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Comment 21 hours ago

I think in those days, the National Championship was awarded prior to bowl season, so clearly the rematch didn't count towards that.

Comment 21 hours ago

So maybe when the Big Ten Conference was incorporated, they should have kept the name "Intercollegiate Conference of Faculty Representatives".

Comment 21 hours ago

Plus you get a program that can claim to have more wins than Michigan for a brief time period which totally counts over 100 years later (according to UM fans).

Comment 28 Sep 2016

Walmart is all about location.  In Columbus, the Walmart at Morse Road near Easton is laughably bad.  Never go there, never buy their produce.  Many Walmarts in major cities are like this.  I  hear they are worse in the south, as well.

The Walmart at Ft. Campbell (technically, Oak Grove, KY) was really nice and had good produce.  Now, they also had to compete with the tax-free PX and Commissary on post so they had to be on top of their game to win customers, so maybe they were the exception to the rule.  The Walmart I had in Texas while in college was pretty decent as well, but they were also the only major grocery store in a small-to-mid size city (there were 3 Walmarts and 1 Kroger).

I have also never been in a Walmart where the anti-theft alarm at the front of the store didn't sound at least every 2 minutes while in the store.  And they just let you keep walking on out.  I honestly don't know how they make money, especially since, despite misconceptions, they pay their employees fairly well with good benefits.

Comment 28 Sep 2016

Even the Amish sell goods from China.  In "Amish" stores.  A friend of mine lives in Millersburg and they were required to remove the "Made in China" stickers from all the merchandise so customers would think they were Amish made.  But they sell them at the "Amish made" price.

Capitalism isn't for the weak at heart, I guess.

Comment 27 Sep 2016

Mainframe is most definitely not obsolete.  The rate at which qualified programmers and technicians are leaving the field (dying off, retiring, etc) is much faster than the rate at which the positions are being eliminated by technology upgrades.  The entire banking industry, and any other major corporation that existed prior to 1990 is still joined at the hip with mainframes and it is too expensive with too little return on investment to move off.

Comment 27 Sep 2016

In related news, LSU's AD reportedly paid Purdue to hire Miles as a QB coach.  They said they were hoping he could improve the quality of their next graduate transfer.  Jim McElwain was unavailable for comment, but reportedly approves of the hire.

Comment 23 Sep 2016

Wow, this could be the most toxic comment section in the history of 11W.

First, let us all wish and pray for a full and speedy recovery for the cyclist.

Secondly, although Ohio Law considers bicycles to be vehicles with the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicles, I think we can all agree that cycling on a road with a speed limit greater than 35 is a dangerous situation for all involved.  Columbus has been increasingly making efforts to improve the safety of cycling in the city with the rapid additions of bike lanes and dedicated trails throughout the city.  As a result, we see more people seeing cycling as a legitimate option for commuting to work or school.  I wish I didn't live 10 miles from work with the only legit route being I-71, otherwise I'd seriously consider biking to work other than in winter months or rain.  We'd be a healthier city if more people did this.

The incident happened on campus, yes?  We love to make fun of CampusParc around here, so can we blame someone for wanting to bike to class?  When I was in college, I biked everywhere, although I lived on campus and it was relatively small.  You are more likely to hit a jay-walker than a bike, since walkers were everywhere and didn't care if they walked in front of your truck driving at full speed.  People, whether walking, biking, or driving, can be jerks if they have to delay themselves even for 1 second which is completely asinine, and everyone wants everyone else to follow every law to the letter, except themselves.

So let's all keep in mind that nobody is perfect.  For every biker that drives in the center of a traffic lane, but then cuts in front of everyone at a red light, or every driver that cuts people off without signaling and then brakes, let's just swallow our pride for a second, calm down, and move on with our lives.  Unless they make me wait for an entire second, then #*&% them.

Comment 21 Sep 2016

I think that old Jimmy actually started with more than Saban.  Say what you will about Brady Hoke, but all but his final recruiting class were top 10, IIRC.  Yeah, that last one fell apart in spectacular fashion, but you can't say he left the cupboard bare.  And he didn't post a losing record each season, either.  Saban inherited a dumpster fire that had been burning for practically a decade and righted the ship fairly quickly.

Meyer is currently winning with kids he recruited that only have 1-2 years in the program.  In that respect, old Jimmy has zero excuses starting next year in regard to his on-field product.  Otherwise, he's just not an elite coach.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

He also isn't afraid to call out Nick Saban on his crap to his face.  He seems to be pretty level headed and offers great analysis most of the time, even if some of it is crimson-coated.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

Yeah, but he finally initiated a rivalry game at Penn State, so he's got that going for him.  It's a shame that they lost in the first edition in nearly 30 years though (no it isn't).

Also, Mark May's elation at the win was hilarious.  They spent more time talking about Pitt vs. PSU than the entire SEC combined.  That's impressive.  Good for you, Mark May.  That's the only time I'll ever say that.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

I don't think Hazell was lighting the world on fire with the production he got from Wide Receivers at Ohio State, though he was fortunate to be the position coach during the Ted Ginn and Santonio Holmes era.