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Comment 02 Aug 2016

For what it's worth, just heard Harris's mother is coming on the visit as well. 

Comment 01 Aug 2016

Very interested in hearing Andrew's opinion on the CB.  From most other recruiting analyst, Harris doesn't speak to them and it all goes through his assistant coach.  Who they mention even he isn't speaking a lot on the recruitment right now.  Michigan recruiter Steve Lorenz said he has been sitting on the visit info for a month now with Michigan not wanting the word to get out that he is visiting.  

Comment 02 Mar 2016

In other Harbaugh news, ESPN tweeted a pic of Harbaugh in a Tigers uniform as he is the first base coach (1 inning) today. 

Comment 01 Mar 2016

They could easily work on their conditioning technique and see an increase in any of the scenarios you're talking about.  It is absolutely mind blowing you won't even acknowledge that technique could factor in for a better 40 or even a higher number in bench press results.

Comment 17 Feb 2016

In my defense I was a member a year before you ever joined.  And as mentioned above usually don't have these type of debates, because most of the time most people don't accuse me of trying to be  troll when I'm not hiding anything.

Comment 17 Feb 2016
Troll? My name is literally itsmichiganfergodsakes. You're the first I've heard someone confusing me for an osu fan. For the most part I usually have good interactions with the people on this board sharing each others views. Case in point, you felt NOBODY made a negative reaction to last year's satelght camp. Obviously, as stated above, I did not feel that case at all from frequenting the board. To each their own.
Comment 17 Feb 2016

Correct me if I'm wrong but they're the same satelight camps that a large amount of people on here (not everyone on here) last season called gimmicky that Harbaugh was running and OSU doesn't have to do these sort of things?  

By any means I am not bashing here, very smart of OSU to do.  Again, why not.

Comment 15 Feb 2016

Curious because I may have missed it but when/what did he say when he picked a fight with Dantonio or Meyer.  I was actually hoping something may happen to just spice it up and bring more attention to the game.  Only thing I can even remotely remember of comments was end of the 2015 recruiting class with Weber of a tweet.  Then Meyer at the end of the 2016 is the only verbal shots I can remember where he was referencing Michigan's recruiting tactics.  But maybe I missed these, fill me in!

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Class rankings is more of a fun debate when it get to the top 1-3 3-6 range of classes because they are all so close usually.  Michigan signed 5 more kids than OSU, the 5 lowest ranked kids on their list make up just over .8 points combined!  For a good scale to judge, Gary is worth 10 points, Fuler just over 3.  To that in perspective with how close it came down to, whoever landed Fuller between Michigan and OSU would have the higher rated class.  This is not arguing if OSU or Michigan's class is better, just breaking it down for some who may not follow recruiting as much.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Haha it all started with Joebuckeye mentioning the best thing for Michigan has been a recruiting class and debating that.  Then a few others decided to add to the conversation.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

@Joebuckeye agree on be skeptical from the past years of the product Michigan has put on the field.  Hoke recruited great talent but he wasted it all by not developing them.  In my opinion Harbaugh has shown he can win and has proven that at Stanford and in the NFL.  So yes you can be skeptical because Michigan has sucked but it's harder to be skeptical when you put a guy in who has won.  Yes I'm aware by win I mean a 1 loss Stanford team and a 49ers that lost in the Super Bowl.  I also believe it is harder for OSU fans to understand the optimism for Michigan.  OSU has been great for a long time where as Michigan has suffered for a long time.  What most OSU fans seem to say a 10 win season is irrelevant, it is not in the eyes of Michigan fan especially with over achieving from expectations last year.  So sure another 10-11 win season may seem like irrelevant to OSU again next year if it happens but Michigan not at the point yet.  So not sure what it will take to satisfy osu fans, some just beating them, some winning the B1G, or some a national championship.  

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Where did it come off that I was SO EXCITED!?  Now if you asked if it could be some value to host spring practice in Florida with surrounding talent to visit and not to mention the school you're hosting it at has 10 players ranked in the top 200.  Then yes, I would of said it could prove to be a good recruiting tool.  But, SO EXCITED is not the term.  I can be unbiased in realistic when it comes to talking sports, you're just throwing random comments out there.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Not a lot has happened for Michigan since the 1 vs 2 game.  Been pretty down hill since then besides a bright spot season with Brady's first season.  But for Harbaugh to take a 5 win team that was left with a dumpster fire recruiting class when hired and turn it into 10 wins and a top ranked 5 class, it's a bright spot season and class.  I understand the grumbles of Harbaugh's tactics.  However, Michigan is not in the same position as Alabama and OSU where they're PLENTY established.  They had to rely on selling the Michigan brand and Harbaugh and make it seem like a popular/cool place to be.  He does some strange things but also has done some very innovative recruitiing tactics to help midwest schools.  I have a very hard time believing the majority of OSU fans would not be ecstatic knowing the recruiting opportunity if Urban announced he is going to IMG in Florida for a week of practice.   

Comment 03 Feb 2016

*Dabo Swinney flys in the door Kramer style*

Unfortunately only 46, but still haha.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

They finished 4th in rivals, 6th in scout and 5th in 247.  I would say that's an average of a top 5 class.  

*If you use ESPN recruiting, you haven't started following recruiting yet.  That is not trolling as I see it everyday by fans on here of making fun of espn recruiting.

Comment 03 Feb 2016

Personally, that makes no sense to me.  A few of my best friends are Michigan fans and a few are Ohio State fans.  He was also in the locker room with Harbaugh with the 49ers and he did sign a LOI intent with Michigan to play football in the 60's.  Not saying he wasn't paid but also has a few connections of his own.