  They won close because Tress wanted to...  If all the Clarret BS didn't happen tOSU wins 2 in a row, changes history.

Comment 08 Jan 2014

I think this will sting even more when Hyde has a good to great NFL career.  He was incredibly difficult to tackle, he has good speed, and although he doesnt break many, he has broken some big gainers.  I think best RB since Eddie.

Comment 07 Feb 2013

Fragel could be a 3rd TE, blocking guy on short yardage goalline.  The Giants have Bear Pasco, plenty of other examples around the league.  I think he'll have a better career/chance to make a team than Stony.

Comment 22 Jan 2013

Great post!

I think Iowa's plight and that of the little 7(BIG minus tOSU, scUM, Nebraska, PSU, Whisky) is recruiting and coaching.  The teams need to set up recruiting bases and stick to them.  At this point Iowa should be more competitive for Chicago and StLouis recruits.  The fact that they arent is an indictment on the staff.  Outside of 4-6 very special schools, if you are recruiting everywhere, you are really recruiting nowhere.  Iowa needs to pick some home bases and own them.  

Also, if you don't want to pay for a name coach, take a flyer on an up and coming asst or lower tier coach.  Tressel came from YSU! Harbaugh was at USD before Stanford!  The BIG needs to get over the whole MAC coach thing and start looking other places for talent.

As far as ferentz, he has to be a goner.  Like, watch, he'll come up with a Legends div championship this yr. But seriously, dead weight like that could end up keeping OSU out of the BCS or a playoff.  Have a little pride and do you job or move on.  Iowa AD should have been smart enough to put an ISU W/L clause in his contract.

Comment 04 Jan 2013

Rex is such turd, makes his father, Buddy Ryan, seem like a great guy...

Comment 02 Jan 2013

I agree, win loss records matter, but showing up mattered.  I dont think scUM has anywhere close to the athletic talent of usc, but they coulda/shoulda won.  For people who just watch sports center and not the games it was complete doom and gloom for big10, but watching the games I was suprised/happy that the big10 showed up (except Pur-don't).

Very excited for next year! 

Comment 29 Nov 2011

Agree 100%, they circled the game on their calendar for 1yr and that was the best they could do.  How many things had to break completely wrong for us, for them to win. 

I'm not saying 12-0, but looking at the schedule, finding the close games is easy, try finding the losses...

Comment 26 Nov 2011

Ok, really tough loss but....

1) Posey comes back in week 5/6, we win this game

2) Sweat isn't out, we win this game

3) Shazier doesn't get injured, we win this game

4) A couple of drops, we win this game

5) Boom runs a little better, we win this game

With all that we have been through, and as charmed as scUM's season has been, this is the best they could do...  I was really worried that if we lost, we could end up with a dogfight every year for the next 5 - 10 with Brady.  No way I feel like that now.  scUM has been damaged beyond repair, this is their high water mark.  Enjoy getting made love to in an inappropriate place in a BCS game.