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Comment 28 Aug 2015

Universities fine students for things like this all the time, although it is usually private universities.  I was once fined for being late for curfew (it was $1 per minute late) because there was a Christmas event that I walked my girlfriend home from on the other side of campus, and then literally sprinted back to my dorm and was late.  I was 24 at the time as a freshman after having served in the Army for 5 years so you could say I was a little disappointed in the 19 year old RA that wouldn't budge on the policy.

That being said, I see no problems with fines of this nature.  Students get a cost of living stipend and in many cases a Pell Grant, and the fine is assessed on their student account.  If they are living in the dorms, then they really don't have any "necessary" expenses, so they can pay the fine and be ok.  If they are living off campus and it causes them to miss a payment, well, welcome to adulthood, don't miss class next time.  Adults get speeding tickets and have to miss bill payments all the time and that has a more devastating effect most of the time.

What this certainly is NOT is an issue about the players not being paid.  Zero to do with that.  If you have kids with disciplinary problems and gassing them until they puke doesn't fix it, hitting them where it hurts (their empty pocketbook) just might.  I think this practice is perfectly acceptable.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

Regarding playcalling, you can't send a TE up the seam if your OL is getting destroyed and missing blocks.  TKP had a pretty good breakdown of one of the playcalls towards the end of the game where our OL had no idea who to block because Bud Foster's scheme was confusing the hell out of them.  When that occurs, you keep everyone in to block that you can.

As for lack of exploitation of the middle, when there are 8 or 9 in the box, you aren't going to be able to see the middle of the field, your reads to the sidelines will be easier.  There was a lot of analysis back then that if JT had been more comfortable and had a little more poise, he could have exploited those vulnerabilities when they were there, but I don't think it was the playcalling at fault all the time, I think that JT wasn't willing or able to exploit them when it came to it.  That's also why he got sacked like 7 times in the 4th quarter.  The good thing is that this issue should be much less of one this year with our Veteran OL returning and JT/Cardale with some experience on some big stages.  And when we do exploit those vulnerabilities, we won't see 9 in the box and then Zeke will be running wild.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

I'm amazed at the number of people on here raving over the Baconator.  Yes, in college, I ate a few.  Then I starting feeling my heart constrict (and my dorm-mates made fun of me a lot) so I vowed never again.  It is delicious, but it will kill you, fast.  Then they invented the double and triple baconator and I just don't even understand life anymore.

Now my go-to is the asiago chicken club...  best sandwich at a fast food place ever, especially with the spicy filet.  Sometimes I get the grilled to pretend like it is healthy, but even then it's still amazing.

It's difficult to eat anything at McDonalds anymore because the meat just tastes disgusting and I can't get over the...  aftertaste? Fries at McDonalds are still good but I prefer a sour cream and chives baked potato from Wendy's anyway.  

Comment 27 Aug 2015

Tell that to Penn State fans whom we often have to deal with...  They always feel the need to get hostile even when it isn't about football.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

Green QB, Green OL last year.  Not much time to throw to beat that defense.  This will not be the case this year, and you will not get away with having 8/9 in the box and have any chance of winning.  Then the run game will crush your soul in the second half.  Plus, we had success last year on the perimeter, and now we have Braxton on the jet sweep.  I don't see us scoring less than 35 points.  Conversely I would be worried about how your offense is going to get to 20.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

Michael Thomas is going to draw your best DB.  I fully expect that to be a 50/50 situation on any given play.  Our #5/#6 WR will take your other all conference DB and that will probably be 80/20 in your favor.  What we can do is run those away from where the play is going, or deep, most of the time.  If you continue to cover them tight, then it is 9 on 9 (with Braxton/Samuel as the #3 receiver in the slot or out of the backfield on jetsweep action) where OSU will vastly out man the rest of your defense.  If you let up on those two receivers, they will hurt you.  If you do not, our running/perimeter game will hurt you.  Not having Noah Brown hurts, but it isn't like it is going to break our backs here.  

Comment 27 Aug 2015

The threat of Braxton on the jet sweep is going to be the key to getting our receivers open or at least in position to move the chains.  VT likes to play man to man with no deep help, which means that if Braxton gets to the second level there is nobody left to beat for 30 yards (granted that this will not be easy with 8 in the box -- but the threat of Braxton on the edge will open up the interior run, and with their interior DL/LB being their weak spot, expect the Slobs + Zeke to eat it up).  If we can find success there, or with our TE's catching down the middle, that means that Bud Foster is going to have to adjust his coverages, which makes it easier for our receivers.  And if Cardale is in the game, there is no way that they leave their DB's without deep help so that helps our short passing and running games even more.

Will Bud Foster try to make us beat him with green WRs?  Sure he will, but if we find any success when he does, his defense will break in spectacular fashion.  So look forward to that.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

He's an unknown as far as pass catching, but his ability to block as a WR is tops on the team in the minutes he has played (better than Evan Spenser was).  It appears that his pass catching has stood out through the Spring and so far in camp.  Losing him will hurt the team big time.

Comment 27 Aug 2015

There was a film study article on here a week or two ago that compared Percy Harvin at Florida to Braxton at Ohio State (during his Sophomore and Junior seasons).  The designed runs were exactly the same only tweaked to be run from the QB position.  The reads were comparable to what Tebow/Leak would have run except sometimes inverted with the WR/RB to get Braxton on the edge.  He won't be called upon to run a lot of routes and most of them will be easy short to medium routes where he can make easy catches in space while on the run.  Otherwise, he is going to do exactly what he has done for two seasons only from a different alignment.

So as others have said, the learning curve for Braxton is not going to be nearly as steep as a freshman coming in from high school and switching positions.  Not to mention Braxton's knowledge of the playbook is going to be very very good.

Comment 26 Aug 2015

The real injustice in all of this is that Michigan fans simply cannot relate to how Buckeye fans felt.  I mean, Bo never once won a National Championship and had to worry about being undefeated against Ohio State the next year.  They just don't understand our pain...

Comment 26 Aug 2015

From what I could find, the Marine Height/Weight requirements are the same as the Army, except what I could find did not adjust for age in the Marines (the Marine standards seem to exactly match the Army's 41+ category, although younger age brackets are more strict for the Army).  Where the Marines are more strict is in body fat %, which most of the football players will be required to meet because they will mostly all be overweight.  The Marines require 18% or less, if you are overweight, whereas the Army requires 20% for 17-20, and 22% for 21-27.  So in that respect, yes the Marines are more strict, but saying they are "different animals" and "not comparable" is a little much.  And I would expect any soldier, sailor, or marine to be in tip top shape once they are on active duty, but we are talking about while they are still in training and haven't yet been commissioned.

Still, my comment was directed at comparing the Army to non-service academy schools, I wasn't intending to compare Army and Marine Corps height and weight standards.  I just remembered a bunch of 300 pound guys playing against us last year and I couldn't fathom how the Naval Academy could allow it (and hoping the Army did not, it seems that they do and I was wrong) regardless of their body fat %.  Still, the vast majority of both rosters we would consider underweight to play their positions at the college level, so my point does stand that it puts them at a severe disadvantage when playing against anyone else.

Comment 25 Aug 2015

It's a sad state of affairs when Army used to be one of the powerhouses of college football.  Unfortunately, they have strict height and weight standards (Navy apparently does not) and as players have gotten bigger and bigger over the years, those at Army cannot.  It's hard to block (or defeat the block of) someone who outweighs you by 50+ pounds and unfortunately that makes it difficult to win football games.  Army will try to win with speed and discipline, but as history shows us, is hardly enough these days.

Besides, as a former enlisted soldier, West Pointers are a bunch of pricks (most of the time).  So I couldn't care less if Army loses every game every season.