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Comment 19 Oct 2016

Over.  But there are some bathrooms that are lacking is space or comfortability.  In those cases, sometimes under is better simply due to the potential awkwardness of the pull angle or where the roll is located.  But in a standard bathroom where there is adequate space and a properly located roll, it is over without debate.

Also, the person above who said vanilla frosty...  you are dead to me.  A vanilla frosty is just ice cream.

Comment 19 Oct 2016

I think part of the fatal flaw is that possessions late in the game matter more in reality especially when the game is close, so how well you play vs. your opponent, or the required level of play, is higher in these situations.  I don't think S&P+ cares when in the game things happen, just looks at a rough measure of success rate weighted against the strength of the opponent.  I think this is how Ole Miss looks so good -- they play tough with top teams and lose close games.  But if they were truly as good as the metrics say, their play would elevate further with the game on the line, but as we've seen, they haven't.  They give up leads and fail to score points and get stops when it matters.  

Comment 19 Oct 2016

Clearly Bosa committed a hold on Lynch that should have been a 10 yard penalty and automatic first down.  #refsarescrewingpennstate

Comment 19 Oct 2016

Or, when one direction has a continuous flow of traffic, nobody else gets to go.  I'm sure that doesn't happen all the time, but during rush hour it's definitely possible.  Also, there are a lot of idiots who don't know how to drive through them and like to cause accidents.  I don't think the marginal gains, if any, over a traffic signal compensate for the added risk factor.  Is it better than a 4-way stop?  Sure.  Is a 4-way stop creating too much of a log-jam?  Put in a signal, not a round-about.

Comment 19 Oct 2016

Wisconsin would win the West in that scenario and would pick up loss 3 in the B1G CCG.  Otherwise I completely agree.  We should absolutely get in over Oklahoma if they win the Big XII.  The only issue is also needing the ACC or PAC 12 to implode.  Clemson has looked less than spectacular but if the win the ACC even with a future loss, I can't see us jumping them.  They'd need two losses, or to lose in the CCG to an inferior team (completely possible).  I think the situation with Washington is similar if not identical.  I mean, Alabama could also drop a game and/or lose in the SEC CCG and that would also do it for us, but I don't see that happening.  

Comment 18 Oct 2016

The issue with JT is that another year probably isn't going to help his draft stock.  So he has to choose wisely if he even wants to take a shot at the NFL, or possibly pursue other opportunities.  

If he graduates this year (he should be, not sure though) then it may be in his interest to stay his 5th year and attend graduate school (get that MBA or something), or even to leave and pursue another path, such as coaching.  If his is set on the NFL, it's probably better for him to leave early even if it is only as a 5th round pick.  He certainly has a tough choice ahead of him.

From a fan perspective, even as great as he is, I honestly don't want him to stay.  I'd like to see the young guys get their shot.  We are recruiting too many top prospects at the position and we don't want to waste their talents.  Stephen Collier is already kind of a casualty of that.  Joe Burrow is the heir-apparent and that could cause Haskins to not get his shot as well, especially if Barrett returns next year.  The problem is further compounded with each new class we bring in.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

I felt the opposite when we played for overtime.  I felt that with the way Wisconsin had run the ball down our throats on their last Touchdown drive did not bode well for overtime, and I was not comfortable with how our offense had played in the redzone all game, and even the past few games.

I was certainly glad to be wrong.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

In this case, the official moved a substantial distance towards Meyer as he was making his signal (Urban was like 10 yards away from him at first).  It even looks like the official wasn't even completely in the white area, so you could argue that the rule wasn't broken (by the official not being in the white area).

Regardless, I'm surprised this hasn't been brought up sooner.  I was irate when it happened (not at the official, but at Urban Meyer) since this also happened last week.  You can't do this to your team, no excuse.  Stay back off the field.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

Except 1. we didn't beat Stanford in the regular season, and 2. we didn't beat Iowa in the regular season.  Those are very substantial differences than last year.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

No, PSU is a must win.  If PSU wins out and UM does not, there is no three way tie and PSU, with the head to head over us wins the division.  UM would have to win out other than for "The Game" in order for PSU to not be a must-win.  Therefore it is a must-win.

Also, it's PSU.  If we lose but then win out and win the whole thing, I don't want to suffer their talk.  No, they deserve to lose by 50 points every week.  It's a must win.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

If Wisconsin wins the Big Ten, the winner of the OSU/Michigan game would have split a series with them and could also be playoff bound.  Ohio State with the greater chance especially if Oklahoma wins the Big XII.  But we need Clemson or Washington to also falter.

Edit:  You could have the loser of the Big Ten championship game actually getting in to the Playoff with 1 loss (being to Wisconsin) and Wisconsin (with 2 losses, 1 being to the East champion) being left out, particularly if that East Champion is Ohio State.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

I think that it would be easier for Ohio State.  This is more because of Oklahoma -- if they end up winning the Big XII, that conference is effectively eliminated.  You can't include them, without a conference championship game, and exclude us for not playing in ours, particularly if Wisconsin or Nebraska is the opponent which is almost sure to happen, since we'd have a win over either team in this scenario.

The PAC 12 and the ACC are both hot messes right now, but if Clemson wins the ACC they should be included, same for Washington if they win out.  In that case, I don't see a way that Ohio State makes it in.  We need Oklahoma to win the Big XII, and we need either Clemson or Washington to not win their conference (or win it somehow with 2 losses).  

Comment 14 Oct 2016

They used a modified ground based phalanx system in Iraq to shoot mortars out of the sky, I had the privilege of serving in an air defense unit for a time and got to see them test fire it at night.  That thing is no joke.  I think it fires a tracer every 20th round or something, but it looks like one continuous beam of light, and they fire like a 200 round burst or something like that.

The problem is when they would actually launch mortars at us, we often had helicopters in the area on patrol so they never fired it against a live mortar attack while I was there.  Still an awesome weapon.

Comment 13 Oct 2016

I'm disappointed that these are just images, rather than a font kit that replaces the native emojis on your device with Brutus.