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Comment 22 hours ago
  • My confession is that I thought Kenny Guiton was a better QB than Braxton and that Braxton should have switched positions sooner.  
  • I remember thinking that Rod Smith was better than Zeke and wished he had gotten his chance.  
  • I was shocked when Cardale got the start last year and thought that JT deserved his rematch against VT and was angry about it, but I wasn't sad about how the game played out.  
  • I hated seeing Braxton with an empty backfield and no tight ends because I knew it was always a 3 yard loss, and I was never wrong.
  • I hope Luke Fickell gets another shot at a Head Coaching gig (if he wants it), but not at Ohio State.
Comment 22 hours ago

Everybody likes to play the What If game about the 2015 Michigan State loss. The prevailing #take is that if the Buckeyes could have squeaked out a win, they surely would have beaten Michigan, Iowa, and won two playoff games to repeat as champions. I understand the optimism, and it's rooted in the fact that the team was one of the most talented Buckeye squads in history, but I think that's pure fantasy. I think there were real problems with the offense that I don't think would have been properly addressed without the frustration of a loss (we've heard over and over how much Urban Meyer hates losing). If the Buckeyes got by Sparty, nothing would have changed and either Michigan, Iowa or any of the playoff teams would have ended their season anyway.

I personally think we lose to Michigan in a close contest if we beat Sparty.  I don't remember how the standings would have ended up but if it ends in a 3-way tie, the tiebreaker goes to the CFP committee and I believe we would have been highest and gone to the B1G Championship game.  In that scenario, even if we win the CFP, I think I would have rather beaten Michigan and the season played out as it did than to lose to Michigan and win the whole thing.  At least MSU's kicker was from Ohio, even if the memory of that stupid windmill running down the field incites thoughts of violence to this day.

Comment 24 hours ago

This isn't completely related but it reminded me of the shooting at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus almost 12 years ago.  There was a news segment about some of the survivors last night on 10tv.

Comment 26 Jul 2016

Jim Harbaugh, who is the savior in case you weren't aware, is so transcendent that traditional standards and measures are too low for him.  Stop using your outdated and pedestrian ideals to evaluate a man and a program that are so much above all of that.  But how can I expect a plebeian with "Buckeye" in their name to understand? 

Comment 22 Jul 2016

Ardyb wasn't saying that all women are like this, but rather that some are, and those women are despicable.  That is not a sexist statement.

During my time in the Army, it was common for guys I served with to get involved with local women, get married, have kids, get deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, only to have their wives cheat on them, divorce, them, get custody of their kids, and end up with alimony and child support and without visitation rights due to military regulations.

Let's just agree that there are horrible men and horrible women, in equal measure, in this world (to say otherwise, in favor of either gender, would be sexist).  There are disgusting people of all genders, social statuses, nationalities, races, or any other possible demographic you could come up with.  It isn't sexism or bigotry to call those people out.

Comment 22 Jul 2016

It's not like we haven't completely thrown Danny Clark under the bus ever since Martell committed.  And despite the fact that he's been all buckeye his entire life and has been committed forever, as soon as Martell commits we disregard him and relegate him to the end of the bench.  I think Danny Clark is realizing his fate and isn't taking it so well.  And that's a shame, because he deserves better.

Comment 22 Jul 2016

If you can call a season in which we lost a single game, that by a field goal at the end of regulation, a hangover season then...  well, we've got it pretty good.

Comment 21 Jul 2016

Herman is already out-recruiting the majority of the Big XII, especially UT.  I agree that he doesn't need to go anywhere.  And expect Houston to get a CFP berth this season if he runs the table.  I fully expect this to happen.  So why would he need to go anywhere?  UH has already shown that they will do anything he asks for because they are building the facilities that he needs.  The only reason they even need the Big XII is for conference money and P5 legitimacy.

The only thing I actually disagree with you on is Charlie Strong.  Brady Hoke recruited incredibly well (mostly because he is personable and was at UM) but was a terrible coach.  You have to have a good scheme and develop players too.  Mark Dantonio is a terrible recruiter given his record of success (he really should be able to have his pick of top recruits with his record) but has a good scheme and develops his players and he wins that way.  Charlie Strong has not shown himself to be able to do anything but recruit -- so how do we know he isn't another Brady Hoke until he begins to win?

Comment 21 Jul 2016

Kind of like playing the 3 Heisman finalists in consecutive games and embarrassing them all with a 3rd string QB.

Comment 19 Jul 2016

I'm trying to decide if this bodes well for Mr. Lind or not...  I mean, tearing a labrum and breaking a leg are pretty awful things but Tim and Andrew are solid contributors.  So if the scope of the bad event balances with the quality of the new staff member...  I mean, Dunn didn't injure himself (and hopefully he didn't injure a woman either), so that's not so bad, but being dismissed when he was counted on to contribute significant minutes kind of is.  I guess time and change will surely show.

Comment 19 Jul 2016

Under Urban Meyer, and also Tresell, the field position game was integral to their success.  I think during the 2014 season the average opponent starting position was like the 16 yard line due to our kickoff coverage team.  Whereas we'd average our starting field position around the 30.  Those extra 14 yards per possession are HUGE.  Taking kickoffs away negates much of this advantage and puts more pressure on our defense to force 3-and-outs to allow for favorable field position advantages for the offense.

Comment 15 Jul 2016

I can't believe Rudy hasn't been mentioned yet.  I thought it was a well respected movie on this site, especially by the staff.

Comment 15 Jul 2016

Huntington Park already did that.  There's also a Pokemon Go pub crawl in Columbus.  

I remember thinking it was dumb when Pokemon first came out when I was in like 8th grade.  And I still can't comprehend it.

Comment 15 Jul 2016

It's possible on that game to win in the first inning with zero outs.  Just keep sequentially beaning their batters with max speed pitches and you will eventually blow three of them up causing a forfeit.