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Comment 11 hours ago

After reading it, I just think the best solutions for the "Group of 5" teams is for them to have their own CFP.

Actually, since the SEC is far and away superior to the other "Power 5" conferences, maybe we just isolate each conference and let them have their own conference championships however they see fit.  Then, after all the conferences have ranked themselves and crowned champions, select few from the top of each conference can play each other according to conference ranking in exhibition games at the end of the season.  If the media wants to, they can choose an arbitrary (some might say mythical) champion from among the exhibition game winners based on how they happen to feel having watched bits and pieces of some of the games and crown that team the National Champion.  I truly feel like this would be the best way to solve the problems inherent in a 4 team playoff where someone deserving most assuredly will always be left out.

Comment 11 hours ago

Today is Wednesday, which means in just a few short hours we will be watching Ohio State run out on the field for the first time in... almost nine months? How in the hell do we manage to sustain ourselves for that long? (I'm kidding, the answer is obviously "rewatch the 2014 Sugar Bowl for the 548th time")

246 days will pass between the last time Ohio State played a football game and their game this Saturday.  That's about 35 weeks.  If you sleep 8 hours a day and work 40 per week, that leaves 72 hours per week to watch the 2014 Sugar Bowl (actually, wasn't it the 2015 Sugar Bowl?).  Assuming that you watch a 3 hour replay of the game, that's 24 viewings per week, or 840 viewings since we defeated Notre Dame.  Add that to the 840 viewings from last off-season, and obviously we've all seen the Sugar bowl at least 1,680 times.  Or we could have just watched Zeke run 85 yards through the heart of the south around 604,800 times (if we only watched a 30 second clip of that play on repeat).

Comment 13 hours ago

I had no choice but to become an Ohio State fan.  Growing up in Columbus (despite not being born there) with a grandfather that ushered in Ohio Stadium for 60 years and a mother who attended OSU and took me to classes when I was 3, my destiny was predetermined.

Comment 18 hours ago

If a walk on lives on campus, they should have a meal plan included in their room and board costs.  Just because they are paying that instead of a scholarship paying it, shouldn't make a difference.  Why can't team breakfasts/meals count toward the meal plan?  If they live off campus, I could understand, but even still, all students pay fees who aren't on scholarship so those fees should count toward team benefits.  There has to be a better answer than walk-ons don't get to eat.  That is complete BS.

Comment 30 Aug 2016

I think fear of compliance related issues and sanctions has lead to this necessity.  The court of public opinion (to which the NCAA compliance office often kneels down to) often demands 24/7 accountability from the coaches of the players, which is in no way shape or form possible or appropriate.  

Comment 30 Aug 2016

His speed going over the top on defenses in less than 4.5 seconds really opened things up underneath for slot guys ,opens running lanes because safetys have to account for his speed in their help of the CB covering him. He has/had to be a nightmare for defenses to gameplan for.

I agree 100%.  I don't think people really get the impact that him getting injured after the kick return TD against Florida did to our offensive gameplan and Urban's defensive gameplan.  Troy Smith being hungover also didn't help... but it for sure allowed Florida to be twice as aggressive in their front 7 knowing that the deep threat was no longer an issue.  

Comment 30 Aug 2016

I didn't say the money was the same (see my other comments).  But to be honest, if you get cut, you really don't deserve to double dip IMO.  And if you do get cut, and another team is wanting to sign you immediately, then the Chargers are stupid for cutting him and not trading him to get something out of it.  And he's not going to get cut, so I think Joey wins by getting his money upfront, which was really all he wanted in the first place (I don't think he cared about offset language but was using it as leverage).

Comment 30 Aug 2016

The good thing is that VT plays a very innovative and aggressive defense that even a seasoned OL would be hard pressed to defend.  Oklahoma plays in a conference where defense is optional.  And it is game 3, and it isn't immediately after playing Navy.  So I tend to think we have a great shot, provided our defense holds, which is where I think the true test will be.

Comment 29 Aug 2016

If he is released he is still entitled to his full contract.  If he is released and he resigns, the offset language means that the new team's contract counts towards that entitlement so the Chargers don't have to pay it.  Either way Joey gets the money, the difference is who might pay it.  

Comment 29 Aug 2016

It was always fully guaranteed.  The offset language just means that if the Chargers cut him AND he signs with someone else, then any remaining liability would be offset by the contract for the signing team.  In other words, the new team pays it instead.  If he is cut and doesn't sign elsewhere, the Chargers still would have to pay it.

Without offset language, he gets to double dip if the above scenario were to happen.  I personally thought it was stupid to argue over that unless Bosa intends on getting cut.

Comment 29 Aug 2016

My freshman year of college (private school, not OSU), one of the guys in my dorm unit got caught looking at pornography on his University-provided computer.  He was called in to the dean of students' office where they asked him to confess to what he had done (without telling him the specific nature of their inquiry).  He then proceeds to admit to hacking into school servers and updating his grades to raise his GPA, not realizing he was only called in for looking at porn.  Needless to say he was dismissed from the University promptly.  This was in 2001 and he went my the nickname of "Neo", no joke.

Word on the street is that he couldn't get accepted to any other college after that, never heard what ended up happening to him.

Comment 26 Aug 2016

JT was on pace to have those kind of numbers as a freshman.  Keep in mind the Heisman is awarded before bowl season, too.

The main advantage that Watson has is schedule.  Defenses are beefier in the B1G than the ACC so it may be harder for JT to put the numbers up that he needs, especially against a fairly tough schedule.  Still, if Clemson, well, Clemsons, and JTB4 leads OSU to victories over Oklahoma and Michigan and a B1G championship, then he may overcome slightly inferior stats in the eyes of voters.  I think he can do it.

Comment 26 Aug 2016

If we beat Oklahoma, it will mean our OL has gelled.  And if that happens that early in the season, there is no way that JT doesn't match or exceed his stats from 2014 that, barring his injury, might have allowed him to place higher than 5th that season.  No way he doesn't win it if this happens.

Comment 26 Aug 2016

As much as I dislike the SEC and Alabama, I find myself watching games of import in the SEC especially when they immediately follow OSU games.  I watched the Iron Bowl the year of the kick six and I told my wife before the play happened (during the fight for the 1 second that Saban probably regrets substantially) that they could return it for a touchdown and win the game.  I still can't believe it actually happened.

In my youth, I liked ND and Texas.  Not enough to actually watch their games, but I always thought Texas was kind of a cool place.  It helps that my parents lived their my two oldest sisters were born there.  Then I spent 3 years of college there and quickly learned that "Southern Hospitality" is a facade and it is easy to wear out your welcome.  And there is actually "racism" against Yankees, to the point where a girl once told me that I wasn't really from the north and that in my heart I was a Texan (because obviously a Yankee can't be a good person).  She was oblivious to the fact that she had insulted my family and all of my friends and my upbringing and that it was offensive to say such a thing.  Notre Dame was a very short phase and it didn't take long to grow out of.