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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Witnessing Eddie George in 1995 rushing all over a Simeon Rice-led Illinois defense to the tune of 314 yards, 3 TDs, and even catching one... Orlando Pace didn't look too shabby either... it was a wet cold evening, and all the ponchos were out, but will never forget his milestone. He was a man among boys.
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Comment 21 minutes ago

Thanks Vico - love reliving so many of these types of games.  Speaking of Saban being on staff with the Buckeyes, it makes me wonder how many national titles have coaches who came through our storied program...

Comment 25 minutes ago

A lot of those questions were asked during the B1G media bonanza that he just wrapped up, so I'm sure he was quite ready for any question ESPiN had for him

Comment 17 hours ago

Well, Fickell being an exception, but I understand that it was a crazy situation with tatgate, but I don't think it would be so far out of the realm of possibility to see a scenario where Urban tells Gene Smith that he would be crazy not to promote Herman and hire him to be HC here (if he stayed until Urban retired - which likely won't happen anyway, so this is all one big 'what if' anyway).

Comment 18 hours ago

The crazy thing about that sprint time was that both of hist 40 tries started off shaky and slightly off balance before he pushed through.  Scary that he could have been even faster - Justin's tactics were hilarious though

Comment 20 hours ago

While I don't disagree with your assessment much at all, are we to believe that other than to put more pressure on his defensive coaches and players by his mere presence, that he was just giving lip service to the media to satiate them long enough?  I could agree with this, too - it wouldn't be the first time that a coach or a leader has done this to lower the heat of the spotlight for many reasons (eg, recruiting, reputation, integrity of leadership, etc)... BUT I wasn't there... just saying that it would have been nice to see what really went down - results really being part of the history that it is.

Comment 22 hours ago

One of the befuddling things we will never know (since we were not in those meetings and practices) is that Urban started spending more time with the defensive teams toward the end of the year and the groups only got more exposed - so why?  Did the coordinators somehow convince Urban that nothing could be changed so late in the season?  Was Urban being somewhat ignored? So many questions that are being put behind us now that we keep reading and hearing of how improved and cohesive the new unit will be on D.

oh, to have been a fly on those walls...

Comment 24 hours ago

Jimmy Franklin landing another.  Good for them, and best of luck to the kid.  Here's to seeing if Urbz can reel in Josh Sweat!

Comment 24 hours ago

not anymore - we're on the left... keep fingers crossed

Comment 30 Jul 2014

This is rather insightful... I know that the players they put forward to the media are coached-up to not discuss divisive matters that happen in the locker room (along with the unwritten rule to keep the locker room sacred), but the discord that must have been plaguing the team last year reminded me of the finger-pointing culture that was around when we lost to LSU in the national championship game, too.  Not blaming Fickell, but that's a culture issue.  Glad that they blew that all up, and that there is more focus of the unit as a whole - let's see how it grades out when the tests begin in real games.

Comment 30 Jul 2014

In terms of attitude/behavior, it doesn't seem to sound that much different than Troy Smith before his OSU days.  If and when he comes to camp, he will get a cold shower of reality, and I just hope he has the mental fortitude to rise to the challenge to be the next great QB for us.

Comment 30 Jul 2014

I voted 'yes' to wanting him to stay in the B1G as my 2nd choice, and 1st choice being that he stays and becomes Urbs' successor, too, but my hunches tell me that he may end up back in the Big12 (family ties and familiarity of the recruiting landscape) or head to the ACC, which has plenty of room for improvement outside of Florida State and Clemson.  

When Urban retires, I would imagine that Herman would be candidate number 1 thru 5, but if he finds success in another B1G school, then it would be hard to think that he would be back...

Given that being a Buckeye is often a lot about traditions, it would be nice if he would continue the tradition of being a Buckeye Assistance Coach having ties with Iowa State, then becoming a HC at our program (eg, Earle Bruce)...

Comment 30 Jul 2014

Great stuff Ramzy - Love the Eddie George example - and made me think of Troy Smith, too (who had a few bumps in his road along his way to greatness).  Both showed what it meant to grow up under the public eye, to embrace it, and to flourish.  So here's to flourishing as great Buckeye men!

Comment 29 Jul 2014

Given that our defense is supposedly improved, I am convinced that we are going to see more offense this year than last year, and I wouldn't be surprised if this leads to a higher scoring avg than last year, too - regardless of competition.

Comment 29 Jul 2014

Unhinged was a mild word... I broke a few things on the way to the mower usually.  I would have probably went leaf/snow blowing if I stayed in Columbus during the losses, but cutting grass always provided a nice distraction. And yes, there is certainly something wrong with me after the 90s.  They should do a study on me and see if the fans from up north have similar symptoms. ;p

Speaking of which, I remember when we got Biakabazooka'd and I burned my 'we're going to the rose bowl' hat, and my neighbors called the fire dept thinking our unit was on fire.  Half of the residents flocked out to see that it was just a bucket with a burnt hat in it... oh the glory days...

Comment 29 Jul 2014

I thought it was a combination of the big brother and unit leader (coach)... either way, nice pick ;p

Comment 29 Jul 2014

And here starts the slipperly slope... 70M for a settlement, but does not address the long-term needs of these athletes.  Some may say that it's better than nothing, but if you use the Welfare or Medicare/Medicaid system as a proxy for the way that this settlement seems to have been handled, then it's clear that this is not a long-term solution at all, and is laughable at best.  I'm sure they hired some actuarians and consultants to let them know what the max damage could be based on numbers of injuries, etc, but it feels like they want the student-athletes to get covered off of their parents' private insurance... which isn't always helpful.  Emmert is continuing to brand himself as a lost cause of a leader. /rant

Comment 29 Jul 2014

My hunch tells me that the first to get his stripe removed will be none other than Curtis Samuel.  Urbz practically took his stripe off during spring practice with the glowing review he gave him.