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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Witnessing Eddie George in 1995 rushing all over a Simeon Rice-led Illinois defense to the tune of 314 yards, 3 TDs, and even catching one... Orlando Pace didn't look too shabby either... it was a wet cold evening, and all the ponchos were out, but will never forget his milestone. He was a man among boys.
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Comment 25 Nov 2014
I was in the south stands when that happened and about murdered someone when I saw him slip and fall... So dominant but against Michigan, they never played with confidence
Comment 24 Nov 2014

Forgot that the 3 games people were talking about were the B1G Champtionship and the 2 layoff games.... thanks!

Comment 24 Nov 2014

If you go over to mgoblog, you can see that this game is not something they want to think about, talk about, breath about, or anything else... rather amusing.  I think trolling on that site would only be greeted with apathy anymore... sad state of affairs my friends, I mean, we can't even eat their tears!

Comment 24 Nov 2014

I wonder if Dontre will be back in action... would love to see him redeem himself after last year's effort.

Comment 23 Nov 2014
It would certainly be mighty fine... As we continue to build the program up and establish the winning culture that Urbz has been recruiting for, I can't help but hope that the rest if the fat 10 get off of their rumps and start to make some noise in the recruiting trail, too. PSU clearly fell on its face with no scholarship OL starters and a regressing Sackenberg, but 2015 has to be a turnaround year for programs on the trajectory of Kill's Minnesota like PSU, UM, Wisky, Nebraska to start to chip away the frost for talent in the B1G (outside of us)
Comment 23 Nov 2014
Thanks Matt - I'm going to hypothesize that the big plays we gave up against Tevin (a true stud), were plays towards Josh Perry's side (at least one was) - meaning there may be some film on the lack of discipline, block-shedding, or gap-filling on his side of the line, because for Josh to have that many tackles is quite a game yet it seems in the past few games, he is getting blocked rather easily and/or taken out of a run play too easily.
Comment 22 Nov 2014

Seeing that we didn't cover the spread, stylepoints are likely highly wanted, but lacking in my opinion.  The good news is that most of the rest of college football this weekend is a bore, and hopefully most of the CFP committee will be preparing for their Thanksgiving dinners and get togethers rather than watch the ugliness that unfolded today.

Comment 22 Nov 2014

Excellent work by Jalin today.  Everyone else seemed to be sleepwalking, which is understandable, but hopefully they use the anger from getting embarrassed by Tevin to heart and come out to squash doubts next week and in the B1G Championship game.  That was frustratingly painful to watch at times today...

Comment 22 Nov 2014

Sad... just sad.... we packed the student section even against weak competition during the COOPER years for goodness sakes... bunch of entitled kids man... 

Comment 20 Nov 2014
If this turns out to be true, then that means they were able to convince the B1G that a molly is not performance enhacing, and more of a threat to the general health of the athlete on the field - no one would want a kid to drop dead during a game and have autopsy reports thatsay he'd been a highly functioning addict-athlete. That said, I hope the young man has turned a corner and is on his way back - playing or not is only an added bonus for him.