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Comment 16 Dec 2014
Little did you know, that is actually me. Her favorite players always seem to be the ones that get little recognition, a few years ago she wanted a Ryan Hannigan Reds jersey. I couldn't find that one either.
Comment 18 Nov 2014
Yes there is...
Comment 18 Nov 2014
Most of us thought that last year.
Comment 18 Nov 2014
But those offensive numbers have been put up against bad B1G defenses and those defensive numbers are against bad B1G offenses.
Comment 10 Nov 2014
My reaction would be very similar. This is perhaps the greatest possible outcome of the season other than an OSU National Championship.
Comment 10 Nov 2014
E was my pick. Given the right defense and RB, those numbers and ball security is downright deadly. Barrett is definitely lighting it up.
Comment 07 Nov 2014
I keep hearing that this album is much better than everyone expected. I hope so, but I already had High Hopes for this.