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Comment 11 May 2016

Yeah the whole defensive player of the year argument makes sense, but it's funny because I've heard several people say jordan wasn't even the best defender on the team. Some think pippen was the better defender and they would put him on the better players instead of Jordan. But like I said I was very young when Jordan was playing so I was never able to watch him so everything I know is just what I have heard.

Comment 11 May 2016

Coming from someone that never watched Jordan I'm  I don't really understand how you could compare Jordan and lebron. They seem like such different players to me. Jordan is known as a scorer and lebron is a distributor and this is evident from stats alone (lebron is about 15ish all time for assists and Jordan isn't even top twenty). And although there is a big scoring gap between all time points for lebron and Jordan, lebron should be pretty close to jordan by the time he has finished. The only knock I seem to hear about lebron is that he doesn't have the rings that Jordan does which to me seems to be somewhat overplayed. 

Comment 27 Apr 2016

Unfortunately those quaterbacks for um and msu will have almost a full season of games under their belt by the time they get to us on their schedule so its not like they will be breaking those quaterbacks in against osu. And I agree since we rotate so many players on the defensive line and and at wide receiver we have a lot of guys with serious min that aren't considered starters but they are considered pretty reliable.

My one area of concern is offensive line. It was crazy to me the offensive line that dominated on the way to a national championship and only lost one starter struggled so much this past season. Teams were constantly getting pressure on the quaterbacks last season and the run game just wasn't the same til they got the right coaches up in the booth. Now they're losing 3 starters from an offensive line that definitely struggled last year. If they can get the offensive line hitting then I will be much less nervous about this upcoming season but until I see it in going to be pretty apprehensive about just how far the Buckeyes can go. 

Comment 12 Apr 2016

Like people have said above cardale square peg in a round hole. He just wasn't a fit for the offense this year. Not to mention they stopped doing everything that was effective with him in the 2014 run in 2015, which was incredibly frustrating to me. Honestly it's not like JT came in and was tearing it up in the passing game either. They went with JT because he could run the ball because the passing game was just not there this year for some reason.

Comment 29 Mar 2016

Having gone to Delaware Hayes I would have loved to see Khalil here but I don't think he's really going to be much of a threat for a few years down the road. This year he was really inconsistent in his playing time and really didn't provide much on offense at all, but I think given a few years he could be pretty good.

Comment 08 Mar 2016

After watching his film I really don't see him as a tight end but a big receiver. All of the highlights all saw of him none of it was blocking. His film kinda reminds me of Alex stump, big receiver that will go up and get the 50/50 balls and not afriad of taking hits across the middle going for the ball.

Comment 04 Mar 2016

I was just about to say the same thing. Look at last year's finals. Lebron should have been the mvp of the finals on the losing team. I can appreciate what steph does he is just flat out amazing shooting the ball, but you take steph off to that team they still make the playoffs. You take lebron off the cavs they aren't even close in an eastern conference that is pretty bad.

Comment 28 Feb 2016

Like you said, "granted he's got the best supporting cast in the nba." People really tend to ignore this when comparing lebron and curry. Lebron should have been the mvp of the finals last season with his second and third best player on the team injured. All the focus was on lebron and he almost won mvp of the finals (and should have). If you switched curry and lebron in the finals last season, lebron and the Warriors sweep curry and the cavs.

Comment 17 Feb 2016

Bowden is as explosive of a player as I've seen since I've started following recruiting.

Comment 13 Feb 2016

I don't think anybody is questioning whether JT can throw the ball, but whether the pieces around him can step up. Both JT and cardale were fantastic in 2014 passing and both were sub par this past year passing.  What I think concerns people is the fact we are losing 3 lineman (one of which was an all American LT) and we struggled last year in pas protection that does not bode well for this upcoming year. Next you have to replace all three starting recievers one of which is most likely a first round prospect and second best reciever in the country. I know there are some questions about JT that people might have but overall I don't think people are really questioning whether JT can get it done but whether the people around him are going to step up also.

Comment 11 Feb 2016

Like urban always says, "this is an offensive and defensive line driven team"

Comment 08 Feb 2016

I think the difference between zeke and cam is that, for zeke that was a one time outburst that he apologized for afterwards. With cam, he seems to have a history of being immature/cocky. So this is just one more thing for people to point to and say he is immature. Not to mention cam is about 5-6 years older then zeke too.

Comment 22 Jan 2016

I would guess the reasoning for this would be that in most of his games he was successful because he ran the ball. He didn't have to many games where he really was passing the ball all over the field expect maybe Rutgers. I would assume they are looking at qb's that were throwing the ball all over the field this past year.

Comment 20 Jan 2016

This list seems pretty accurate, you could probably flip  flop either JT or mayfield at two and three depending on who you are a fan of. One thing I noticed the other day when I was looking back at the stats from the fiesta bowl was that they ended up giving kizer a higher qbr then JT after the game. I believe JT had a qbr of 50 where kizer had a 60 I believe. I mean I know it wasn't JT's best game but I thought he would have had a higher rating then kizer would.

Comment 17 Jan 2016

You might want to temper your expectations a bit for next year. Next year's schedule is tougher then this year's not to mention osu is replacing 8 starters around JT 3 of which could be potential 1st rounders (decker, zeke, and thomas). Expecting beck to get JT back to where he was in 2014 (which was nearly perfect for him) while breaking in 8 starters with a very tough schedule just doesn't seem reasonable to me. 

Comment 14 Jan 2016

Not to mention ND was healthy when they played Clemson not so much when they played osu