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Comment 07 Nov 2016

My Dad and I are taking a road trip to Baltimore for the Browns and OSU games.  Anyone tailgating before the OSU game? We'd be happy to pitch in food/beer/money.

Comment 19 Sep 2016
I disagree that his pro position in safety. I think he'll be a linebacker similar to darron lee. As the NFL becomes more and more of a passing league, teams need linebackers who can hit and who can cover.
Comment 19 Sep 2016
As buckeye fans, we get way to defensive about this kid. Michigan is allowed to have good players, and peppers is really good. He's gonna be a first round draft pick and start in the NFL next year. To answer the OP's question though. I think he'd be a linebacker. He's a lighter, faster darron lee, and I think if he were at osu we would have packed a few more pounds on him. (Lee is listed at 6-1 238 and peppers is 6-1 210)
Comment 14 Jun 2016

So, first off, we've got about 3 years left of LeBron's prime.  Trading for picks/rookie contracts isn't going to help, because once LeBron's done we are back to basketball purgatory.  I think the Cavs are clearly the #2 team in the NBA, and that Golden State will go down as one of the best teams of all time.  They will lose Barnes, Ezeli, and probably Livingston this season I believe, so expecting a huge drop-off is unlikely, but they probably won't be 73 wins great as the contracts start to mount up and they lose some of their crazy depth.  We could move Kyrie easier, but despite his defensive weaknesses, and his penchant for heroballing it, I don't think you should trade a 24 year old All star that can drop 40 in an NBA finals game.  We can't add any contracts through free agency, so that brings us to Love.  Against most NBA teams, he's good, and despite the terrible matchup, he hasn't played horribly this finals (no one on the cavs is a positive +/-, but take out Game 3 where he didn't play and Love is near the top of the team. He was plus 18 in game depsite only scoring 2 points)  I think we should hold the course.  We're not going to be able to trade him for anybody as good as Wiggins, so I think we should hope that us playing together longer under Lue (give the guy a training camp before hating on him, although I haven't loved some of his playoff rotation decisions) gives us a boost. If that Golden state takes a step back or loses to someone we do match up well against (why did OKC have to choke?) we can win a title with the team we have.  To answer the question though I'd kick the tires on blake Griffen/CP3 for Kyrie and Love just for shits and giggles.

Comment 27 Jan 2016
Yeah people are too hard on him. He's brash, but if you're gonna dish it out, you've gotta take it, and hes never complained about people mocking his celebrations on the field.
Comment 20 Jan 2016

I dunno. I'm not trying to say Michigan is right, and I don't think Ohio State is wrong.  With that being said, I don't want to be a Penn State fan and blindly defend everything my school does no matter what. Recruiting can very quickly and very easily become a shady business, and we might not ever know the whole story with Hill, or Swenson, or Dean or the other guys the Harbough may or may not have forced out, or the punter grayshirt/not grayshirt and went to florida thing a few years ago.  My point in saying this is that whatever moral high ground Michigan fans think they have is gone.

Comment 20 Jan 2016
Ohio state does do this. Birmingham tweeted out earlier that we did this with George hill, the only difference was the timing. With that said, the sec powers do this, usc does this, Florida state does this, now michigan has joined the ranks. Its the cost of doing business today. I hope those arrogant michigan fans enjoy eating their words about the "michigan difference" or whatever gives them their false sense of superiority , and I hope that osu fans don't rub it in bc we aren't any better.
Comment 02 Jan 2016
They should take bosa. They will take a qb. I hope they can trade down to that tho. Watch as bosa falls to baltimore and wrecks us for the next decade.
Comment 30 Dec 2015

Gary is a beast.  I saw some of his combine measurements somewhere, and apparently he can shuttle and lift better then most d lineman drafted last year. With that being said, he's a freshman, and we've got NFL caliber players on our team as well.  I'd love to have him, hats off to UM if they get him, but never worry about an 18 year old.

Comment 07 Dec 2015
I thought there were concerns about his running ability, which is why we backed off him before the season. Am I making this up?
Comment 21 Nov 2015
I think you can blame Zeke. He was frustrated and vented to the media after an emotional loss, so I understand where he is coming from, but hes acting like the season is over, and we have two games left. If you want to say this, fine but do after the last game.
Comment 01 Sep 2015
Yeah, it's kind of sad. I don't know if cleveland can support 3 pro teams any more. Between public opinion of the dolan's and the cavs being good, the tribe cannot draw.
Comment 01 Sep 2015
I'll be honest, I feel like they have done this the last three or four seasons. It's frustrating: high off season hopes due to a strong finish the previous year, fall flat out of the gates for 6 weeks, put together a decent month to string everyone along, limp into the all star break, play terrible after the all star break, after everyone gives up on the season finally put it together and play great for 6 weeks, high off season hopes due to the end of season play, rinse and repeat. I want to see A. Lindor stop bunting, and b. The tribe start a season as well as they end it with this core group of players/Front office. Besides, it's football season now, maybe next year tribe.
Comment 27 Aug 2015

But we can pay them stipends?  They aren't amateur, which is why they deservedly are getting paid.  If we're paying them a cost-of-attendance scholarship, why couldn't we fine them for doing something that breaks team rules?

Comment 27 Aug 2015

So maybe I'm missing something here, but what's so terrible about fining players if they screw up?  I think I'd rather have Bosa and the rest playing in Va Tech and fined rather then suspended.