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Comment 30 Jun 2016

I mean, if the parents had raised him right, he wouldn't have stolen anything, so the parents should be the ones in the tent.


Comment 29 Jun 2016

Is anyone else upset at the use of the word "projection" here?  This is not a projection.  This is a blind prediction at best.  For it to be a projection, we would need to have some data to project off of.  The season hasn't started yet, so we have none whatsoever.  If it was week 10 and we had a good picture of the college football landscape, you could "project" the results of the season based on the games played so far.  For elections, they project the winner once they have a large enough sample of real results such that the statistical margin of error is less than the point margin between the candidates.

If you really wanted to get into it, a projection would be a scenario where "if the season ended today" since in Mathematics, a projection takes 3 dimensional data and maps it onto a 2 dimensional space.  In other words, information is removed from the system for some purpose.  If the season ended today, we wouldn't have a season, you'd have a {0, 0, 0} vector which means nothing.


Comment 29 Jun 2016

Herman Meijers and Tom Urban would make a good coaching duo.

Comment 29 Jun 2016

Wait, you mean everyone selling at the same time isn't good for the economy?  Gasp!

Comment 28 Jun 2016

Any situation that calls for committing a foul to benefit the offending team is poor.  In football you can decline a penalty, you should have the option to do that as well in basketball.  The offending player still is charged with the foul, but the other team can elect to just receive a new shot clock.  In this case, I also think they should get to inbound the basketball uncontested (behind half court though) to discourage teams fouling with fouls to give to try and force turnovers on the throw in.

Comment 27 Jun 2016

Yeah, but since his lawn is always terrible, when he does actually mow it and it looks almost decent (I mean, he doesn't trim the edges or anything and there are browns spots here and there still), he exceeds expectations by so much that you just have to awe at it.  I mean, your lawn is always perfect so who cares?

Comment 27 Jun 2016

I don't see how you have LSU and Alabama both being in the playoffs.  If the committee was ever going to allow two teams from the same division into the playoffs, we would have won the CFP last year.  And LSU has not shown themselves capable of winning when it counts over the last several years, so I don't care what they are returning from last year's team.  Having them in the CFP in any scenario where Alabama is also in is idiotic.  Maybe Steele thinks LSU beats Alabama and somehow they both get in?  Remember the last time the previous year's national champion lost a close game to a division rival despite having an absolutely stacked team?  Yeah, last year's OSU didn't make the playoff.

I agree with leaving the PAC-12 out, they are pretty weak.  And I think the justification of leaving the B1G out is that OSU will win it with a loss to OU and potentially another B1G loss, so a 1 loss non-champion Alabama or LSU would get the nod.  But as I mentioned above, that scenario will/should not get 2 teams from the same division into it.

Comment 23 Jun 2016

I think all of us can agree that he shouldn't have drawn a salary from his role there, but DJ's statement that Pat Haden "...commandeered a charitable education foundation... [and] ...used it to enrich himself..." is false.  He was appropriately compensated for his time.  Now if he had used his position to steal money from it or had committed fraud in some way, we'd have a story.  But he didn't and we don't.

Comment 22 Jun 2016

I think the story is a bit overblown.  His 2.9MM annual salary comes to $72,500 per hour per week.  He received $72,725 in 2014 for 1 hour per week, supposedly.  So from a time commitment perspective, his salary from the two was nearly identical.  Should he not have been compensated for his time for running the charity at a similar pay rate?  We don't know that he only spent 1 hour per week involved with it, it could have been more, it was only the family members that were cited as only an hour or two per week.  

For someone such as him, there is opportunity cost for time commitments, the charity compensated him justly for this.  There may be issues with the family members but this is really a non-story.

Comment 15 Jun 2016

Honestly I'd rather see Samuel and Wilson split time at the H and let Dunn and Weber handle RB duties.  I'm sure we'll see all 4 of them with carries throughout the season but you really don't want anyone to split time at two positions, it will hamper their growth there.  

People forget that Dunn has been pretty solid in his limited time on the field, I recall he may have had a few fumbles (remind you of anyone?) but he runs hard and hits the hole.  It's just that he's been behind two studs in El Guapo and Zeke for his whole career.  I'm hoping he takes off this season so that it isn't all on Weber, who has yet to play a college down.  I don't think having to move Samuel away from the position he played all last year is good for the team.

Comment 14 Jun 2016

Don't forget the part where Draymond Green should have been suspended during the OKC series and if he does, they don't advance to the finals.  That's a pivotal moment in the movie.

Comment 14 Jun 2016

In my mind, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been renamed, the "Lake Erie Fighting LeBrons" which is why they won last night.

Comment 08 Jun 2016

I think I've figured out why the Brown's don't ever draft Buckeyes...  I honestly think it is fan service.  Buckeyes or not, the Browns will continue to have disappointing seasons.  So, every week as the Browns struggle and lose, they figure that the opposing team will have Buckeyes that their fans can at least cheer somewhat for.  So even though their fans can't win, they can at least take solace that a former Buckeye did.