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Comment 28 Aug 2015

Part of me wants to say yes because of how well he does against pressure, but I still don't think it happens. I think braxton would have been the only quarterback that if healthy would have beaten vtech.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

What I noticed with this site is it all depends on what camp you are in. If you are in the cardale camp you will say look at the defenses he went up against 2 great defenses and an above average defense (which is true) and played great in all 3 games. Those in the JT camp will say it the offensive line and defense played better also (which is true) which was the major factor. 

I tend to be in the cardale camp just because I know he plays great against very good defenses where JT was somewhat inconsistent. I know everyone is going to jump on me and say look at the MSU game which he was fantastic in and I 100% agree. I also look at the penn st, vtech, and um game. Now I know vtech was his second game of the year so I can understand how he would struggle. He was under constant pressure during that game behind a new offensive line. But I would also point to the fact that in cardale's second game he was playing a very good team and under constant pressure but played fantastic. 

The penn at game everyone saw how ugly that game was. JT threw for under 100 YARDS! On the ground he was great, but I don't understand how people through out this game so much when talking about JT. We almost lost that game and you could almost say we won that game due to the defense similar to what some say about cardale.

MSU he was fantastic an amazing performance nothing can be said more than just spectacular.

The um game I thought JT really struggled in the first half. He just wasn't on in that game til the third quarter came around. We almost went into the half with only 7 points but thanks to a nice scramble by JT we were able to make 14. 

I guess I like cardale more because he was consistently fantastic against great teams where JT was amazing in the MSU game but I thought didn't really play all to well against other good/defenses. 

Just my 2 cents. I'm not saying JT can't be great against those great teams it's just I've seen JT struggle against above average teams and seen cardale play consistently great against those teams and does great under pressure in the pocket which I think is way undervalued by many on here. Some may say what about the read option and I agree JT is far better than cardale at that but honestly do we need the read option? We didn't need to need it too much during the last three games last year. I say just continue to feed zeke.

Comment 12 Aug 2015

I agree about cardale stretching the field with his arm being a bit off, but what I do notice is that cardale has a cannon and the ball gets to the target like a bullet and it doesn't even look like he is trying. Now that doesn't mean that he stretches the field but I believe that it causes teams to have to keep better/ tighter coverages because he can get the ball there so quickly. That's why the nfl loves quarterbacks with strong arms because those that don't get picked off because it gives the cornerback just enough time to make a play on the ball. So while I agree that he doesn't nessacarily stretch the field more than Barrett, I think teams do have to keep tIshtar coverages if they want to be able to make a play on the ball.

Comment 08 Jul 2015

Don't worry man!! I appreciate it, I would have never seen this if you hadn't posted it. I really don't understand why others get so upset about this kind of stuff when they can literally just skip over it. Your are just trying to be helpful

Comment 03 Jul 2015

Playing a little Devils advocate here can you imagine cardale with a years worth of experience like JT? You say JT is great at reading the field but doesn't that get a little easier as you play in more games? Think cardale is just scratching the surface with what he could be. Starting him next year could get him that experience, imagine going into next year playoffs with cardale and a years worth of experience to improve his game with! And urban said last year before the season that he was going to start JT because the offense just seemed to move better with him? Well I've never seen the offense move like it did with cardale during that 3 game stretch! I think they averaged about 53 ppg against 3 of the best teams in the country!!! So if that's the case shouldn't cardale start? As for Braxton if he continues to improve like he has in the past and gets to a completion % to about 68-70% and then you add how dynamic of a playmaker he is don't you have to start him? And I don't know what you are talking about with Braxton not being accurate on those deep balls!  Braxton hit one of those to Devin Smith in the UM game the year before and it was a beautiful, and if there was one pass he did well I always thought it was the long ball. Needless to say, is it football season yet?

Comment 19 Jun 2015

For everyone talking about zeke's 230 against bama, a lot of it came on the outside because bamas interior was very good

Comment 25 May 2015

What's the point in having a medical staff to evaluate players, if when they don't clear someone to play you just go to another doctor to get cleared? And people that say he was just getting cut must not have seen his film. He looked blazing fast on film, and had even put on some muscle recently if I remember correctly! Looked like he would have been a hell of a saftey.

Comment 17 May 2015

I believe meyer would have missed on lee if it wasn't for fickle lobbying for him. Honestly, I think these guys are pretty accurate with their rating if you ask me. We all know of guys that came in as a low ranked player and made it, but for every one of those there are probably 2 or so low ranked players that don't make it. It makes sense that the rating are pretty accurate because many of the good teams are always landing the top prospects (bama, osu, fsu, etc).

Comment 14 May 2015

I agree we won't see a drop off for a few more years but there is a difference between a mid 40 year old getting back into shape and lebron who is at about peak physical condition as possible. Lebron can only go downhill, while since you are starting to get back into shape can "have a resurgence." There is no resurgance for someone that is at their peak. But I agree with you, he has a few more years before we start to see a decline. I would say about 33-34 and we will start to see that decline. Once you hit that age you see a decline in muscular strength from there on out, nothing you can really do about it.

Comment 22 Apr 2015

I thought they spit him out right after, it was just he was so close to the blackhole that time slowed. Just being near the black hole 70 or so years went by is the way I understood it

Comment 19 Apr 2015

They did learn from Kalis, they aren't going to that school up north hahaha

Comment 17 Feb 2015

I remember seeing James Clark's film and thinking I haven't seen someone that fast in film in a long time! That dude didn't just outrun people he left them in the dust!

Comment 27 Jan 2015

A better way to look at it would be the percentage of 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars, that are in the nfl. The sheer numbers of 2 and 3 stars makes it more likely for them to be in the nfl then the 30 or so 5 stars each year.