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Comment 24 Nov 2015

Except ND has a lost to Clemson who is already in the field of 4.  I don't see how you take two teams that played each other during the season to set up a rematch in a playoff situation when there are other teams to choose from.

Comment 24 Nov 2015

Which true freshman on the kick return team will the TTUN kick coverage team surround and try to pick a fight with?  How many more Ohio State players will be ejected than TTUN players from the resulting scrum?

Comment 23 Nov 2015

I always thought the Beck hire was off...  I haven't ever been impressed with Nebraska's QBs under him, Taylor Martinez was way too inconsistent and reminded me of the lack of development of Tressel's QBs where every time they threw a pass I was afraid, but they found ways to win solely with athletic ability (Troy Smith and Terrelle Pryor come to mind).  I'm not sure we want that kind of coaching again.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

The media kind of forced him to admit that he was leaving after this year, those were not fair questions to ask and he was not at all prepared to answer them, but once he let the cat out of the bag he had to continue it.  Maybe we shouldn't have media availability to the players after losses like this?  Maybe they should be left alone to handle it however they choose without cameras in their faces?

Comment 19 Nov 2015

This doesn't actually sound like anything bad happened, and it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with Zeke.  Maybe Braxton's shoulder was miraculously healed and he starts at QB and throws for 437 yards, 7 TDs, and runs for another 123 and 3 TDs, while also allowing Zeke to run for 254 on 12 attempts for 5 TDs.  

Comment 18 Nov 2015

So what you are saying is that since our schedule is more backloaded than other teams, we have less of a chance of winning the games on our schedule?  

The QB situation stagnated our offensive development, especially given the new coaches and roles on staff this year, but we are beginning to round into form.  Too many people are worried about only scoring 28 (actually, 35, JT's entire body was in the endzone on 2nd down) on the F/+ 6th ranked defense in the country.  And then we only gave up 3 points and those on a 46 yard FG.  

MSU has a weak defense and UM is overhyped, so we have a very good chance to win both games.  That leaves Iowa, who may be a paper tiger and may lose at least once prior to us playing them.  The chances of us getting into the CFP are very very good, and if we do, we are likely to be the 1 seed.

Comment 18 Nov 2015

The interesting part of that is that ND still plays half of an ACC schedule and already lost to Clemson.  So I don't understand how they can be in consideration -- if they were an ACC member they would not win their division (assuming they were in Clemson's) so they would not be able to even play in the championship.  I also don't understand why 2-loss FSU is as high as they are, I get they have 2 "quality losses" but they haven't actually beaten anyone.  I also don't see Utah ranked one below Michigan despite having beaten them pretty soundly (I don't care if it was week 1).

I also don't see how Houston is so low -- everyone wanted Memphis high until they lost (twice) and since Houston is undefeated and beat them, it seems like they should be more toward the mid to lower teens.  I mean, you have 1-loss Navy ahead of them?  I guess once Houston beats Navy and wins the AAC they might get some respect.  

LSU at 15 and Ole Miss even ranked is a joke.

Comment 10 Nov 2015

Which RB has meant more to their team's offense as a whole?  That counts a lot in Heisman consideration, not just stats.  I would say all three are pretty even, I think they've all had to put their offenses on their backs repeatedly this season.  As for just stats, Fournette seems to have the edge, but Zeke also has more production in the passing game.  So I'd say Fournette and Zeke are even and Henry is slightly under here.  Now let's consider what they do without the ball.  I haven't seen LSU or Alabama play much this season, so I can't judge that aspect of their games, but I do know that Zeke is one of the best pass blocking RBs I've ever seen, and I can't see either Henry or Fournette being in that discussion, but because of my ignorance in this category, let's not consider it for now.

So with all that said, we should have Fournette and Zeke as the two top front runners.  Now, let's consider what they have done against elite competition.  Zeke has not been shut down by any team yet this season, so despite the lack of good competition, we have played against some stout defenses (VT, PSU) and he has gotten his yards.  Fournette was shut down by probably the only decent defense he has played against, but that is also a function of having a one-dimensional offense and may not be on him.  Henry is also not impressive in this category as he has been held in check repeatedly and Alabama has a more diverse offense than LSU so there isn't any excuse for it.

So I agree that Fournette probably shouldn't be penalized for the Alabama performance and ought to be at the top of the discussion alongside Elliott, and I would even argue that Elliott's resume is just as impressive thus far which a chance to shine in the next few weeks.  Since the media seems to have dismissed Fournette already, I see no reason why Elliott shouldn't have it over Henry at this point and going forward.

Comment 09 Nov 2015

My comment was more about why they didn't call him ineligible prior to the replay, not the replay's role in messing up the call.  If the ref threw his hat, then there should be a flag as soon as the receiver touches the ball.  That didn't happen.

Comment 09 Nov 2015

I think that using a team that has a terrible defense to judge and compare two completely different offenses is a little foolish.  My take from the game is that Michigan's "top ranked defense" gave up 16 and we only gave up 7, and those 7 were on the last series with our third stringers in.

Comment 09 Nov 2015

There were a couple blatant holds that would have been sacks that ended up being long completions in the 4th quarter.  Refs are still not calling anything our way, and we are still overcoming it on a weekly basis.  I'm not worried about what happened in the 4th quarter.

Comment 09 Nov 2015

189 yards rushing against teams that are stacking the box against us to stop the run is actually kind of impressive.  Let's not look at the pass game in a vacuum, and prior to the 4th quarter, Cardale's stats and completion percentage were quite good (he was like 12/16 passing at one point).  

Let's also not forget that JT is back this week and we should see a completely different offense.  I think a lot of the issues with Cardale is that the style of offense is different, and all 11 guys have to play a different game with him, which is different than what they have been doing in practice for the last 3-4 years.  That we don't have the deep threat in Devin Smith to bail him out this year is then exacerbating the problem.  

I know we all want to score TD's, but most college teams that have solid quarterbacks don't do much better that what Cardale has done this season, and most teams don't put up 40 points a game like we are used to seeing.  JT will make us feel better when he returns but Cardale is still playing pretty well, just not so much by the standard we are used to seeing lately.

Comment 09 Nov 2015

It is clear that the referee right there on the sideline throws his hat to indicate that the receiver was out of bounds, so they play should have been called on the field that he was ineligible, with the opportunity for the replay to indicate that he was forced out to overturn it.  If it had been called that way, video evidence would have been inconclusive and there would have been no touchdown.

Tell me again how they got it right, actually?

Comment 09 Nov 2015

Seeing as we are currently third in the only poll that matters and will likely get jumped by a one-loss team this week in it, I'd say the fire has already been lit.  But with JT back in the mix, we will look like the #1 team this Saturday and next week's polls will be unanimous in our #1 ranking and it will stay there until we win the whole thing.

Comment 09 Nov 2015

I disagree.  Illinois is actually the only game left on the schedule that we could lose and still make the playoff.  If we lose to either UM or MSU, we don't win the division, and if we win those games and lose to Iowa (presumably), Iowa could make the playoff in our place.  If we lose to Illinois, we could still win the B1G and as defending champions that gives us an edge over other 1-loss conference champions.  In that case it would be the SEC Winner, Clemson if they win the ACC, Baylor provided they don't lose, and then us.  The PAC-12 is a dumpster fire this year so I don't see a one loss PAC-12 champion jumping us.  The only wild card is the AAC Winner if they are undefeated and then Notre Dame provided they don't drop a game first (they will).