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Comment 20 hours ago

Why I don't listen to rap: So-called entertainers that steal beats from other entertainers and who then call each other phony.

I remember when I was in the Army, in Iraq in 2005 I think, my room mate at the time heard me listening to some Ozzy Osbourne or something, and in his ignorance, declared that the song I was listening to had stolen the beat from some new rap song that was out and that people need to quit stealing beats from rappers.  And I am just sitting there in shock as I explain to him that the song in question was written in like 1981.  

This same roommate also had entire CD's worth of backbeats that he would record himself rapping to and he'd try to sell CD's of his raps to people.  He'd buy the backbeats off of someone for like $5 or $10 bucks each for a 2 minute loop.  He'd seriously have girls in the room and he'd be doing his salespitch for his CD's.  And then he'd listen to his own music for hours at a time at night.  SMH

Comment 21 hours ago

Are you one of those vanity driven hipsters Americans with whom bourbon has become more popular?

Comment 24 hours ago

Technically speaking, you don't want to buy a new "router", you only want a new "access point".  The device your cable company provided you is probably a modem/router/access point combination device.  Even the "wireless routers" you buy like from linksys or netgear are combination devices -- router/access point.  Your network only needs one router that connects or is combined with your modem, everything else just branches off the router.  

If you have already run the cable, I'd recommend buying a device that is only branded as an "access point" because it will be cheaper than a wireless router.  However, you also have to keep in mind the range of wifi networks it supports.  You want to be able to configure it to use the same network id (or SSID) and the same channel, encryption method and passphrase/key as the cable provided one does so that you don't have to switch networks on mobile devices and laptops as you move from one part of the house to the other.

To be honest, if your cable provider allows you to do so, I'd recommend scrapping their provided equipment altogether (as it will get rid of the $15+ in fees for rental per month -- I know TWC lets you do this and they have a list of approved cable modems).  Buy a standalone cable modem and then a wireless router that you connect to it (the two-in-ones have a higher failure rate, always keep them separate).  Then buy a wireless access point from the same manufacturer to use in the other part of your house.  This will help to make sure the network configurations match and it will pay for itself in reduced fees after a year or two.  I would NOT recommend buying a wireless repeater if you plan on using cable as it is a waste of money and you probably won't get great results from it.  It would be better to relocate your current modem/router to a central location (even if you have to run coax cable to the modem's new location).

Comment 25 May 2016

For milk, how long it keeps has a lot to do with when you open it and/or how much/little is left in the jug/carton.  If you don't open it until it's expiration date, it will probably still last a week and be fine.  If you open it a week before, and leave it half empty, it may spoil before the date.  If you have less than a full cup in the bottom and leave it for a day or two, it is probably going to spoil quickly.

In my house, we rarely let milk go more than 3 days once it is opened so there's never really a problem.

Comment 23 May 2016

Clearly Michigan didn't copy the idea.  I mean, let's compare the two shall we?  Firstly, the Michigan version is from the entire Football program, not just the coaches.  Secondly, the Michigan version keeps the standard block-letter font, whereas Ohio State's is a script font.  Thirdly, the university logo and coach's signature are at the top, not the bottom.  Fourthly, the Michigan version is more of a straight lens image rather than a fish-eye lens image.  And finally, and most importantly, Michigan's egg is in the end-zone and features a magnificent view of the scoreboard, whereas Ohio State's is deep in its own territory.  Clearly this shows the superiority of Michigan and is obviously not an attempt to copy some 2 year old insignificant piece that those uneducated fools in Ohio came up with.

Comment 23 May 2016

This is the truth.  Ft. Campbell was surrounded by these places.  A "good friend" of mine suggested I get a body kit put on my car, and he recommended a body shop nearby that had done some work on his car after an accident.  I think 6 months and $4500 later, I got my car back.  Of course, I called twice a week during that span, always asking and they always gave me the run around.  I'd show up physically at the place every weekend to check it and half the time it wouldn't be sitting in the shop at all, always waiting on something or other.  And they wouldn't tell me how much it was costing, either.  When it came time to pick the car up and they gave me the bill, the owner of the shop handed it over and halfway laughed, and my "friend" shrugged and was like "glad it's not my money!"  

You do stupid things when you are 21, and businesses like these are happy to oblige.

Comment 23 May 2016

I'm not defending the practice, but you also have to use them right.  They aren't designed to be long-term loans, obviously.  They are designed to be repaid within a week or two max.  Even then the fees are too high, but when he's paying loans off with new loans, that's bad business.  Sadly, a lot of service members and veterans fall victim to stuff like this because they aren't educated well on financial planning.  The handful of briefings I had to sit through to avoid scams really didn't help any and my buddies were buying cars and getting them repo'd left and right.  Of course, you shouldn't buy a new corvette when you are 18 with a $900 per month salary, but that's beside the point.

Anyway, most hospitals have financial advisers and you can set up payment plans (or, just don't pay them) and 100% chance this is a better alternative than borrowing money from a payday lender (or really, most bank loans) to pay it off.  Even if the hospital charges interest it will not be anything nearly as bad.  A lot of people just straight up don't pay their medical bills and there's little that the hospitals and doctors can do about it.  And you won't be paying $50,000 in interest no matter how bad it gets.

Comment 18 May 2016

Seeing people call you out for defending ESPN is half the fun of this site.  Other than the fact that you are generally right and actually have facts and what not...

I don't know why people don't bash CBS more because they are way more blatantly pro-SEC than ESPN could ever be.  Other than the fact that their sports coverage beyond college basketball is pretty weak so nobody actually takes them seriously anyway.

From a revenue standpoint for the B1G... they need cable to do well for the sake of BTN revenue.  ESPN losing the B1G actually hurts the BTN if it causes people to cut the cord more than they already do (regardless of if they watch BTN).  And that hurts their annual revenue and ultimately Ohio State's budget suffers.  If Fox ends up with the lion's share of the games, now I have to have either BTN or FS1 (because it won't be on the actual Fox channel ever) and I lose ABC as a viewing option.  That's no bueno for me.

Comment 17 May 2016

I don't think prices found at the actual online store constitute an advertisement so you can't say it is false advertisement.  Now if you saw a google ad on someone else's website saying they were only $100, or an ad in a periodical or mailer or something, then you'd have a case.

Comment 16 May 2016

That isn't what gray-shirting means.  If you were to enroll normally and pay your own way, that means your 5 year window of eligibility begins (and you can participate in team activities just like a walk-on can without counting towards the scholarship limit).  Effectively, it is a redshirt year if you don't play.  Grayshirting means delaying enrollment by at least a semester so that your window of eligibility doesn't begin immediately (you cannot be enrolled at any college of any level).  This is often accomplished via prep schools such as Fork Union or you just don't attend school until January.

Comment 16 May 2016

The kick-6 was the only time I ever watched the Iron Bowl (or any other SEC game not featuring a B1G opponent).  After the whole "there's 1 second left" fiasco, I said to myself (may have even said it out loud to my wife) that if it was kicked short, they could return it and win the game.  I sat there in awe as the play happened, like it was in slow motion.  One of the greatest events in Sports not involving Ohio State.

Comment 13 May 2016

Summary of video:

Mark Cuban: You use generalities and not stats.

Skip: No I didn't, I always use facts.  *Proceeds to use generalities as examples of facts.*

Cuban: You are using generalities.  *Proceeds to use lots of stats and asks Skip for analysis of those stats*

Skip:  *Ignores stats, stutters, says something completely non-sequitur*

Cuban:  *Head explodes.*

Can't believed I listened to all that, it was like nails on a chalkboard listening to Skip stammer through that trying to act like he knows anything about Basketball.

Comment 12 May 2016

No, you have to beat Ohio State in your first year, and then lose every game for the next three years (four years total) to get the assistant at Oregon.  It's one of those Easter Egg's they put in games for unlikely or hard to reproduce scenarios.

Comment 12 May 2016

Similarly, I took over Michigan on NCAA '14 and proceeded to lose every game for 3 years.  When I tried to start another season, it informed me that I was now the coach at Arizona.