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Comment 10 Dec 2014

What is the position that he wants to play? What position is osu recruiting him as? I figured he was being recruited to the viper and would want to play that position.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

On defense vonn bell has been making plays all over the field. On offense Daryl Baldwin, you never hear his name being called which is always a good thing for an offensive lineman.

Comment 29 Nov 2014

Did you really just say cardale jones an unproven quarterback is a better passer than Vince young. You really can't be serious!

Comment 12 Nov 2014

I'm not sure I heard anybody say manziel was a "good ole boy" actually most people thought he send very pretentious or as most of my friends would say a big douche! Maybe a&m fans believe that but there is not one person that I talked to that said they liked manziel. 

Comment 05 Nov 2014

You do realize there are hundreds of three stars and only about 30 or so five stars right? I'm not saying every five star is going to be great but generally five stars tend to be more successful percentage wise then 3 stars. 

The one thing that makes me wonder about Norwood is his offer list. Usually when you look at the low rated players and they have a bunch of really big offers say notre dame, Georgia, or Florida state I say it is just something the recruiting analysts missed on. This is not the case here, Norwood does not have the offer list or the stars which is way I think people are "bitching". That being said I watched his film and I do like what I see big, fast and wraps up

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Honestly as a student I think it's kind of obnoxious. It's justified by saying it gets them pumped up and all, but really if you need to chant "rip his fucking head off" to get pumped for an Ohio state game I feel sorry. I'm always pumped for an Ohio state game! 

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Not to mention Kyle Berger who Meyer has singled out before the season as one player he thought could make an immediate impact (to bad for the injury). Booker also looked good and Meyer said he is pushing for playing time. The future does seem to be bright at linebacker.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

You do realize Warriner doesn't recruit just linemen right? They recruit specific areas (Larry Johnson recruits east coast mainly, Herman does the Texas area and so on) . Sometimes they help with a big time prospect but they do not recruit their just their position group. If you are going to insult warriner at least know your stuff.

Comment 04 Aug 2014

People keep saying beanie got hurt more than Hyde. Hyde was hurt two games his junior year, and beanie was hurt 3 games junior year. I think people are looking at his pro career and using his injuries there as justification for durability issues. With that said I would take beanie he would have shredded teams in this offense.

Comment 11 Jul 2014

Well at least urban won a couple championships before he left can't really say the same for lebron

Comment 02 Jul 2014

Urban is pretty high on Kyle Berger don't for get about him!

Comment 25 Jun 2014

I think Georgia is what he meant. I thought I read that he had some relatives in Athens.