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Comment 30 Jan 2015

I was going to post something saying similar things, having served as an enlisted soldier in the Army under a few West Point grads who came in acting like they knew more than their platoon sergeants who had been in for 12+ years.  Although, the worst officer I ever served under was a communication specialist for 4 years before going to OCS and becoming an air defense officer.  Most "green to gold" officers are down to earth and level headed and understand what enlisted soldiers go through, but this guy was just an asshole on a power trip and only cared about his own career advancement.

Comment 29 Jan 2015

As a specialist who ran my own Commo Shop, the other trick is to post office hours on your door that state that you are only available on Tuesday and Thursday morning, and make sure you are somewhere else the rest of the week (I spent "a lot of time" at the DS Maintenance shop.....).  And even then I'd still get busted by our Motor Chief.  Because he could.  But our Chief also had our backs if the CO or someone not-from-hq-platoon ever wanted to mess with us.  He cussed out our CO more than a few times, and wasn't afraid to cuss out the LTC, either.

Comment 26 Jan 2015

Despite us playing like crap all year to this point, I only see three more possible losses on the schedule -- Maryland, @MSU, and Wisconsin.  Since the 2 harder opponents of those three are played at home, it isn't unreasonable to think we could win 2 out of the 3.  That would give us a conference record of 14-4 (25-6 overall) and a shot at winning the regular season conference championship and Thad Matta always has us ready for the B1G Tourney.  And to think, a week ago, I was worried about going to the NIT (not that that isn't a possibility if we drop all 3 of those games).

I think our team has what it takes to play well, let's hope that they can get it done.  Go Bucks!

Comment 23 Jan 2015

I didn't know it was possible to use Bing and not get porn.  Or did you get the National Championship celebration in addition to porn?  Or was it porn of the National Championship game?

Comment 23 Jan 2015

I recall Tom Brady losing badly to Joe Germaine that one time.

Comment 23 Jan 2015

I voted PSU -- my reasoning was the fact that their defense is legit and if their offensive line figures out how to block whatsoever, Hackenburg could be dangerous.  However, I do also recall, now that I think about it, how disruptive the noise level (much of which was illegally pumped in during the game) was to our offensive rhythm.  We will not have these issues playing at home.  

I'm not as worried about MSU this year, they are losing a lot especially with Narduzzi gone.  I just don't see them reproducing what they've achieved the last two seasons.  It might be a tough game, but I'm not worried about it in the least.

Virginia Tech is going to get steamrolled.  Sorry, but seriously, they're not going to know what hit them.  Keep those "VT: 35 National Champions: 21" shirts because you won't be making a shirt for 2015.

That leaves TSUN.  I think Harbaugh will be smart enough to be gameplanning for us all season at the expense of a loss or two during the year.  They have all season to learn his new system and even though they may get a few ugly wins and a few ugly losses along the way, they'll show up ready to play.  That said, I don't think he'll pull a "2001 Jim Tressel" but we should all be worried about this game against a coach that is seeking to prove he can be what his two predecessors (3 if you count the second half of Carr's tenure) were not: champions over Ohio State.

So in retrospect, TSUN by a landslide.  PSU is a distant second, followed closely by MSU, and lol@VT.

Comment 22 Jan 2015

Andy, you are one of the people that I respect the most on this site.  And everything you said about ad supported content is true and good.  But hopefully you didn't take my posts in this forum to mean that I am against that business model because I'm not.  It was a complaint about a singular ad, which was new as of yesterday morning as far as I'm aware.  It was a banner ad with 8 mini-ads imbedded in them, 6 out of 8 of which were half-naked women and would take up about 1/3 of my browser window at the time.  I felt like the ad was in poor taste and not up to the quality standards I'm used to at 11W so I felt the need to say something about it.

Since yesterday, the content of this banner ad has adjusted and is almost entirely sports related, and all the half-naked women are gone from it, so there is no more complaint from me.  Even Jason said elsewhere in this thread that if the women had stayed, he would have cancelled that ad outright.  They're gone now so everyone is happy.

I'm not upset that 11W added new advertising.  This means that they are growing and is an excellent sign of the health of this website, so please understand my purpose for this post.  Now, all the people openly admitting to using adblock...  that's another story.

Comment 21 Jan 2015

Sorry for any frustration I might have caused by posting this topic.  Definitely was not my intent, just wanted to raise awareness about the new ads this morning.  The content of the ads is vastly improved, so kudos for that, despite their initial offerings being somewhat bad.  

I love this site and I want it to continue to thrive.  Obviously, not to the extent that you do, but I've been here for a long time (lurker for probably 2 years before I created my account in 2012) and there's no other site out there that compares.  I know you have our best interests in mind which is why this site is so great, and I apologize if I made it seem like I thought otherwise.  Thanks for what you do.

Comment 21 Jan 2015

Don't forget the gatorade to pour on your [children's] cereal.

Comment 21 Jan 2015

I work in IT so I understand the business model of websites that are supported by advertising revenue.  This post was not a complaint against that business model.  It was an observation that the new advertising is slightly less "work friendly" and I have no problems with any of the other previous advertising (well, except the hostile redirects).  This means I will spend less time on front page articles that have those new ads because if my boss walks in and sees scantily clad women in an advertisement on my computer screen, that affects my standing with my employer.  If I spend less time on those articles, 11W earns less revenue from me.  Or should I remain silent and stop browsing 11W while at work?  I would think that Jason would listen to and even request feedback of this nature as it does affect his bottom line.  And given that he has commented in several places on this thread, that reflects that he does value this feedback.  I'm sorry if my feedback that wasn't directed to you offends you somehow.

Comment 21 Jan 2015

The amount of money you have the chance to win on that show is not even remotely close to being worth everything they make those contestants do.  

They take a "I bet you wouldn't do that for a million dollars" thing, change the reward to 10k, and then make you do it faster than 2 other people.  And then they make you do four other things that are worse.  There's some stupid people on that show, that's for sure.

Comment 21 Jan 2015

I have this issue as well.  Anything from Twitter or Youtube works fine but Imgur, Instagram, Vine, all blocked.  Memegenerator doesn't even get blocked.  My IT department has strange priorities.

Comment 21 Jan 2015

I some times eat English muffins with cream cheese.  I don't recommend the crunchy cheese (and I'm not a communist!).

Comment 21 Jan 2015

I took the OP to mean that if OSU was the team deflating footballs... yeah, 

In reality, at the level of play of the NFL, the deflation makes very little difference.  There is no doubt that Tom Brady is one of the best QBs to play the game, I don't think he needs a deflated ball as a crutch.  Maybe we should ask the Colts player who caught the interception if he would have made the catch if the ball was inflated properly (and also why he didn't immediately say something to an official).  It's hilarious that on the other side, Rodgers was complaining that the balls weren't inflated enough!  Maybe Green Bay should be playing the Colts in the Super Bowl (or the lets-whine-because-we-lost, consolation bowl).

Of course, Brady being a Michigan grad that only went 1-1 against OSU in the John Cooper era when he started at QB, I think it's hilarious that he has to deflate balls or otherwise cheat to make it to the Super Bowl and I have no problem with anyone who mocks him for it, whether it made any actual difference in the game or not.

Comment 21 Jan 2015

I'd like to think we're pretty tasteful about ads on our pages. In fact, I'd put the number of ads you see on this site up against just about any other major site on the internet. We keep things clean because that's the way we like it, so hopefully you'll understand.

Absolutely true, and it's something I've always loved about 11W.  The new ads take a little away from this is all I'm saying, and, like certain gifs that have since been outlawed used to, it makes me a little more hesitant to read 11W at work.  Hopefully that "optimization" clears this up in the future.  Smaller thumbnails in the new ad space would also help a little, but I can see that reducing the resulting revenue gain.

Comment 21 Jan 2015

Except on other sites they are typically more discreet, and I also avoid those websites at work.