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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Witnessing Eddie George in 1995 rushing all over a Simeon Rice-led Illinois defense to the tune of 314 yards, 3 TDs, and even catching one... Orlando Pace didn't look too shabby either... it was a wet cold evening, and all the ponchos were out, but will never forget his milestone. He was a man among boys.
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Comment 23 May 2015

Good to see you back on here BamaMike... we were wondering what happened to you for awhile.

Comment 19 May 2015

When we ran tempo last year - was it against Cinci? I forget... - it was a thing of beauty to see us eat up yards play after play with our speed and power. I know they have it in their back pocket as something they can do, and it will be interesting how Urban, Ed, and Tim Beck will use it this year. I thought they would have brought it back later in the season against the better teams, but they refrained.

That said, Nebraska has a faster play per second than us, so maybe Tim will convince Urban to change some things up to go faster this upcoming season with a veteran team and a deeper list of play makers on offense.

Comment 19 May 2015

Ok, looks like enough of you guys have been trying to flick DJ's balls today. I can't remember the last time we got him so fired up.

The man man wrote his piece, and he'll die by his piece - with fair reasoning. Can we focus on how much this offseason sucks instead???

Comment 14 May 2015

Wholeheartedly agree that JT has grit and determination against a plan that was challenging to overcome for anyone in his predicament - so not taking away from his accomplishment. However, what that game showed (and later on against TSUN, too) is that he may be as injury-prone as BM if you include his high school knee injury - so my confidence isn't on him isn't about his skill, heart, determination, leadership (I was only of the early fans of JT), but it does tend to have higher peaks and valleys than say, Cardale, who seems to be the only one built like a tank. All that said, I like BM's sheer athleticism to get us out of binds more than the other two is all. Not saying he has the highest ceiling of the 3.

Comment 14 May 2015

His connections to the NFL is really the only play he's got for recruiting, because he isn't going to win selling the package of a championship football team + elite academics anymore... those days are long gone. They are just a different color and tradition of Northwestern right now where football ain't worth squat.

Other than that, it would seem to me that he is trying to build a system and team around the QB - tried and true playbook, but what kind of message would this send to other position players? With the coaching talent they have, I am sure they can develop talent, BUT if he doesn't produce a top 5 recruiting class in the next 2 years, stick a fork in that program with a heavy dose of despair and an enthusiasm the likes that have been unknown by mankind. He is their 'trump card'... the trump to get over a hump. They have ALL of their eggs in that crazy basket case... too much has to go right for that program. I can see them getting back to a winning way, but just don't see championships for them. He has to overcome Urbz+Dino every year... just don't see it.

Comment 13 May 2015

Yes, but not suggesting that Cardale or JT can't pull out clutch performances. They just do it differently. JT in the PSU game didn't give me much confidence though he got the results.. speaking of which...

And as a results-based person who doesn't care how it gets done (within ethical boundaries), then no matter who drives the team down the field won't matter so long as we get the result, and so it makes this entire debate worthless from this Buckeye fan's standpoint.

However, I take this whole QBgeddon debate as one of who you would hitch your wagon to if you have an attachment to a particular QB, so then who is your pick? I am saying a fully healthy BM IMHO is all.

If all three are 100%, who would you want to win the next Championship with? Throwing sentimentality out the door...


Comment 13 May 2015

My opinion is that BM will win the starting spot for no other reason than a wishful hunch. The key is as stated above if his 80% or 90% is better than Cardale or JT at 100%. Logic would suggest 'no' from a consistency standpoint, but otherwise, my wishful hunch is predicated on the 'feeling' you get when in crunch time... Cardale and BM give me every bit of confidence that we will pull out what is needed due to their special gifts. As much as I love JT, too, I never got that secure feeling of whether he would pull it out - though he only lost against VT in his very first big game against a worthy defense.

I guess one could argue that BM didn't get it done against MSU in the B1G Championship either as a counter argument, but he is so electric, that I don't mind erring on the side of overconfidence with his ability to will a win. The difference might be how BM does with the skill set around him vs having to do it on his own for so long - ie, can he overcome his own tendencies and actually utilize the team talent that Cardale annd JT learned to use because they had to with their own inexperience...

Comment 13 May 2015

I woke up to this horrible news. I have taken that late ride between our NY and Philly offices for a month or so in the past, and I have co-workers who take it daily, but thankfully they were not on this one, but it makes you really think... Such a shame, because it is actually a very pleasant ride (better than the shuttle flights), and you can do work on the train rather easily.

Thoughts and Prayers to the lost and those in critical condition and their families.

Comment 11 May 2015

Thanks Kyle - excellent and educational as always. The evolution of Tyvis from 'Dammit Tyvis' to game-saver against TSUN to 'Dad/Son' has been great to watch, and I can't wait to see him do great things on the next level, too. The fact that both he and Vonn have such a great nose for interceptions makes me feel great about the growth of a sustainable dominance as a defense. Let's just hope that the DL is as effective if not more this year.

Comment 10 May 2015

Eric, thanks for getting me excited in the offseason. While other teams will be building their swords, we are sharpening ours to be even deadlier come fall. Urban and staff have built a Lamborghini (power+speed) and Ed gets to drive this baby on the B1G test track. Can't wait to see the beautiful engineering pay dividends with more memorable performances and championships.

Burn baby burn! 

Comment 06 May 2015

Quite the gauntlet indeed. I will be relishing in some great Buckeye football this fall with new heros emerging on an already star-studded cast, and a scarlet and gray run to the national title once more. 

Comment 06 May 2015

She is great in both writing, tweeting, and in being in front of the cameras with the lights on. I am only sorry to have been late to our venerable site when she was still here.

Comment 03 May 2015

The good news for Rod is that he isn't in the 2000 rep club, so he's got a lot left in the tank to show out in the NFL for a long time barring injuries or off-field issues. Here's to you Rod. The heir apparent to Marshawn?