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Comment 02 Jan 2015

If I were him I would've mailed that B1G coach of the year to Meyer. Kill's a good guy; No way he can look at it and think he deserved it over Meyer. 

Comment 27 Feb 2013

So after watching the offensive display that was sparty vs brutus 2011 Dantonio decided he had to get him some of that?!? This can't be real life. This is sad for the B1G; very sad. Hiring Bollman is not how you improve an offense or recruiting.

Comment 11 Feb 2013

OMG RATES OF MOTION WHAT ARE THOSE?!? Yes, speed isn't everything but it's definately not overrated. You're forgetting college is a different game than pros. Technique at the position level and unit level are not as good. There's also more disparity between athletic abilities. With those it is easier to spring someone on a play in college, and when you have speed a lot better things happen when something breaks down. So what happens when someone breaks a tackle or a defense makes a mistake? Speed kills. Thats why you want speed when spreading the field. Not only to spread vertically but to get big plays when shit goes down 1on1 in space. If I'm recruiting a reciever in college I want speed.

Comment 11 Feb 2013

If a coach comes out with statements like that it's obvious he's countering some criticism, and it's well known that they have been criticized about lacking a game changer at reciever. There is no other reason to say stupid comments like "speed is overrated" and "he has to look like a Michigan man." Really who would say speed is overrated? You have to have someone that can stretch a defense vertically. You have to get big plays so you aren't forced to repeatedly string together long drives since the probability of scoring w/o big plays is not good. Of course you want SOME tall physical recievers but you better have ones that can run too...and c'mon good hands are a prerequisite to any type of reciever; thats their job.

Comment 16 Jan 2013

Interesting. Their tweets in ESPN's article about Oregon's commitments' reactions said they were solid to the ducks with or without Kelly. I hope your article is correct though as they both have tremendous value on both sides of the ball.


Edit; Found the quote: "With Chip leaving, it's [tough], but I think the program will be fine as long as the players want to win, and there's no doubt that they do," ESPN 300 WR Tyree Robinson (San Diego/Lincoln) said. "I'm not going to switch up. I'm a Duck and can't wait for next year."

Comment 20 Dec 2012

Great Breakdown. It'll be a very interesting spring game in 2013 to see how the defensive depth takes shape. From what we saw this year I have to think Perry will be the Mike. He definately looks like the 2nd best linebacker going into next year and I think we have better options to fill Sam than we do at Mike if Perry stayed at Sam.

Who else do you think gets a shot at star besides Brown and Bogard?