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Comment 11 Feb 2016

That's technically already in the rule.  The rule says "targeting AND leading with the crown... etc" and then the definition of targeting says something about intent to harm or something like that.  However that last part gets ignored in a lot of the enforcement, they just see "leading with the crown" and immediately say it was targeting when it wasn't which is why Bosa's ejection was upheld, they ignored the definition of targeting as it pertains to the rule.  

Comment 10 Feb 2016

When you saw the play live, did you think to yourself "damn, he could have had his neck broken by that shit"?  I know that I did.  That deserves a suspension.  They shouldn't have to clearly spell out every scenario where one is required in a rule book in order to say that the play was dirty.  The more you spell out conditions for rules, the more ways to get it wrong are introduced, there needs to be some subjectivity allowed.

In football there is stoppage of play all the time anyway, it isn't like basketball where you keep going continuously for minutes at a time.  If he had suffered a neck injury on the play would you be mad at the stoppage?  

Comment 10 Feb 2016

The 15 yards / Half the distance + automatic first down is usually an automatic touchdown within 5 yards.

The issue is more about intentionality than where the foul occurred.  Incidental contact to the facemask during a play, that's fine, the normal penalty is fine.  An intentional grab should be a more serious offense.  Kind of like the way intentional fouls and/or flagrant 1 and 2's are in basketball.  Intentionality is key there.

Comment 10 Feb 2016

Seeing as Philly was Cam's #1 receiver for pretty much the whole game, and that Philly had to leave the game (after an amazing catch) with a concussion, I'd say that Philly did his part.  It isn't his fault that Carolina's OL is a sieve (also partially due to Andrew Norwell also leaving the game early) and that Cam Newton didn't want to recover his own fumble when they still had a chance to tie.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

Anyone else think Beyonce is starting to lose it?  She hardly sang, none of which actually showcased her voice, and she just didn't really look attractive during her part of the show.  Other than the rainbows everywhere, I thought Coldplay did well and so did Bruno Mars, and I'm not necessarily fans of either.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

Wasting the water does more to send it to the third world (via the ocean) than it sitting in a reservoir in Ohio does.  Also, my wife takes forever brushing her teeth and leaves the faucet on, and there's no way it uses 4 gallons.  It takes me longer to fill up my 64 ounce water cup out of that faucet.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

Carolina's defense made one of the greatest QB's of all time look like he played for the Browns.  Denver's defense, along with some awful mistakes by Carolina's offense is why they won the game.  Denver's offense scored 17 points, 11 of those coming on short fields due to turnovers created by the defense and then that punt return gaffe where they thought he called fair catch but didn't.  And yet Carolina still forced FG's on all but 1 occasion.  How many 3 and outs did Peyton Manning have?  It was ridiculous.  There was one sustained drive that resulted in a TD and Carolina scored it.  They absolutely deserved to be in that game and to say they lack talent is absurd.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

The incompletion that wasn't that lead to the defensive TD helped.  And the 7 false starts by the Carolina offense.  And Cam checking out of the game and almost giving up a second defensive TD.  And Norwell and Philly Brown getting taken out of the game from injury right when their offense was starting to get in rhythm.  Carolina basically gifted 2 TD's and a FG with dumb decisions/mistakes which would have made the game 10-6. (I think Cam's fumble that he didn't jump on was an incomplete pass too, btw.  He was in his throwing motion going forward and the ball came out in the forward direction = incomplete pass not a fumble).

Also, Talib needs to get fined and suspended for that facemask on Philly Brown.  He could have broken his neck and it was clearly intentional to save the touchdown.  A two yard penalty is not sufficient for that kind of crap (facemasks/personal fouls in the redzone/endzone should have more severe penalties associated).  I think he should have been ejected immediately for it but I know there's no rule or precedent for that.

Still, Denver's defense played lights out (as did Carolina's despite being in bad situations nearly every time).  Kudos to them.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Why does everyone say he is a hell of a coach when Andrew Luck did all the work at Stanford and he has never won anything important (even with Luck).  He went 10-3 last year and won a Bowl Game against a hapless Florida team.  But he lost to both his rivals (one in hilarious fashion and the other in a curb stomping) and to Utah.  He didn't exactly have a murderer's row of a schedule this past season.

As a recruiter, he exploits loopholes, saves his department money by having sleepovers, and still only does as well as Brady Hoke, whose only sleeping activity on recruiting visits involved over eating and food comas.  We didn't call Hoke "one hell of a recruiter", we called him a good recruiter at a blue blood program (that basically sells itself).

I'm sick of the Harbaugh love, but at least I expect it from a Michigan fan.  The praise he gets from Buckeyes is disgusting.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Cole’s family is accusing Alabama’s assistant coaches of a failure to communicate what the new defensive coaching staff had planned for his scholarship status in the fall and whether he would "grayshirt". The “grayshirt” distinction is not trivial either. This amounted to a request that Cole pay his own $26,000 tuition bill his first year on campus with a non-credible promise that Alabama’s program might pick up the tab his second year on campus.

Either I do not have a good understanding of grayshirting, or you are confusing grayshirting with PWO status.

If Cole were to enroll at Alabama in the fall, his 5 year window of eligibility starts immediately.  That's not what typically happens with a grayshirt.  They are usually denied enrollment (and may attend an intermediate school such as Fork Union Military Academy) so as to delay the start of their window by a season.  If Cole enrolls at Alabama and pays his own bill, he is essentially a preferred walk on, but even in that case, since his eligibility has already started, he can be part of the team for that year without any penalty.  If he doesn't play, he gets a redshirt year, but either way the year counts towards his 5 years because he is enrolled at the college level even if he isn't a member of any team.  If he does not enroll, or goes to Fork Union, he is not enrolled at the college level and his 5 years doesn't start yet.

So really, this is about delaying his life by a year and him hoping that he gets an offer next year.  That's a long time to wait for a promise that they may or may not keep, and since he won't be playing football during that time, his prospects are going to drop sharply versus high school seniors.  He'd be better off enrolling at a JuCo so that he can transfer and play right away after two years.

Unless, of course, my understanding of eligibility and grayshirts is completely wrong, in which case disregard.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Completely get rid of the scholarship limit but keep a hard fast limit of 25 per year.  Transfers count towards the class of their first year of eligibility (true freshman year) so if you sign a red-shirt graduate senior in 2015, his first year was 2011 so you better have not signed 25 that year if you want him.  Early enrollees would also count their true freshman year not the year prior like they do now.  Early departures such as for the NFL, medical hardship or transferring would free up room per class, unless they had exhausted their eligibility already (a non-redshirted senior leaving the program still counts towards his class after leaving to prevent bringing in graduate transfers to replace them).  

This allows a total of up to 125 players, but if every player always had a redshirt year, this would, in actuality, mean 100 eligible players per year.  In addition, this would eliminate the need to cut players who "didn't pan out" to make room for recruits.  

TL/DR -- 25 per class, period.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

After reading and rereading your article, the whole deal does kind of reek of corruption.  Apparently they want to use state issued bonds to pay for it, and only Columbus gets the benefit in tax and usage revenues (assuming that the other 49 weeks of the year it doesn't sit empty and unused).  

But if the Browns want to relocate their training camp (and have for a while), and no other reasonable offers are on the table, you can't really fault the Columbus business leaders for throwing something out there.  But I don't think state tax should pay for it, as the state gains nothing from the scenario.  Either Columbus pays for it or the Browns do, or some cost splitting between the two.  I guess their justification of state taxes would be if it is actually built on OSU campus?  In that case, maybe the OSU AD could pay it out of next year's operating surplus, justified by using it as a recruiting pitch.  Actual NFL facilities on OSU campus?  Yes, please.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

The Cleveland Browns and the Columbus business community want Greater Cleveland taxpayers to help pay $5 million for the Browns to move their training camp to a site on or near the Ohio State University campus.

I didn't realize the proposal was for Cleveland tax payers to be footing the bill.  As a Columbusite, that's hilarious.  I fully approve of this now.