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Grew up in Michigan. Went to OSU. Still in the Columbus area.


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Comment 17 Sep 2014

I would put Boeckman above Zwick, but other than that this list is spot-on, with the caveat that, with one more year to play, Braxton has a significant chance to overtake Krenzel.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

A fake video some wannabe comedian tricked idiots into thinking was real, sparking a dumb meme. Read the Deadspin links.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

I'm not going to downvote you, but I will tell you that you're completely wrong.

Comment 14 Sep 2014

Nits. We all knew what the OP meant. And you "fixed" what he said by implying that Braxton had a good year in 2011, when he, although better than Bauserbombs, certainly did not.

Comment 12 Sep 2014

These are some might fine nits you're picking. And the games Braxton was starting were no less painful - and, occasionally, were much more painful - than the ones before he was starting.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Sterling exercised free speech and has not used his personal feelings on race to injury or stand in the way of opportunities for minorities

This is completely false.


Comment 10 Sep 2014

I think we should stop wearing the stupid things regardless of whether or not we win in them.

Comment 09 Sep 2014

This does nothing to counter my point that, as the richest conference, we could benefit from getting this legal and above-board.

Comment 09 Sep 2014

Someone above said it: the major problem is a dwindling recruiting base due to population flight to the south and west (it also doesn't help that our middling programs are cheapskates and, instead of dishing out some bank for proven coaches or The Next Hot Assistant, they just hire whoever won the MAC the previous year). Being the richest conference in the country, the Big Ten should be leading the charge to get athletes paid. We all know the SEC is rife with bagmen; the Big Ten needs to either do the same thing, or, if we're that scared of breaking rules, they need to really push to change those rules and get those kinds of player payments above-board.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

But Saturday night was empirical proof that the 2014 Buckeyes are the Worst Team Ever, and the entire coaching staff and university faculty should be fired because we are The Buckeyes and, unlike everyone else on the planet, we #DemandExcellence.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

That tinfoil hat looks great on you. Keep telling yourself that they report that the Big Ten is bad because they have some kind of bias, and not because the Big Ten is, you know, bad.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

If ESPN didn't say that the Big Ten sucks and shit the bed yesterday, they wouldn't be honest. They don't hate us, they're just telling the truth.

Comment 05 Sep 2014

I especially like the one of Gina Gershon, with OSU logos clearly photoshopped onto her plain white bikini.

Comment 05 Sep 2014

Monopoly is the worst board game ever, slightly worse than the runner-up, Risk.