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Comment 03 Jul 2016

Steve Bellisari was an animal on special teams as a freshman and I thought he was the next can't miss safety, but no.

Comment 06 Jun 2016
I think he is at least aware of the rules. Harbaugh has been in a constant mode where he is looking for loopholes in the rules in order to recruit. I am okay with this strategy, to me it just looks like desperation to keep up with Urban. He will continue to tiptoe along the edge of the line and Michigan men will continue to think he is doing it with the most upstanding moral character.
Comment 23 May 2016
You'resaying only 7 TD's, but when I add up your tally of who scores I get 8. 3 rushing TD's from the RB position, 4 TD passes from the QBs, and Barrett adds another rushing.
Comment 24 Mar 2016
Exactly, that is even more reason to give players a week off. Not have a week off of school only to go to another state to have practice. Thanks, for saying I'm dumb, then further driving the point home. I have no doubt the camp would be fun for the players, but everyone needs a chance to shut it down and reset every once in a while.
Comment 23 Mar 2016
It may be nonsense and just another ploy for publicity, but just let it go. UM will be just like any other stop for Harbaugh. His bosses will eventually grow tired of the childish acts and his players will eventually grow to resent him. He has a model that is unsustainable for the long term.
Comment 23 Mar 2016
I don't think it was a shot at UM either. It is the truth, and I agree with not taking the player's free time from them. There is an issue in this country that everyone deals with in having a healthy work/life balance and I think that allowing college kids to enjoy their spring break is a good thing. Everyone needs a break sometimes and I think Harbaugh's methods will eventually bite him in his prepared anus.