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Comment 25 Jan 2015

Staying hungry is the biggest obstacle for the team as I see it. I think Urban can keep them motivated because thats what he does. But the too much to lose argument isn't as strong as it sounds. That would just motivate them to play not to lose and not play to win. The thing that made this postseason great is that they had nothing to lose.

Comment 05 Jan 2015
I don't know if I consider that taunting or not. When I read the headline I was thinking something more akin to Oregon's "No means no". This isn't taunting, this is baller.
Comment 04 Jan 2015
I remember Spielman suggesting this concept years ago on his radio show.
Comment 16 Dec 2014
Little did you know, that is actually me. Her favorite players always seem to be the ones that get little recognition, a few years ago she wanted a Ryan Hannigan Reds jersey. I couldn't find that one either.
Comment 18 Nov 2014
Yes there is...