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Comment 24 May 2016

"I spoke to (Urban) Meyer," Ruckert said of his offer. "It was over the phone.

Props to these young men for being able to answer their phone, hear 'This is Urban Meyer, head football coach at The Ohio State University,' and then engage in any kind of intelligent conversation. I'm sure the best effort I could muster under those circumstances would be to promptly piss myself and then pass out. 

Comment 14 May 2016

Found this on an NCAA sports blog. It appears that early enrollees can be counted toward the current class or the previous class, whichever is more beneficial.

Any player who signs a financial aid agreement (i.e. an early enrollee) has to be listed as an “initial counter” and be assigned to a specific recruiting class. If a player is an early enrollee, he can be an initial counter with the current recruiting class or he can be back counted to a previous class that had room available. Early enrollees can help programs navigate around scholarship limits for a specific season.